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  1. You cannot update it, a new installer is required.
  2. I really get this travel-feeling when I see such high detailed interiors, just amazing work and worth every cent. Thank you so much for creating such impressive Sceneries! Once this is released and I purchased my copy, I need to play one of those airport soundscapes from youtube in background for ultimate Immersion. Then enjoy a brief walk through the terminal after cockpit preparation.
  3. Oh no, shame on me for not reading the manual. Sorry. Thank you Tom and Herman for your quick replies.
  4. First of all, awesome job! It is a real pleasure to finally have this scenery for MSFS. The details are on spot and the overall look & feel is awesome. It seems like the devs had performance in mind. Kudos to that. I have two questions: - Does anyone else has those light spheres on Apron B? I highly doubt this was intentional (please note both attached screenshots). It seems the spheres disappear when shifting the viewing angle, not the light emitted though. - I guess VDGS has not been implemented, even though it is technically possible, but most probably due to still existing limitations by the SDK? If so, will this functionality be added in the future?
  5. It works now, sorry for the confusion. I had at least 2 instances of the ASUpdater installed. I removed those and re-installed the sceneries. It worked only after the sim was running once though.
  6. I might have the same issue as I recently uninstalled all P3D addons and the sim itself on my main system. Currently only MSFS ( is installed and 3 Aerosoft Addons (EDDK, Trondheim and Paderborn The product xml files look normal, no weird typos at the beginning. It seems the updater also has no issues with my default document folder being adjusted to another location, according to the log:
  7. First of all, congratulations on this beautiful Airport. It truly is a gem, great Job! I have tested in many ways, but could not get the Jetbridge working. Ground is saying the cannot connect it at this time, try again later. I assume this is due to the unfinished SDK and the fact that this jetway is unlike those delivered with the basic sim. Also the VDGS is not working, but I assume this is also due to the current limitations for developers?
  8. First of all congrats on this release and thank you for creating this + the huge discount for owners of the previous version. Great to see the CRJ with all those brilliant features. I believe my first question may be related to at least one addon (GSX + GSX Lvl2) I use, but I could not find the info in the docs. 1. The EFB has an option to disable all GPU sounds, yet the GPU is making a prop. sound (first secs. in the vid). 2. Is there an option to disable the cams or at least the shortcuts that come with those views? (Screenshot below, @0:30 in the vid).
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