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  1. Thank you, that's very kind. So it's even without the extension a couple of centimeters too high for my hardware panel. Nonetheless, I still might buy it at a point. I find me flying more and more under VR those days making the hardware panel obsolete anyway. Kind regards, Michael
  2. Sorry for being unclear. I meant the length, height, and width of the main box to be clamped onto the desk. Thanks and kind regards, Michael
  3. Can some kind soul post the outer measures of the (roughly cuboid) yoke main part or post a link where it's given? I made a search but didn't find anything usable. The question is compatibility with the cutout in my panel. Thanks and kind regards, Michael
  4. Thanks for the reply - which is a pity indeed, as the form factors seem to be only marginally different otherwise. Kind regards, Michael
  5. Here's a question on the outer formfactor. I am using an Agronn XTOP panel with a cutout specifically designed for the Saitek Yoke. It looks like this https://www.agronn.com/flight-panels From the Honeycomb yoke report where they are shown side-by-side, I suppose the upper corners of the Honeycomb yoke will have a smaller chamfer, thus I doubt it can be fit into the XTOP cutout designed for the Saitek yoke, which would be a real pity. The XTOP cutout would be hard to enlarge as the material is quite sturdy, thus I suspect the two of them (and similar panels) won't be a proper couple - right? Kind regards, Michael
  6. ORBX has been in no way involved so far and only learned about it via the press release. Kind regards, Michael
  7. Long story short: Installed it and IT DOES WORK with the Steam AeroflyFS2 Version. Wow, does it look stunning. Just flying there is a bit of a, well, challenge. Installs into C:\Users\[profile]\Documents\Aerofly FS 2\addons\scenery which may not be the optimum place for those running out of place on C. I suspect it can be shifted to another place, though, as can other AeroflyFS2 sceneries, too. Kind regards, Michael
  8. Still having to complete some real work (yes!), but I'll certainly try when I'm done. Will report here afterwards. Kind regards, Michael
  9. I can't believe that. I bought it but didn't find time to install it yet. Given Helgoland which I bought from AS as well is working with the Steam version I was convinced this would apply to Lukla, too. Can someone from Aerosoft make this clear and explain how to proceed for Steam Early Birds in case it's not working indeed? Thanks and kind regards, Michael
  10. Da muss ich mal nachfragen. Ich habe Activy Sky für X-Plane (und Prepar3d) auf einem Netzwerkrechner installiert. Laut User Guide heißt die Datei nicht metar.txt, sondern metar.rwx und die befindet sich im X-Plane-Ordner. Sonst müsste ich über das Netzwerk im HiFi-Ordner suchen, das muss ich aber nicht. Soweit ich mich erinnere (ich nutze nicht immer AS), stelle ich bei der Nutzung von AS einfach in XP auf "from Custom metar (.rwx) file" um, starte Activey Sky auf dem Netzwerkrechner und es geht. Viele Grüße, Michael
  11. I usually delete the prepar3d.cfg when a new point version appears. Next. I start the updated sim without SimStarter once and let it create a new prepar3d.cfg (of course not without saving the old one, but SimStarter backs it up anyway). Now I open SimStarter, read in the new prepar3d.cfg and adapt it to my former settings. In case of doubt I cross-check with the previous version. This may sound a bit tedious, but has two advantages. (i) I don't overlook any new (or modified default) variables in prepar3d.cfg. Who knows if there aren't more new entries besides UIHardwareAcceleration? (ii) I get rid of leftover entries I tried ages ago and forgot to remove. Just a suggestion. Kind regards, Michael
  12. I had the same issue and resolved it the same way. BTW, there is a remark in the Manual on this "Error search" for ORBX GES users. Kind regrds, Michael
  13. I am all but a XP fanboy, but the remarkable fact ist that the combo AS EGLL + ORBX TE GB South / XP11 performs very well. Kind regards, Michael
  14. Thanks Paul, you did it. There's still a minor patch of flat houses close to the Airport, but I can live with it as it's really limited. Good catch. Best regards, Michael
  15. No one using AS EGLL together with ORBX Trueearth ... which would be a natural combo, wouldn't it? It would already help if someone could verify or falsify my observation, as in the latter case I would have to start troubleshooting my configuration. Someone....pleaase? Thanks and kind regards, Michael
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