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  1. Once more on the topic. Is this https://www.aerosoft.com/de/flugsimulation/buecher/1021/airbus-series-you-have-control-a318/a319/a320/a321-vol.-1?c=727 the revised Edition or still the 2016 version? It mentions revised and extended, but there is no year of publication given. Thanks and kind regards, Michael
  2. On the positive side, I acknowledge that Aerosoft adds more and more products to the Updater, thus, it's a move in the proper direction. Kind regards, Michael
  3. I'm subscribed to the Newletter for years. I just glanced through the latest issues and that one from May 1st indeed had a list of P3D5 upgrades (which I somehow missed, honestly). That one from today didn't have one. Including such a list every week would be great, just a list, no need for fancy pictures. Anyway, thanks for the hint and kind regards, Michael
  4. I am already subscribed to this subforum, but only 1 (EDDF) of the Prepar3d5 updates for my programs was announced there and I got a Mail. (None of the SimWings Canary sceneries, e.g., which I bought from Aerosoft.) Actually it's not a deal-breaker and I'll go on buying from Aerosoft, it just would be a nice feature. Kind regards, Michael
  5. Unfortunately only very few of the products I bought from Aerosoft (<10% as a rough guess) are in the Updater tool. Kind regards, Michael
  6. Would it be possible for Aerosoft to send an E-Mail to customers when their products get updated in the Customer Download Area? Simmarket provides such a service and I find it really helpful, notably like right now when a new Simulator version was released. I bought a big number of Aerosoft products or 3rd party products via the Aerosoft shop and have difficulty to trace their update status. If this is asking too much, perhaps a Mail on Updates during the last week would be an alternative. Thanks for considering and kind regards, Michael
  7. I was about to buy this book some time ago (I own the 737 counterpart) but didn't so after reading reports about numerous errors. The concept of these books seems to be successful indeed, thus, wouldn't it be time for a revised and corrected new edition of the Airbus book? (Count me in as a potential buyer in this case.) Kind regards, Michael
  8. Thanks for the quick answer, all good. Kind regards, Michael
  9. I bought FSDG Dakar and Cape Town from Aerosoft. According to the FSDG Website there are P3D5-compatible versions available for these (and some other FSDG) sceneries, but my Aerosoft account seems to be still at the old versions. Could these be updated? That would be nice. Thanks and kind regards, Michael
  10. Thanks, yes I don't recall having seen this issue in previous versions indeed, and I always use this same setup. I never filed an XP bug report before but I'll do now Kind regards, Michael
  11. Hello, I use a hardware panel and only have scenery on display. Flying the C172, I have an extended blurry range on the bottom which I suppose comes from fumes produced by the engine. (It's even more disturbing - as flickering - in reality than on the static shot.) These can't be seen from inside the 3D cockpit but are disturbing for my full-screen scenery usage case. Is there any possibility to switch them off? This is XP11.50 beta using Vulcan (which shouldn't matter, but who knows). Thanks for an hint, Michael
  12. Thank you, that's very kind. So it's even without the extension a couple of centimeters too high for my hardware panel. Nonetheless, I still might buy it at a point. I find me flying more and more under VR those days making the hardware panel obsolete anyway. Kind regards, Michael
  13. Sorry for being unclear. I meant the length, height, and width of the main box to be clamped onto the desk. Thanks and kind regards, Michael
  14. Can some kind soul post the outer measures of the (roughly cuboid) yoke main part or post a link where it's given? I made a search but didn't find anything usable. The question is compatibility with the cutout in my panel. Thanks and kind regards, Michael
  15. Thanks for the reply - which is a pity indeed, as the form factors seem to be only marginally different otherwise. Kind regards, Michael
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