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  1. Finally! I am really excited to get streamlined installations and updates of my Aerosoft sceneries. Will save me quite some time (and disk space) in the future. Kind regards, Michael
  2. I *love* to hear that. Wishing you all luck with it. Kind regards, Michael
  3. Sehr hübsch, vor allem das menschliche Personal weiß ich sehr zu schätzen, in manchen Szenerien fehlt das leider. Viele Grüße, Michael
  4. Das hieße tatsächlich, damit würde mir nicht mehr auf dem Taxiway frontal der Tanklaster entgegenkommen...? Das wäre tatsächlich ein großer Fortschritt. Ich habe immer wieder irgendwelche Fahrzeuge im Weg. Viele Grüße, Michael
  5. Hi, after a critical remark on the Aerosoft full updates https://forum.aerosoft.com/index.php?/topic/163261-aerosoft-please-ease-the-updates/ I was surpized there were no replies, so it's obviously only me and I apologize. However, I was even more surprized to see Aerosoft added to the Contrail application initiated by FlightBeam recently. All the MSFS products I bought and installed via the AS Updater (like Berlin Brandenburg, Bali, Cologne, to name only a few) are there to configure and update. I find this a very welcome move - even more as I didn't see any mention of it here in this forum. Can someone from Aerosoft elaborate on this? Will Control remove the AS Updater or rather augment it? Obviously, it's even possible to buy AS products via Contrail (didn't try this yet, though). Kind regards, Michael
  6. Am Hamburger Hafen arbeitet Manfred Siedler / Simdocks. Der wird richtig toll. Außerdem gibt es für Hamburg Stadt eine Szenerie bei Flightsim.to https://flightsim.to/file/12922/hamburg Ist allerdings Photogrammetrie-Google-Import, da würde ich meine Hand nicht für ins Feuer legen. Aber probieren kannst Du es ja mal. Viele Grüße, Michael
  7. Na das sehen wir doch gerne! Danke und viele Grüße, Michael
  8. Looks good and a pretty setting. Some airports have been done trice, alone for MSFS, but I don't recall having ever seen this in a payware. Kind regards, Michael
  9. Hi, I own nearly all Aerosoft MSFS addons. This morning, the updater shows me 4 MSFS products I own having updates available: Wasserkuppe, Bali, Friedrichshafen, Simwings Hamburg None of them can be updated automatically via the Updater. This means, I will have to login into my account, redownload the full installers, unzip them, start the installation and find and reenter the product credentials (for some products the 3rd or 4th time already). I find this process more and more time-wasting and outmoded, even more, as ORBX Central and the Contrail app used by Flightbeam and others streamlined updates without full re-downloads and re-entry of product credentials. When the Aerosoft Updater appeared a few years ago, I was in hope it would provide a similar user-friendly automatic update mechanism for the future, but I rather detect a tendency to return to full reinstalls these days. Even if the product might require a full re-install because of technical reasons, the AS Updater could uninstall the previous version and redownload and install the new one without user intervention. And yes, I understand AS only acts as a distributor in some cases, but this applies to ORBX, too - and all of the products available via ORBX Central, including the partner products, can be updated automatically. Thanks for considering and kind regards, Michael
  10. Same here. I'm not so much fixed on certain airports which I can inspect otherwise but learn how basically to handle the CRJ. I'm sure the Dude will do that properly. Kind regards, Michael
  11. Thanks a lot, that would be really helpful for a Noob's quick start. EDDM - LOWI (or LOWS) would be a perfect fit, in my mind. Just use the default airports. Kind regards, Michael
  12. Thanks for the quick reply, that would be very kind. Best regards, Michael
  13. I second this. I am a pure GA flyer and I doubt this will change for the rest of my life. I am not going to learn all the ins and outs of a captain to fly an airliner according to the book which others may have fun with. However, given a tutorial like Manny says, even me would be tempted to give the CRJ a spin. Kind regards, Michael
  14. Sehr, sehr schön, da sag ich schonmal danke, Christian! Die werde ich am Wochenende genießen, das sieht doch richtig toll aus. Viele Grüße, Michael
  15. Der größere der beiden Schornsteine ist weg https://de.wikipedia.org/wiki/Heizkraftwerk_Jena Danke und viele Grüße, Michael
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