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  1. That's what I thought, too. Unprobable, but who knows. Kind regards, Michael
  2. I would uninstall Simple Traffic, make the update in MS Store, make the remaining updates in Store/Content manager and try again with Simple Traffic. Today's MSFS update is said to be identical to the former hotfix which a lot of people (including me) had used together with ST. Although not required, I always rename my /Community folder before an update to see if potential issues are caused by 3rd party addons or the core simulator. Kind regards, Michael
  3. And who tells you Simple Traffic is reponsible for your issues? Did you try what the message states, i.e. update MSFS from the MS Store first? I have plenty of 3rd party addons and there are very rare cases where one messes up MSFS. Kind regards, Michael
  4. Klasse, das hat eine ganze Menge Potential gegenüber den manchmal etwas tumben Standardarbeitern. Ein gutes neues Jahr und viele Grüße, Michael
  5. Would development of a full-fledged commercial MSFS AI solution (like the now defunct UT oder WOAI) be a long-term option for Aerosoft? I understand this would be a pretty ambitious project, but I think Aerosoft would be in a position to master such a project. Not asking about something available for X-mas, but in a year, perhaps. AIG certainly is an able project but installation and maintenance probably isn't everyone's coup of tea. Kind regards, Michael
  6. Hi, SimStarter has been a marvel for Prepar3d no doubt. The author of SimStarter will probably answer that question. However, I am not sure a port (actually it would be rather a new development, I think) for MSFS would make sense. More than 1 year after release of MSFS, there are a number of excellent tools with a similar functionality, first of all the massively used Addon Linker, available as freeware. Kind regards, Michael
  7. There is an option "Choose another place" or similar during installation just at the bottom of one popup which lists all drives. It's not too obvious, though, thus look closely. Kind regards, Michael
  8. I've run into an issue with installing "Eastfriesian Islands" via AO. Download was ok, but unpacking hangs at 29%. When I try to close AO (via the red cross) I get a message that I first should wait until the present task is done (which will be seemingly never) or should cancel that task. However, how do I cancel a task? Thanks and kind regards, Michael I just found the cause for the hanging installation: The drive is full, which obvisouly was not detected by AO when it initiated the installation. Nonetheless there remains the question how to cancel a hanging task.
  9. You also get it when you buy a new addon, and it will include your addons bought earlier (precisely those being AO fit). I bought Tailstrike Bergamo yesterday and the download in my account wasn't a zip file but a link to AO. I am still a bit surprised Aerosoft didn't make a big lauch announcement plus launch party but rather a soft launch, though. Overall, I am very pleased with AO so far. Kind regards, Michael
  10. I tried something else for interplay of AO and the Addon Linker. AO provides an option to install into a library different from the /Community folder, individually upon each installation. I uninstalled and reinstalled SimWings EDDH and EDDM choosing the Germany section of my Linker library L:\MSFS Addons\Germany as a target. Installation went flawlessly, and upon activation via the Linker both Sceneries seem to work without issues. This would allow activating/deactivating them via the linker and on the other hand I expect updates to go directly into the folder where I installed both. Now that's clearly a preliminary result. AO actually advises AGAINST installation into different folders than /Community (albeit the option is there). I can indeed imagine there will be addons (notably of the tools class, or planes) which do not work properly this way. On the other hand, normal airports should work. To summarize: I do NOT suggest trying this if you are not an experienced simmer (me for >30 years now) and PLEASE do not ask Aerosoft for support if it does not work. If you try this, despite, please report your findings in this place. I myself will reinstall my Aerosoft airports this way by and by (while I will leave planes and tools in the /Community folder). Kind regards, Michael
  11. No, I didn't actually (re-)install my addons via AO. Will do so, perhaps beginning with a few ones to learn how it works. That would be great, of course, if working this way. Kind regards, Michael
  12. You can organize addons in groups. I have groups for several countries and a few special ones (GNS750 or AI addons) which I only want to activate on a per-case base. Startup time of the simulator is depended on the number of addons in the Community folder. I detected it would rise considerably (10...15 min) only a few weeks after release of MSFS. After shifting the addons to a separate external folder using the Addon Linker https://de.flightsim.to/file/1572/msfs-addons-linker they are back to normal since. This addon linker isn't something exotic, it is widely used in the community. All this isn't an issue if you only have a hand full of addons, notably smaller ones, of course. I might add, I have a VERY stable system, compared to what I read in fora elsewhere.😉 Kind regards, Michael
  13. That's what I just figured. Given I have tons of Aerosoft addons, it will take me some time to re-install them. The good thing is I'll have to do this (hopefully) only once and for all, so be it. A related question: Will AO work with sceneries shifted to another place after installation and symbolically linked? I have so many addons, the sim would take days to startup, thus I use the Addon Linker to enable them in groups. ORBX Central does recognize ORBX (and partner) addons which I shifted into the Addon Linker repository path (of course only when the symbolic links are set active by the Addon Linker). On the other hand, some LVFR sceneries I installed via Contrail do not work this way, i.e., they MUST be installed directly in the Community folder to be recognized. Kind regards, Michael
  14. Thank you. That's a fine answer. Kind regards, Michael
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