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  1. +1 also. Any news about Tomcat for v4? I moved two months ago and Im really happy with v4. Unistalled FSX and P3Dv3. Only v4 :D!
  2. +1 for Cold and Dark :D. An-2 its a beast in this situaltions: . btw. Id like to know also is it planned the other version of An-2 (or as separate expansion)? - ski - crop duster Will be nice too ! Regards!
  3. Maybe it's in " Released" corner ???
  4. Was it delete? I dont see this topic about preview with An-2 :
  5. And GTN 750 ? But to be serious it could be nice to see here as option basic gps sticked to the glass. Its normal in Todays An-2.
  6. This model of SibWings was very nice, agree and I very like it, but never be finished in 100% and it was ONLY for FSX. Not oficially for P3Dv1-3 and it dosent work in P3Dv4 for sure (the best sim from now!). I did some of high detailed repaints and hope for OctopusG model I will do the same part or more (I have old PSD with this repaints) : Pictures of SW models + my skins. Cant wait!
  7. It looks better and better. Any official info, it will be released or not ?
  8. Ok, now its clear. It looks promising and my fingers are crossed. Do You plan to have discount for owners of F.3 and/or F.6?
  9. Finally! I Found this topic about this screen : Why no any news on Preview products? :-) I spent a lot of time to find who do this (but it was easy) ....
  10. Any info or screenies? We'd like to see something ....
  11. New version is released!
  12. Wow, Thank You Octopus & Aerosoft! Finnally for spring . Beta test will be available?
  13. Sorry I know, I know, difficult language but I finished the big text (in the last week) about Aerosoft Antarctica X as the new review of this scenery. Original link: (Polish) If You want You can try to use Google Translator: (I dont know quality but see mistake with opening shots) I put too many screenshots. Time for coffe or something better...
  14. Yes, very nice, id like to test Aerofly too but only dvd version in the store.
  15. YoYo

    Kiwi Wilga X

    Thx for opinion. Its nice to read this.
  16. And Last time I noticed something like this in one place: (good process of instalation and activation).
  17. I spent many hours over this Bornholm: Everything is ok for me and no problems like Yours. Perhaps no activation or problem with registry of scenery.
  18. Free model of C-47 : "This Navy R4D-5L was the first aircraft to land at the South Pole on 31 October 1956. The name Que Sera Sera (What will be will be) was a tribute to the title of a song sung by Doris Day in Alfred Hitchcock's The Man Who Knew Too Much. "
  19. Nice! Id like to have "flyable" snow scooter for Antarctica too. Now only trip by food .
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