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  1. I flew your flight - BUF7.GEE AUDIL RKA.HAARP3 - twice with the CRJ7, with the result that both flights were normal. As approach I chose once the RNAV Z Rwy22 and the second time the ILS Z Rwy22, both were flown off flawlessly. Only during the RNAV approach the ILS frequency did not turn in automatically. But I'm not sure if that's the way it should be. The manual input solved the problem. In general, the CRJ´s is sensitive to high speed turns with SID and STARS, they like to lose course and don't come back to it. But if you consider that, the CRJ´s SID and STARS fly off well. Do not mix different Approach routes like RNAV and ILS. With the screenshots you can compare your settings: KBUF Chart: "TAKEOFF RUNWAY 5: Climb heading 055° until leaving 3000. Thence..." Take off 190KIAS - climb 3000ft thence activating Autopilot (Speed 190KIAS and NAV was preselected at ground) After positive sign of route intercepting increase speed up to 250KIAS. climb normal intercepting RNAV Z Rwy22 (speed should be 250KIAS, I know ) final Regards, Wolfgang
  2. Hallo Oliver, ich wundere mich gerade, da bei mir ENBR nicht im Vector Tool auftaucht und damit auch keine Höhenkorrektur stattfindet. Die SODE-Gate sind bei mir ok. Hast Du die letzte Version von SODE installiert, oder ist noch irgendwo ein zweiter AFCAD aktiv? Gruß, Wolfgang
  3. Are you both at the latest CRJ Version ? Normally it works fine if you set LDG ELEV during cruise. I have only probs during descent if I forgotten to set LDG ELEV in time. Your screenshot shows a CALT from 19000ft. Thats way to high.
  4. Hello Hans, I just wanted to let you know that the update to version was successful. No more clickspot issues. Two flights over Europe without any problems. 😎 My updater version also displayed the update correctly. Experimental update is activated. Regards, Wolfgang
  5. Bist Du auf der aktuellen CRJ-Version (experimentelles Update)? Genau dieses Problem hat Version eigentlich gefixt (NAV-to-NAV transfer doesn't block manual frequency tuning any longer)
  6. Mathijs, sometimes you're too quick with your answer. This problem is an Airbus problem of its own, because we have been reporting about it for months and at the moment I only know the workaround of Dave. No other aircraft has problems with vPilot only the Airbus!
  7. To avoid errors in connection with airports in USA and the navigation data, please update to the latest "experimental" version using the Aerosoft Updater. The updater should be on your PC. When starting a flight, please load an original Flusi aircraft first and then load the CRJ. This makes sure that all required Sim Moduls are loaded. What Sim are you using? Be aware that at time are a problem with "Clickspots" and P3Dv4.4
  8. @cartayna You need the latest "experimental" Update. Please read the sticky post above: Crashes on entering ORIG or DEST airport! Read this!
  9. Hast Du schon versucht eine neue p3d.cfg zu generieren? Einfach die vorhandene umbenennen, beim nächsten Start erstellt P3D eine, hoffentlich Fehlerbereinigte, neue p3d.cfg. Allerdings must Du dann die P3D-Optionen neu auswählen. Bei mir startete P3Dv4.4 nach der Komplettneuinstallation auch nicht mit dem Hinweis auf zu wenig Arbeitspeicher . Eine neue p3d.cfg löste das Rätsel.
  10. Wenigstens ein kleines Erfolgserlebnis 😊 Aber wenn die Daten stimmen verringert der Bus ja bei FL100 auf 250kts (ruhig die Speedbrakes raus) und wenn die Frequenzen stimmen fängt er auch den LOC und GS sauber ein. Spätestens am "Magenta D" (auf dem NAV-Display zu sehen) verringert der Bus auch automatisch auf Anfluggeschwindigkeit. Die Klappen musst Du natürlich manuell ausfahren bzw. nach Ansage von Copiloten. Die APPRoach Page war ausgefüllt?
  11. Das ist wirklich kurios, da sich die meisten - inklusive mir 😉 - sich über das viel zu starke sinken im Managed Mode beschweren. Da sind Sinkraten von -7000ft/m und mehr keine Seltenheit. Wie sicher bist Du Dir, dass Du alle nötigen Angaben, auch in den Perf-Seiten gemacht hast? Welche Version fliegst Du gerade?
  12. I understand @maxhades question - I didn't even know that the CRJ´s can reach 11000ft in the climb 😎 No, seriously, I did not meet such a behavior of the CRJ´s yet. I would say, your descriptions sound to me like not complete basic configuration (weight, fuel, trim etc.) and/or wrong autopilot settings. You know that the CRJ´s doesn't have an autothrust like the B737, A320, B777 etc? A screenshot of the instruments at take off would be helpful too.
  13. But dont think this woud improve the descent behavior. We talk since months about the bad descent behavior and I can not recognice any improvement.
  14. Herman, it looks like it is still in wrong Forum. 😊 He has A318/319 @adolher Use Shift+4 to get access to MCDU3 and look there into the Option menue
  15. Go into Windows Explorer and search for: Aerosoft\Digital Aviation CRJ\Livery_Manager\Livery_Manager_CRJ.exe Or search direct the: Livery_Manager_CRJ.exe If you not found take a look inside the quarantine Folder of you antivirus program
  16. What altitude did you have? Normally the switching is dependent on flight altitude and happens automatically.
  17. Please, what version of the CRJ are you using? Does you installed the latest experimental Update?
  18. Do you have SODE in the Option menue activated too?
  19. Wenn Du Dir den VAS anzeigen lassen möchtest, wie im FSX möglich, dann lautet die Antwort nein. Pete hatte das in seinem Forum mal sinngemäß so beantwortet, dass dies beim P3D keinen Sinn mehr macht, da aufgrund der 64bit Software die mögliche Grenze sehr hoch ist. Das würde zu sehr großen Zahlen in der Anzeige führen die nicht wirklich helfen. Die Grenzen sind jetzt beim Arbeitsspeicher und dem Speicher auf der GraKa. Wolfgang
  20. In der MCDU3 sind 4 Möglickeiten vordefiniert wie Du den Airbus starten kannst. Der "Turn around State" sollte der für Dich passende sein. Du musst nur beim auswählen noch rechts den Button drücken, dann wir der Airbus künftig immer in diesem Status gestartet. Dieser Modus entspricht in etwa dem wie ein reales Flugzeug am Gate bereitgestellt wird.
  21. Take a look inside Documents/Aerosoft/ASupdater
  22. That makes two of us. I thought I was crazy 🙂 Also update to WIN10 Vers.1809 and complete installation of P3Dv4.4. CRJ-Version= My observations on two flights are slightly different, but comparable. I work with two monitors, one for the P3D, the other for additional programs like vpilot, FSCommander etc., no panel outsourcing. When I started the APU, I went to the second monitor to start other programs. On returning to the main monitor and clicking with the mouse to make the monitor active again, the APU deactivated itself. I tried it several times, always when returning from the second monitor and clicking on the main monitor, the APU deactivated itself. Later in the flight NAV deactivated itself on return from the outside view, or second monitor. Whenever the mouse was used to activate the main monitor. Also several switches (Generator, Bleed) deactivated themselves, but could be activated again. To make it completely crazy, this behavior disappeared after about 20min during the flight. Gruß, Wolfgang
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