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  1. Tolle Bilder einer wunderschönen Szenerie!! Steht schon fest welche GAP Szenerie als nächstes dran ist? Dresden, Nürnberg, oder der Hahn vielleicht? Manu
  2. Weiß denn jemand, woran das GAP Team momentan arbeitet? Gruß, Manu
  3. Hello John, while I don't have the new EHAM scenery (yet), I also have the tree problem you talked about at various airports. Something is randomly putting autogen trees on some taxiways and runways, really strange. In fact, it's the first time someone else is mentioning it, so far I thought it's just me having this problem. Since I haven't been able to find out what's causing it, I have always made an exclude so far for every scenery affected. Tiresome but better than cutting the trees with the wings :-) So....should you ever find out what's causing it on your FS-installation, it would be great if you could let me know here! Best regards, Manuel
  4. Hi, I have FlightParis and FlightAlpes installed but not activated (I only activate them when flying VFR there). Are there known issues with FranceVFR sceneries? I'm still trying to find an easy way to get potential 32bit textures converted to DTX3. I use DXTBmp, but it's rather time consuming scanning through all folders with this tool. Is there a quicker way to find and convert the texture formats? I reactivated AES and crashed twice on the ILS at EDDM with a g3d.dll error. i will now try to uninstall UTE and delete the 3Gig patch to see if it helps. If not, I'm a candidate to reinstall FS from scratch as it really might be a faulty addon scenery causing the OOM errors. Best regards, Manu EDIT: Sorry, I missed your last post Oliver! I will read through it and try your suggestions. Thanks!!
  5. Thanks for the tipps and for taking the time! I envy your stable fs-installation! Can i have a copy? As I mainly fly online, I will check if all the MTL planes are in proper DXT3 format. Good idea. I'm not sure if it's connected to a certain scenery as it has happened no matter were I fly in Europe. But that's pure speculation. But this thought has so far kept me from reinstalling the sim from scratch. Which "dll" is it that you talk about? Does it a similar job as the 3GB patch? Have a great weekend and best regards, Manu
  6. Hi Oliver, Yes I use the 3GB patch as it has cut down OOM errors. And from your desciption it indeed looks like AES doesn't have any influence as I am flying in upper airspace. So it may be just a coincidence that i have not gotten any g3d.dll error so far and not related to deactivating AES. Regarding the scanning, there is no window in FS, but when I "heard" that my hard drive was starting to work like crazy, I opened up filemon and watched that something is accessing all files and folders within FS. Like I said, it suddenly starts, for example 30 min into the flight, then lasts ten minutes, and then stops again. The scanning has also happened on approach, which meant the textures of the airport were not there. Strange that it hasn't happened during the last two days. Best regards, Manu
  7. Hi everybody, Thanks to Oliver for coming back to this thread. I've got some more observations to tell. Since several weeks (could be since upgrading to the current AES version), I noticed that during a flight in AES-regions, the PC or the FS starts scanning the entire FS folders. During this "scann process", there are not enough ressources left for reloading the textures neither on the plane nor on the ground. Afterwards, once it has settled down again, the textures come back. Has anyone else made these experiences? I have now deactivated AES two days ago and since then, those scanning problems have disappeared. And so far I have also not gotten any g3d.ll errors yet. Don't get me wrong, I don't want to blame AES, I like it so much and it's not fun to fly without it, but like I said, these are my latest observations. Best regards, Manu
  8. Hi guys, I would really encourage the developers to continue tracking down the issue. I use AES and UTE and my problem is, I get UTE-related OOM errors without the 3 gig patch and AES related g3d.dll errors with the patch. Therefore it seems like i can either use AES and UTE which is really pity as both addons are so great. Cheers, Manu
  9. Hallo zusammen, Ich melde mich auch mal zu Wort. Ich habe GAP3 Vol.2 Version 3.02 gekauft. Im Downloadkorb ist das Update für Version 3.2. Ich habs installiert aber Aerocore meldet nachwievor 3.02 Weiß jemand (vielleicht von offizieller Seite) warum? Wurde das Update trotzdem korrekt installiert? Gruß Manu
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