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  1. First of all, congratulations on this beautiful Airport. It truly is a gem, great Job! I have tested in many ways, but could not get the Jetbridge working. Ground is saying the cannot connect it at this time, try again later. I assume this is due to the unfinished SDK and the fact that this jetway is unlike those delivered with the basic sim. Also the VDGS is not working, but I assume this is also due to the current limitations for developers?
  2. First of all congrats on this release and thank you for creating this + the huge discount for owners of the previous version. Great to see the CRJ with all those brilliant features. I believe my first question may be related to at least one addon (GSX + GSX Lvl2) I use, but I could not find the info in the docs. 1. The EFB has an option to disable all GPU sounds, yet the GPU is making a prop. sound (first secs. in the vid). 2. Is there an option to disable the cams or at least the shortcuts that come with those views? (Screenshot below, @0:30 in the vid).
  3. You guys did a great job! Salute to the team and everyone involved! :-) Enjoy your wine, beer, whatever your fav. beverage might be. Its not every tiny thing that counts IMHO (like some refer to the FSLabs320 as a real sim) the overall feeling is important and it already was close to perfect with the old busses. The version you released today on us is a real diamond and stable base. Even if not polished it feels damn good to fly. You even got me (usually never commenting guy) to drop a comment. So thumbs up and thanks for the continuous contact to the community. btw.. who is the beautiful girl?
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