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  1. You have checked for the "Livery_Manager_CRJ.exe"? Should be in the main Folder of your Digital Aviation CRJ - Folder. Sometimes antivirus programs puts such files into a Quarentine-Folder. Wolfgang
  2. Ok, here are some pictures that hopefully describe it better You must first enter the complete flight plan in the MOD FPLN page, including SID and STAR. A deletion of the "Discontinuity-Line" is not necessary there. Then you go to the LEG-Page and check the waypoints and there you also correct double entries or "discontinuity lines". Do not delete! Then go to the first waypoint under the discontinuity (picture 3) and press the button to the left. UVANO in my example will be set in the Statusline. Then push the button left of the Discontinuity. You can see the result in picture 4. So it is not a delete, but more a move. This is comparable to the Boeing FMC.
  3. Is there an update only for FSX? I have no idea what "experimental update" you mean. Last Version for the CRJ´s is so far I know. Do not use the leg page for building a flightplan You can fill in a Rwy in "ORIG RWY" then you see automatic related SIDs or STARs to that Rwy. Airways on the left side, Waypoints, VOR, Nav Aids on the right side Regards, Wolfgang
  4. Question: Complete P3Dv4.5 Installation or Client only?
  5. You know you can change that yourself? You just have to change the corresponding Panel.cfg. I am sure that each of us wants a different window arrangement or has already changed his Panel.cfg.
  6. There is a click-spot just above the Nav-Display. It is the black data plate
  7. No, I don't have this behavior on my A319s. But for more clarity, a few questions: You filled out the APPR page in the FMC? Autothrust was always on with "---" in the display? You know that the speed is automatically reduced and adjusted to the flap position? There is no need for manual changes from the pilot's side.
  8. @GEK_the_Reaper Ok, here are my test results As suggested I follow the test scenario and as a result you can see that it is more or less pure luck if your AC-Light comes availabel if you start the Ground Power Unit. Removed all files from Documents/Prepar3Dv4 Files Prepar3D.cfg removed (I got an error message about"too low memory in System... with the old .cfg one) P3Dv4 started F22, EDDF, Parking V143 loaded F22 with running Systems and electrical Power Switch to CRJ900 Checked if DAVE has Power on or not Switching Ground Power on Checked if AC-Light on or not
  9. Welchen Sim nutzt Du und welche Version-Nr. hat die CRJ?
  10. I load always the Mooney first (exaptions are the PMDG´s) in a Cold & Dark Scenario with Clear Skies. Airport and Time differ of course. If the Sim has loaded all parts including Weather I switch to the CRJ´s. I can try the test steps next week. This is always a problem when comparing between the development PC´s and the user PC´s . The differences in hardware and software are certainly very different.
  11. The errors listed by you and others belong, as mentioned by Hans several times, to the errors that do not occur with all users and are therefore difficult to fix. These errors should also appear on his test system to be able to eliminate them. To AVAIL lights: Yes, that also happens to me, no matter how I start the sim - sometimes it lights up, sometimes it doesn't. To APU lights: No, with me the APU light always lights up when I start the APU. The small delay until the light is on corresponds to the real model. There is a clip of a real CRJ APU start on Youtube above. ENG button: Also here the buttons light up when I press the ENG button. So how do you fix something that doesn't cause problems for all users?
  12. As a minimum you should have installed version (see into your Aerosoft account) then you can use the experimental updates via updater
  13. Eduard, please give me a hint - what do you mean with "AA"? Yesterday I tested the new version with A319 Prof and the wind request with Active Sky at ground worked as expected, also a wind update short before descent. Wolfgang
  14. Normally not, but you should save the related text from the Aircraft.cfg
  15. Well, a screenshot would help a lot but I hope to understand you right. You have the Display in Millibar (1023MB) or Inch 29.92 (29.92IN) and you can change this with the BARO Button on the left side. METAR of AS show you both data. If you have really 1023.45 MB for example I would say you should install the CRJ new. Wolfgang
  16. Normally AS will inform you if you have not loaded a flight plan (for example EDDFEGLL01.pln) into AS. Not a .flp plan createt by the FMC. Have you disabled this option in AS? The flight plan is needed so that AS can display the weather along your route better and should always be loaded. I had this FMC error in the Airbus already with me and could find out that a waypoint in the AS flight plan could not be processed by the Airbus FMC. Check the AS flight plan and of course the source flightplan for unusual spellings at the waypoints. Example: The FS-Commander created a flight plan containing the Fix DW520266 (see picture). The FMC could not cope with this and the complete P3Dv4 ended. After deleting this fix from the AS flight plan, the Airbus FMC could load the wind without any problems. Gruß, Wolfgang
  17. Was meinst Du mit "..schwankt zwar sehr"? Wenn Du reales Wetter aktiviert hast, kann es schon mehrmals am Tag bei bestimmten Wettersituationen zum wechsel der Anflugrichtung kommen. Wie im realen Flugplatzleben eben auch. Hast Du Dich durch die Optionen von Active Sky gearbeitet ? Wolfgang
  18. Wie von Otto erwähnt kannst Du als schnelle Lösung den Wind im FSX manuell einstellen, früher oder später wirst Du aber mit dem Gedanken spielen reales Wetter zu nutzen. Dabei gibt es aber das Problem, dass der Wetterserver von dem man früher die Wetterdaten bezog, wohl nicht mehr erreichbar ist. In diesem Artikel findest Du weitere Hinweise, auch zu kostenfreien Wettertools: Gruß, Wolfgang
  19. Aus meiner Sicht kannst Du mit P3Dv4 oder XPlane 11 nichts falsch machen. Es hängt zuerst von Deiner Hardware ab, beide benötigen eine leistungsstarke CPU und Grafikkarte und mindestens 8GB Arbeitsspeicher. Bei P3Dv4 kannst Du manche Szenerie vom FSX weiter verwenden bzw. gegen einen geringen Update Preis neu erwerben. Tastatur kannst Du wie vom FSX gewohnt selbst belegen. Die Umgewöhnungskurve vom FSX zu P3Dv4 ist gering. Bei XPlane ist es nicht so einfach, aber es gibt eine Demoversion zum Download. Die Umgewöhnung ist deutlich anspruchsvoller. Tastatur kann man auch selbst belegen. Beides macht nur Sinn, wenn Du die 64bit Version von Windows 10 hast. (Bessere Speicherverwaltung) Gruß, Wolfgang
  20. Es sollte auch der Virenscanner bzw. Echtzeitscanner während der Installation abgeschaltet sein und nach der Installation PC neu starten.
  21. Hast Du mal in den Realitäts-Menüs nachgesehen, ob es da eine aktive Fehlergenerierung gibt? Es ist ja möglich verschiedene Fehler zu verschiedenen Zeiten aktiv werden zu lassen.
  22. Have you tryed to load first a default Aircraft and then switch to the CRJ´s?
  23. Könnt Ihr in XP die Crash Erkennung abschalten? In FSX und P3D geht das.
  24. The FMC cannot accept this SID because it is wrong. There is no DEDKI4.DEDKI For the Rwy05 there are four DEDKI4 SID´s active but none ends at DEDKI. A matching SID would be DEDKI4.MIGLO (red line) But you can also fly Directs, see picture. Regards, Wolfgang
  25. Im Zweifel die längere Variante 😎 Der Airbus Fuelplaner z. B. macht eine Punkt zu Punkt Berechnung und ist damit oft viel zu kurz. Beispiel: EDDH Rwy23 --> EDDF Rwy07L Fuelplaner, ohne SID und Transition : 222nm Komplett mit SID und Transition aber: 334nm Dazu kommen ja noch die Fuel-Mengen für den Alternate, Holding, Reserve usw. Gruß, Wolfgang
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