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  1. Probably just after Sim Update 5 more than likely...
  2. I don't, ASupdater recognises I have updated to but the manifest file in the aerosoft-crj folder shows as
  3. I bought via Aerosoft and updated via ASUpdater
  4. I bought via Aerosoft and updated via ASUpdater
  5. Afternoon, I have redownloaded through the updater but the manifest is showing, is that correct?
  6. Hmm, I am not able to disable RX on COM2 at all...via simvar or via the mouse in the aircraft. Seems like i'm not the only one so wondering what you are different to get it to work...rotating the knob doesn't alter the volume either
  7. Hi Les, I have tried what replicating what you posted, but my RX never goes off and I can't switch between the two. Are you doing something behind the scenes with Spad?
  8. I can't even turn them off with SimVars (>K:COM1_RECEIVE_SELECT), (>K:COM2_RECEIVE_SELECT) or dot commands in vPilot... Works fine in the FBW Neo
  9. I would like to second this request. Just landed at night and I couldn’t see anything!
  10. - Fixed range-to-altitude indicator What is this?
  11. There is something oddly satisfying about holds and watching the plane follow it. I enjoy flying them in the CJ4. It is quite disappointing it doesn’t work yet and I’m really hoping this will be resolved in the next patch. Need it for those busy VATSim events.
  12. I observed the same. I tried a parallel entry and it completly lost its way. Seems like it wasn't looked at for this patch. Hopefully soon
  13. Thanks Mathijs. I, along with many others, have spent hours fine tuning our Axis and Ohs/Spad/Mobiflight templates for the CRJ (and other aircraft) and this bug has certainly ruined my enjoyment of the sim...
  14. I have been finding its very hit or miss on whether the animations work....it seems to get stuck somewhere. I've had some luck by going into a script, editting it and then changing it back and this can sometimes bring it all back to life again....not an exact science yet though
  15. Scratch that, its all started working fine now....not sure what I did! Thanks again for your help on this!
  16. Thanks for the help, I tried your script, unfortunately the knob only turns once (ie on the first 'click' of the knob) and then doesn't rotate any more, however numbers still increase.decrease. It was the same with he ladning elevation knob as well, roattes on the first click then stops...
  17. Thank you so much for this. The animation part of the scripts are amazing. I was wondering if you could help me. I'm trying to script the animation for the knobs on the Side Panel, (Format/Range, Height, Speeds etc) and I was trying to adapt the FCP scripts that you were using to try to get the animations to trigger when i rotate an encoder, however i can't seem to get them to work properly...any advice? I can get the numbers to change but can't get the knobs to turn like they do on the FCP panel using your scripts. For example I tried this, it rotates the knob but not correctly, it spins once and then stops! (L:ASCRJ_LSP_RANGE,·Number)·10·+·(>L:ASCRJ_LSP_RANGE,·Number)·(L:ASCRJ_LSP_RANGE_CHANGE,·Number)·+·+·(>L:ASCRJ_LSP_RANGE_CHANGE,·Number) Thanks for any advice you can give me
  18. Ah ok, good to know. Looking forward to the next update then 🙂
  19. I have tried to do the ILS05 DME arc approach (via the INBAS transition which is the ARC) into Inverness twice today but the CRJ has struggled following the arc smoothly on both occasions. It doesn't fly directly to each waypoint on the ARC and instead aims to the left and right of the waypoints and then completly misses the IAF. It doesn't fly a smooth arc....
  20. Does typing in MIC and inserting at RSK3 not work?
  21. i think you can see your descent angle and VS required in the DIR INTC page....
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