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  1. I bought the F14 X but the throttle do not function when I advance the throttle in my THRUSTMASTER T.FLIGTH HOTAS ONE stay idle..... only work when I use the keyboard buttons ,please if anybody can help me to solve the problem
  2. I have the same issue with F14 I use FSX ….I tried with the FSUIP 4 and nothing worked if you find a solution let me know
  3. Thanks for your reply I fix the problem already now I have problem with F14X EXTENDED everything work perfect but when I advance the throttle it does not work at all only the key button in my keyboard I use a THRUSTMASTER T.FLIGTH HOTAS ONE
  4. I just bought the F16 FIGTHTING FALCON X it was doing fine but then both MFD stop functioning I uninstalled and installed the game several times but the problem persists if anybody have any idea how can I solve this
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