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  1. Doesn't apply to all. I certainly have spent 1000s on P3D addons (plus 200 on P3D5 itself) and more than 1000 for Aerosoft alone but have met MSFS with enthusiasm, participated in the alpha and I am now mainly on MSFS, despite the issues coming up now and then. I fly GA/VFR nearly exclusively and find it so much better that I don't look back, even more as addon prices for MSFS are generally lower than P3D, often there are rebates for P3D version owners, and there are some freeware pearls available. Kind regards, Michael
  2. What about an old-fashioned CRJ book in the Aerosoft "You have Control" series where you covered the B737 and the A320? Kind regards, Michael
  3. You can be proud being able to do this! I would suggest making a separate thread on your effort to get more visibility and not to clutter the CRJ thread. Kind regards, Michael
  4. Keep in mind that the extreme Steam player numbers in the beginning where users who actually didn't fly but install. With installation times for ~100 GB some people reported installing for days (and are counted correspondingly). Plus, compare the figures and even more their tendency with those of FSX-SE and X-Plane (all Steam only, of course). Besides, I find these figures remarkable https://flightsim.to/ 2600 freeware addons and 1.5 Mio downloads just in 2 months. Now, not all of them are really excellent, but among them are more real pearls than I am able
  5. Plus, no doubt MSFS is mostly used for GA/VFR flying right now. I can foresee the number of MSFS users to explode the moment advanced airliners will hit the market and people can take off with their high-level Boeings, Airbuses, and Business Jets. This may be a year from now, give or take a few months, but the moment will come (and personally I think it will come earlier). Aerosoft is well-advised to be early in that market, which I understand they are working on. Kind regards, Michael
  6. The engine knobs are marked as "Currenly NOT working within A320 Neo" in that document (called "Abnormal Procedure"). Kind regards, Michael
  7. Hi, there is a pdf document availabe from Thrustmaster Support describing how to configure it yourself. I did this yesterday and it works. The Sidestick was preconfigured in MSFS from the beginning. You just have to assign the funktions for the Quadrant given in a table by hand by now, if you don't want to wait. Otherwise wait for that next update indeed. Kind regards, Michael
  8. Marius, could you check my order as well? I didn't see the language option either. I can live with the English version but would prefer the German one, if possible. Order# is 1120222855. Order history in my Aerosoft account doesn't show the language selected - or did I just overlook it? Thanks and kind regards, Michael
  9. I am pretty sure MSFS is multi-language and you can select language in the game. See the Steam site for language options https://store.steampowered.com/app/1250410/Microsoft_Flight_Simulator/ Kind regards, Michael
  10. They are running via (payware) SPAD.neXt based on Simconnect. Not all functions are working properly yet, but are expected upon release. There's also another (free) program AsixAndOhs by Lorby which runs them. Basically, both have even support the FIPs (Flight Instrument Panels). Besides, Logitech is expected to publish native drivers for MSFS which, however, are not available yet. Kind regards, Michael
  11. I did this. I added a spacer "ORBX" and set this one as the entry point in ORBX Central where it is visible for selection (not sure if ít works in the old FTXCentral but it should). Kind regards, Michael
  12. You are completely right. Unfortunately there isn't anyone at the other end of the line at Microsoft. Their official forums, which would be the proper place, have been announced to become available "SOON" for more than a year now. Kind regards, Michael
  13. Siehe meinen Beitrag dazu hier: https://forum.aerosoft.com/index.php?/topic/154700-aerosoft-official-retail-partner-for-microsoft-flight-simulator/page/8/&tab=comments#comment-990076 Ich habe auch gehört, dass Logitech selbst Treiber bereitstellen soll, was auch naheliegt, eine belastbare Quelle dafür habe ich aber nicht. Viele Grüße, Michael
  14. You have two options. There is a freeware tool by Lorby and a payware tool SPAD.neXt providing extended possibilities. Here are the corresponding links: AxisandOhs for MSFS by Lorby https://www.lorby-si.com/downloads.html SPAD.neXt for MSFS: https://www.spadnext.com/forum/viewtopic.php?f=3&t=52904&sid=28495817d7ea2a7978ff05c67fa5a9bb Kind regards, Michael
  15. Just preordered the Premium Deluxe, too. Good initiative from Aerosoft. Kind regards, Michael
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