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  1. P3D V4.5 This error did not occur prior to me updating to a few months ago. 1.3.X.X worked fine, if i could roll back I would.
  2. I've had this issue on the Airbus X since I am now on Once the throttles are retarded to CLIMB detent. the spoilers extend and remain extended through out the climb until reaching cruise altitude. the aircraft knows this is an error and reports on the ECAM Spoliers extended in Amber when the aircraft is above 1500ftAGL. This is very annoying. The only way to remove the auto extension of the spoilers is by climbing in Vertical speed. The spoilers are not Armed and are not manually extended and the extension of the spoilers cannot be overridden. There is no loss of climb performance. When descending, if the spoilers are not deployed at all. the error spoilers extended appears. the only way to remove the info from the ECAM is pressing CLR. 10 seconds later the error will appear again. This is becoming very frustrating. It is clearly a bug in the logic of the autopilot and seems that people have had similar issues before. It is not realistic and also affects landings because as soon as that error appears, the ECAM changes the page to amber alerts and removes the landing checklist from the actions required page. Please help. Thanks
  3. I've started cold and dark, started all systems and set ADIRS to NAV, but when i click align IRS on INIT, it does not work. Any suggestions?
  4. Thanks! that worked first try. Do you know whats causing this issue?
  5. Hey guys, After gear up in the A320, The documents that sit in the thrust levers, the coffee cup, mobile and newspaper cycle constantly. I can't find a way to stop it, it really breaks the immersion. They spawn in and disappear constantly. I don't know whether it only affects the A320 or the entire family. had it happen twice on the a320. Any idea how to stop? Thanks
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