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  1. So far this happened for me as well with every flight when starting managed descent. When it started, the rate was fine but somewhere getting closer to the selected alt. it started to "chase" the purple dot. route: EDDV/EDDM Due to upload restrictions the images do not allow to see the following information. If required, I can provide a full resolution-version.: Descent Start: 1000ft/m seconds later: 5800ft/m then: 4500ft/m ... 4300ft/m etc. For this flight I stopped it @3800ft/m because ATC requested to change the route and therefore managed descent mode was left. If this is the mentioned problem which is already planned to be fixed with upcoming patches, its fine, of course I/we wait. Just want to make sure + share this is not a new one.
  2. You guys did a great job! Salute to the team and everyone involved! :-) Enjoy your wine, beer, whatever your fav. beverage might be. Its not every tiny thing that counts IMHO (like some refer to the FSLabs320 as a real sim) the overall feeling is important and it already was close to perfect with the old busses. The version you released today on us is a real diamond and stable base. Even if not polished it feels damn good to fly. You even got me (usually never commenting guy) to drop a comment. So thumbs up and thanks for the continuous contact to the community. btw.. who is the beautiful girl?
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