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  1. will do so right away ! i will contact you in FSADDON forum =] thank you francis !!!
  2. i just buyed ben gurion 9 {for fs9 offcourse} and insted i got the fsx version ! {it even seys in the order information "FSAddon - Ben Gurion X" , my order no is #308911 , please answer me as quick as you can and fix this befor you will get a flood of complains from other buyers about that problem ! =[
  3. shaun again thank you for your quiq answer , i passed on the link you gave me , read it , i didnt read the manual of the FMC as i mananegd to work with in the past and i am a 737 pilot {simulator ofcourse} for like 4 years and the FMC is a 737 model , looks like the problem was that i donot enter the reserve fuel as i thought that it dosnt matter really and usually i dont use it {when i fly 737 i just wrighting 0 but here it didnt let me} now it do work , and again thanks for your help i really appritiate it !!
  4. every time i open the fmc , i enter the data , when i enter the fixes they do not appear on the EFIS last flight i don wat LGTS-LGAV and after acoupple of times i enterd the data it worked but now i am doing LGAV-LLBG and i am stuck at the gate for like 45 minutes trying to solve the problem PLEASE help me as soon as you can i am desprate
  5. ok thank you i will try to make a flight today and see whats going ' about controlling the speed does it effect the glidslope ?
  6. ok thank you verry much , so the conclusion is that its a wrong oparetion of the craft {btw i use with efis} , can you tell me what are the Necessary steps to preform an ils with this craft ? is it true that you maintain the glidpath bt throttle ?
  7. i really appreciate your help thank you verry much ! i hope i will be able to fly it on the weekend
  8. http://www.flightsim....php?fid=135660 i tryed to make ils on 22 in larnace default scenery BTW i saw on you tube ils landing of the same craft and model and the EFIS was changed from the MAP mode to VOR/ILS mode maybe it is the problem ? either thougth i will try to make an ils landing agin soon and see if it is that another thing i saw that on some rj-100 models the MCP is verry like the b737ng MCP {with v/s hdg select etc} and thare is no antena cabels on the top of the plane so is thare a update to that or somthing like that ? just tryed to change the EFIS screen and looks like
  9. o sorry that i didnt mention , i am using FS9 so i am using the freeware scenery from the same creator
  10. i was on nav in that NAV/GPS switch on the down left corner ' i tryed to do the ils for runway 12 in LLBG {ben gurion tel aviv} and in larnca runway 22
  11. i have problem with the bae-146 when trying to preform an ils approach ' i saw here sevral of answers to the problem as switching the NAV/GPS knob to nav or trying to control the glieslope path by throttle but none of them work ! i tryed to capture the locator when i was on the LEFT side of the runway and the arcrft turnd LEFT ' i was exactly on the glide path when i clicked the glidslope button the acft just DIVED twoards the ground
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