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  1. Hello all. Is there a reason the A330 does not have a rising runway like the rest of the A3xx series on the PFD? By rising runway I am referring to the markings on the lower half of the attitude indicator going blank after landing. To my knowledge, most A330s are configured as such
  2. I would like to request the Airbus A380. As much as I love the A340, I doubt it would be an economically viable plane for Aerosoft as it is so rare. The A380 is also a quite rare plane, however, because it has the distinction of being the largest plane in the world. Look on any major Flight Simming Youtubers comment section, and you see requests for an A380 video. The A380 has managed to become quite iconic, being almost as easily identifiable to "normal" people as a 747! Aerosofts CEO as stated that Aerosoft would prefer the A350, as A380s are rarely seen on short routes, and few people have time for long hauls, but neither are A330s or A350s! If there is nothing stopping someone from putting an A330 on a route it normally wouldn't fly because they lack time, I doubt there is anything wrong with flying an A380 on a shorter route! Of course, the A380 will be very difficult to develop, being so complex, but so would the A350. Best of luck on the A330, and all your future projects! Whatever they me be
    Complicated installation. I don't get why you need to drop in new textures in every single new repaint you install. The textures look nice and resemble and older A320 nicely, but are not very user friendly...
  3. Hi, I have managed to get the SODE jetways on Rome and MYNN showing, but when I press TAB-S, it says no triggerable objects within 12km. GSX does not toggle the jetways either. Full details in this thread:
  4. How do you install it on the most recent Airbus?
  5. any british airways? I wanna take this to barra!
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