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  1. Back in France till October

  2. http://blog.aopa.org/letsgoflying/ Thought you might want to read my blog post on AOPA........
  3. What, we need a credit card to read your forum ????
  4. Seems to be fixed again.....
  5. Seems like Lockheed still is our best bet...... but they have the license problem :-(
  6. Square One is by far the best place to wind up at the moment..... ;-)
  7. Yes Mathijs, I want to read all about your newly acquired Coconut Bra !!
  8. Einiges dazu (meiner MEINUNG) gibt es mittlerweile auch her auf Aerosoft zu lesen: http://asn.aerosoft.com/?page_id=1398 Beim Avsim sind die Leute halt ein bissl aggressiver als wie hier in Europa..... da hab ich mich wieder 'rausgezogen
  9. Nice !! I have my once-a-year reunion with former colleagues of our Frankfurt offices at a little restaurant near Egelsbach since years. Will be nice to see it in the sim too ! :-)
  10. Okay, Andreas confirmed the error in the shop. I guess it has been fixed by now, but customers that already bought the LBG 2004 and got the wrong version, should contact Andreas Muegge at Aerosoft: Andreas.Muegge@aerosoft.de
  11. Shaun, I also wrote an email to Andreas and Sascha already. I suspect that somehow the wrong product got linked to your FS2004 version in the shop? Best regards, F.
  12. Good to hear. Keep us posted Mathijs !
  13. Nah! That would be 'Their Finest Hour: Battle of Britain' by Lucafilms. The game with the code wheel as copy protection ! We copied the code wheel physically so as not to wear it out ! Must have flown over a 1000 hours in that sim !
  14. I take it you bought our Ben Gurion X by now ?
  15. It is the same information I gathered from forums around the world, so I held off getting it. I got me a copy of RailWorks2 instead to keep me busy at times when I have nothing to do..... duh! Meanwhile I'll wait for updates and user experience - the bleeding edge users, that is - to revise my purchase decision. Fortunately I am usually too busy to play any sim anyway, so no big loss currently
  16. Excellent. David is still further improving his AI traffic. It was something he is not an expert in. We'll have another patch once ALL issues are solved.
  17. Each one.... since he's still looking at things, I am waiting to release an 'overall' patch.
  18. Just a quick HU; David has added another fix to the product, improving the AI situation further. However, according to him there's a fundamental problem IN FSX itself, in combination with a short runway, that is causing the problems. He hopes that with opening the new, lengthened runway in September this year, the problems can be solved. You can find the patch on our website here.
  19. Kurt, the AF2-LLBG file you are referring to is NOT part of our package, so you must have gotten it from somewhere else. Best regards, Francois
  20. David has been testing the AI traffic and has released a patch for Runway 8 - 12 now. You can find it on our website (downloads section) or just CLICK HERE to get it. Unzip it into your FSAddon/BenGurionX/scenery folder to make it active.
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