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  1. @simpilot2450 Same problem for me, in fact you need to increase/activate the radio volume. Try to move the VHF1 and 2 knob on the audio panel.
  2. Ok thanks Mathijs, I have reseted all my command and create a new profil. Now everything is normal, problem solved!
  3. No mixture axis assign on my throttle. I didn´t find any topic about this same event on the forum. It´s like if the Starter Motor was everytime running, like a Crank who never stop.
  4. Hello the community, When engines are not running, the N2 value stays at 25% and never goes below. During the start sequence, immediately after pushing the start button, no need to wait for the N2 increasing value to 20% to command the fuel valve because engines are already at 25% N2. I am very new with the CRJ, so I don´t know is this problem was here before the last update or not. I have tryed all start presets from the EFB. Some of you have the same engine behavior?
  5. With the last update, the problem is fix for me! Throttle is working perfectly 👍
  6. Same issue too with both TCA Quadrant Airbus and Flight Sim Throttle Quadrant TQ6. Really annoying to have to use the keyboard..
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