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  1. Back in France till October

  2. http://blog.aopa.org/letsgoflying/ Thought you might want to read my blog post on AOPA........
  3. What, we need a credit card to read your forum ????
  4. Seems to be fixed again.....
  5. Seems like Lockheed still is our best bet...... but they have the license problem :-(
  6. Square One is by far the best place to wind up at the moment..... ;-)
  7. Yes Mathijs, I want to read all about your newly acquired Coconut Bra !!
  8. Einiges dazu (meiner MEINUNG) gibt es mittlerweile auch her auf Aerosoft zu lesen: http://asn.aerosoft.com/?page_id=1398 Beim Avsim sind die Leute halt ein bissl aggressiver als wie hier in Europa..... da hab ich mich wieder 'rausgezogen
  9. Nice !! I have my once-a-year reunion with former colleagues of our Frankfurt offices at a little restaurant near Egelsbach since years. Will be nice to see it in the sim too ! :-)
  10. Okay, Andreas confirmed the error in the shop. I guess it has been fixed by now, but customers that already bought the LBG 2004 and got the wrong version, should contact Andreas Muegge at Aerosoft: Andreas.Muegge@aerosoft.de
  11. Shaun, I also wrote an email to Andreas and Sascha already. I suspect that somehow the wrong product got linked to your FS2004 version in the shop? Best regards, F.
  12. Good to hear. Keep us posted Mathijs !
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