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  1. I can confirm same for me using the latest P3D very dark at Geneva. Best, Keith
  2. Thanks, Otto, forever helpful. Got it now and sorted. Vielen dank!! Keith
  3. Hi, I little help please. I have some sceneries installed on my second hard drive (not the one I use for P3D). When I launch the scenery manager, I want to uncheck some of the active sceneries. With some, when I do this, I get the "Scenery is based on an Addon XML and cannot be changed. But it can be disabled in scenery config sets." However, if I uncheck the same scenery in my config set, it still remains active in the sim. I cannot seem to deactivate the scenery. Any suggestions? Best, Keith
  4. Gentlemen, Thanks for your comments. With the knowledge now in my possession, I am indeed grateful for the saving! I’ll have to wait a little while to purchase it as FS Labs and PMDG alone have broken the bank not to mention Lockheed Martin itself! I will note this. AS were extremly generous with the discount of for the Airbus for P3D V4 for previous owners. That indeed helped the cash flow!! Happy landings. Keith
  5. Hi, At the risk of sounding a cheap skate (!), is not the upgrade price to P3DV4 a little expensive? I have just converted from FSX to P3D V4 and am upgrading all my scenery. What I have found is, in the main, upgrades to P3D V4 are either free or a small charge is made in the region of 5 Euros. As a result I have purchased a great deal of upgrades particularly in the AS store. I understand there are arguments made regarding the technical work that is required. That said, as I continue my upgrades from AS of Mallorca, Gibraltar, Ibiza and Menorca for example, the total amount of those approximates to the cost of Bergamo. I'm not seeking any real answer, just a point of view. Regards, Keith
  6. Worked fine, thanks. Be interesting if Oliver has a view. It would be good to have the option of SODE at Valencia for those occasions when I forget to launch AES! Keith
  7. Thank Juergen. I’ll try this out and let you know. Keith
  8. An Update. Here is the response from SODE. This is out of my area of control, since the issue comes from the way AES/Aerosoft handles the installation of the SODE files at LEVC.I think you get better help with them, in the aerosoft forum.The SODE module itfself seems to be running ok (my domain of support), it’s just the files that are incorrectly/incompletely installed by the aerosoft installer/configuration tool (add-on maker’s domain of support). Can anyone from AES support help, please? Keith
  9. Hi, Some help please. I updated to the latest SODE 1.63. When I launched the AES help you will see the warning I had AES1. With an aircraft at the Gate, AES works but there are these large red crosses. Originally I had no crosses but a double jetway. To explain only one jetway was visible, when Sode was actioned, a second gate would appear out of the first, thus two gates. I have reinstalled Valencia as well as Sode. I have selected repair in both AES and Sode. I have checked the 12b folder and have the files for LEVC in Objects and XML. Valencia so far appears the only AS and other payware addon I have. Can anyone advise how to overcome this please? I am running FSX, with Orbx Global and Europe, GSX and Chaseplane. Best, Keith
  10. Hi Holgi, Bought the AS Airbus three weeks ago. I have downloaded a number of your liveries. Great work-particularly the Thai Smile which I flew on last year. Can make a request for Bangkok Airways, please? Flew in one also two years. Many thanks, Keith
  11. Hi, This was requested back in 2012. Still excellent scenery and would boost AES presence in Asia further. Keith ICAO: WARR NAME: Juanda International Airport - Surabaya(Indonesia) TYPE: Payware FS: FS9 / FSX DESIGNER: BDO Aviation Link: http://secure.simmar...rt-fs2004.phtml AES 2.40
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