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  1. update: i got a response from someone who has worked on this and it seems this issue is not repairable for a 6+ year old product on a 12+ year old game so that has left us on fsx SOL as it is mainly an fsx issue and p3d works better with it, i wish there was an answer but i dont think that will happen
  2. this question has been asked a lot and it has been met with "me too" and "that sucks lol" i want to have a thread that correctly discusses a fix for this because its been driving me mad in multiplayer, whenever i am lined up for the cat and try to kneel with nws on, it kneels then nws goes off and it thinks "oh they want to not kneel" thus not kneeling even though i wasnt the one to turn nws off it was the act of kneeling itself, this makes it so it is impossible to do a cat takeoff from the carrier deck, i hope i get some answers and this is the final thread of this (im running fsx with tacpack btw)
  3. i absolutely love your eastern a320 and it is very nice to have a plane to fly for Eastern hops VA with an actual eastern skin, i was wondering if you could do one for eastern a321neo as i would request eastern hops one but i dont know if the owner would like one. so if you can make one that would be absolutely amazing! (old eastern not the new one)
  4. ive tried to make repaints before but all aircraft i've enjoyed have had convouluted repaint systems, this one included, if i could possibly get a repaint guide (ive looked arround the forums myself and i cant find one) that would make me not want to slam my head into a desk, kind regards, shift5
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