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  1. Now you got me seriously interested in CFD. I had an eye on it, but never followed through because I tend to decide spontaneously whether I want to simulate a flight or not. Is OVPA still active? Me too. I prepared for weeks for it using the A2A C172 and was amazed just how close the A2A checklist comes to the real procedures. The instructor allowed me to do everything except operating radios and landing. The two things that I found most surprising where (i) it was actually easier to keep the plane at the right altitude and speed in real life; I guess the motional feedback helps a lot; (ii) In the simulator, I learned and practiced to keep my eyes on the instruments all the time. In the real 172, I intuitively looked out of the front window most of the time to check for potential obstacles, like another plane or birds. The instructor said that this was indeed how it should be done. I guess that instrument-focused flying mostly applies to jetliners cruising at 36000'. Peter
  2. Thanks Dave and Emanuel, I cans see your point. Maybe I should start to learn how to create YT videos with P3D and then give you permission to criticize at your hearts desire Peter
  3. I really appreciate the work you put in your models, and the A330 will be a day-1 but for me. Having said that: a few years ago I already asked you in another thread if it would be possible to share some of the comments that your team, or your advisory pilots, would have on a simulated flight on YT. It would be great to be able to learn what exactly we miss when simulating a flight. I am not a real pilot and to me some of the YT flights look as real as it gets to me (except for the obvious lack of a co-pilot). I would love to learn what would be different on a real flight. Thanks, Peter
  4. Hello Dave, thanks for your reply. I don't have shaders, but restarting my PC helped Thanks! Peter
  5. I am not sure if this is the right forum to report issues with a beta version. However, after updating to, the options MCDU is no longer working. It either remains black, or - after some wild clicking on the MCDU buttons, displays some options on some options page, not the usual main options page. Also the font looks different than the one used for normal MCDU functions. Prior to the update, I did not have any issues with the buses. This is with the latest version of P3D 4.4 and the latest NVIDIA drivers under Win 10. Peter
  6. Thanks, I just reinstalled EDDK and the charts match my screen shot. Best, Peter
  7. Hi Karsten, thanks for your reply. Unfortunately, I only have a subscription to FMS data and can't see those charts. Maybe someone can verify what I see in EFB2 in the attached image? The gate numbers are different, for instance, from a Jeppesen chart from 2017, see page 52 in this link. P.S.: if someone looks at the scenery list: ignore entry 2. I have removed it since I took the screen shot, but I still see the same gates. Thanks, Peter
  8. Hello, I have a small issue with EDDK professional. When I use Aivlasoft EFB2 or LittleNavMap, the gate numbers do not agree with ground charts that I found online. The newest that I found was from 2017, but I have read somewhere that the gates have recently been relabeled. Can anyone point me to an up-to-date ground chart of EDDK so that I can verify that my gate numbers are correct? Thanks, Peter
  9. Hi Michael, I only observed this once so far, so maybe it was just a hickup in my system. I followed my standard procedure: Starting P3D with the default F35 and airport and option screen, then picking the airplane and loading a flight plan. I will report if it should happen again, but I am happy that it is not a fundamental problem with the new update. I haven't flown a > 4 hours flight before with the plane, hence I wasn't sure whether I overlooked the problem before. Thanks, Peter
  10. Hi Michael, thanks for working on a fix. Zooming out is functioning as a work-around for me, it just makes it more difficult to operate the dials. Best, Peter
  11. Hello again AAC47, I think you are right that one shouldn't use both. I tried it once and noticed that the fuel was differently distributed among fuel tanks if the P3D load manager is used. That's why I normally only use the DC-8 fuel loader. However, in this case I had no choice since the DC-8 loader didn't really fill up the plane. Cheers, Peter
  12. Hello AAC47, thanks for your reply. Yes, I tried pedestal view, but it didn't help. I can only read the digits when I zoom out completely, in any view. The transponder code window looks milky at any other zoom level. Peter
  13. I very often have the problem that the transponder code is completely invisible. It may be a light reflection issue since it usually happens when the sun is shining on the pedestal. The transponder code is the completely white, and only when I zoom out almost to the maximal possible amount, the code becomes visible. Is that an issue for anyone else? Almost a year ago, I suggested in another thread that the code would be displayed when the mouse hovers over the transponder switches. I still think this would be a good idea. Thanks, Peter
  14. Today, I experienced a strange behaviour of the fuel and payload dialog. I wanted to load 142000 lbs of fuel, and the load manager indicated that amount. When I checked in the airplane and also in the P3D standard fuel and payload manager, there were only 115000 lbs loaded. Even when I used the max amount (159000 lbs?) in the DC-8 payload window, the total fuel in the plane only got up to 133000 lbs. I then used the P3D load system to obtain the desired amount of fuel. I have the impression that the last two fuel tanks (extension 1 and 2 (?), about 12000 lbs each) were completely ignored by the DC-8 load manager. Did anyone else experience such a behavior? Thanks, Peter
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