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  1. I just redownloaded the F-14 installer and directed it to the P3D Installation.
  2. Greetings all, I'm hoping that one of you might know whether or not this is intentional, maybe I'm just a fool. Anyway, I invested in Prepar3d v4 and decided to transfer my Aerosoft F-14 onto the platform. So far I'm much more impressed with the quality of P3D over FSX. Anyway, when I'm in the Virtual Cockpit of the F-14A or the F-14B, whenever I select Air to Air mode on the right side of the panel, the flight stick in the center disappears. I have no problems with this in T/O, Cruise, A-G or LDG mode, only A-A. Is this intentional? If not, is there a way to show it?
  3. So, I figured I'd try the forums since I've asked Aerosoft Support about this twice (to which they were very helpful, I might add). Two days ago I purchased the F-14X from the Aerosoft store for FSX: Steam Edition. I'm a big fan of the jet and the addon seemed worth an investment. Things went perfect with the module until I tried to launch from the CAT on the Kittyhawk in the pre-saved Free Flight Carrier Operations with the F-14A and the F-14B. When I went to crouch the gear and deploy the launch bar, it would go halfway down and then seemingly stop and go back up. Using the Shift
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