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  1. Hi Dayson. No problem, glad you like it.
  2. 1287 downloads

    This is my 2nd repaint of the Airbus. I decided to make a fictional repaint of a Thomas Cook Aircraft with a made up reg of G-TDCO. I feel that this is much better than my first repaint of LY-VEN. Please let me know if there are any problems and as always, please feel free to post/send me suggestions etc. Thanks. Also, if you do have any requests you'll like me to have a go at, feel free to drop me an message. Thanks.
  3. Hi there, the textures that I made this for is for the newest update of the Airbus x extended. I think it's called Airbus A320/A321? Sorry if it's not working correctly for you.
  4. 309 downloads

    Hey, this is an update with more detailed textures than the previous version. This is still yet my first repaint. We do have a little problem with the tail night textures, but it should not cause too much problems during daylight. Please let me know if you have any suggestions. Please read the "read me" that comes with the zip file.
  5. I'm using Photoshop CS6 for editing and DXT for Converting them into DDS/DXT5 formats.
  6. Can I ask for your opinions please. My first ever repaint done with airbus x with LY-VEN. Take a look at the pictures. Also, how do i get the textures more HD and more detaild so that you can read the small print texts on the wings etc. Is it something to do with saving the textures in a correct format or something or something to do with the resolution?
  7. Look at the image below, everytime i try to create a new texture for the tail, it always ends up like that. And yes, I'm using DDS (DXT5) and yes they are flip before i paste them into the folder? Any suggestions?
  8. Is there a tutorial on how to repaint in Airbus x? As I'm finding it hard to do so. Any help would be appreciated from here.
  9. Sorry for being fussy but i have just downloaded it and none of them are blank? they all already have liveries on them. I'm looking for something that is blank so that i can paint my own livery on them.
  10. Got it! Thanks for helping me out
  11. Not sure, it is a box version and i do have the serial/activation number aswell.
  12. Yes but because I bought Aerosoft Airbus of Amazon can i still access the account?
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