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  1. It's time to Call the Ball for the F-14 Extended v3, and before release we wanted to set out appropriate expectations for the updated package: Important Notes - The update is free for all existing owners of the F-14 Extended - The file structure has been redesigned for the newest versions of Prepar3D, and is only available for P3D v3 and v4 - In single seat option, the package is fully compatible with TacPack (P3Dv4) out of the box, Kitty Hawk and all. Special thanks to VRS for working so quickly to make this happen Shared Cockpit - Shared coc
  2. While I can't speak for the other concerns, I can address the rate of climb. We did not use NASA data for anything related to thrust; that data was pulled directly from the flight manual (which was actually quite good). Unfortunately, I think this is a case where I can't confirm the problem. I tried to setup a similar flight, with centerline tank with a 50% total fuel load. This put the aircraft at a gross weight of 9,950lb. In the attached picture you'll see a bunch of numbers, and I'll do my best to point out the ones of interest. (Yellow Box) - I have 237Gal of Fuel. Half of 252 Gal of
  3. Thank you for the kind words. This is probably the most rewarding accomplishment that I could hope to achieve as a developer. I hope it continues to live up to your standards, and please don't hesitate to throw out some suggestions (particularly related to the flight mechanics) if they arise.
  4. I'm sorry I was wasn't clear, I meant you should read it now. I'm awful about reading manuals for any product I buy.
  5. Landing can be a bit challenging, especially is you drop below the recommended final approach speed of 100KIAS. You should definitely read the threads pinned at the top of this forum about some of the unusual flight characteristics of the Bronco. Low-Speed http://forum.aerosoft.com/index.php/topic/50970-bronco-advance-flight-mechanics-low-speed-flying-characteristics/ Adverse and pro-verse yaw http://forum.aerosoft.com/index.php/topic/50981-bronco-advance-flight-mechanics-adverse-and-pro-verse-yaw/
  6. Greetings Alvaro and fdm79, I was the flight modeler for this project and might be able to give a little more insight into the topic of fuel flow. For a gas turbine engine in FSX, the active Fuel flow is determined by the flowing equation: Fuel Flow = Engine Thrust * Thrust Specific Fuel Consumption (TSFC) I put in a significant amount effort to give an accurate thrust profile throughout the entire flight envelope. This involved creating engine tables from scratch by combining published performance data (see here) with known engine specifications as inputs and boundary cond
  7. Looking at discrete trends is a good place to start with the subject of stopping an aircraft. A-10A charts happen to be within arms reach, it's a light aircraft relative to medium/large airliners, and it has huge drag surfaces; so I'll use it as an example. At 50,000lbs; a clean A-10 requires ~2,150ft to stop on a dry runway with flaps and speed brakes fully extended. At an identical Landing Index; with flaps and speed brakes fully retracted, the distance is only increased to ~2,800ft (~30% increase). A couple of reasons for this, and a good place to start is drag force. In the world Aeronauti
  8. Thanks Adam, I will take a hard look at theses and see what can be done.
  9. Dswo 1) This is a two fold question. The outer wing panels begin to stall at 20.4 degrees AoA and every surface is stalled by 25.5 degrees AoA. However, the aerodynamics are such that the lift coefficient continually increases until 35 Degrees AoA (the absolute Maximum). So, the F-16 stalls very subtly in FSX. What purposes are you wanting to know stall, take-off and landing, or maneuvers? Take-off Speed Range: First off, these numbers are a little low compared to what's happening in FSX, especially on CAT-III models. Take-Off speeds coincide with slow speed performance and in order to a
  10. After watching the two videos....I would say the cause appears to be a lack of elevator control authority. At what speeds are you attempting this maneuver? Also, If you have the video saved on FS recorder, can you PM me and I"ll send you my email address?
  11. I picked up a phone and called Aerosoft Canada :wink:
  12. Rumour has the release period set for end of this month to begining of next, and a pre-order will get a copy sent to soon as soon as they come in the door
  13. I second; is the development within days, weeks, or months of being finished?
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