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  1. ICAO: EDDBNAME: Berlin BrandenburgTYPE: FreewareFS: FS9DESIGNER: Gernot ZanderLINK: Because German Airport 4 isn't updated anymore for FS2004 and this scenery is correct to fly with it on VATSIM.
  2. ICAO: LIRFNAME: Mega Airport RomeTYPE: PaywareFS: FS9DESIGNER: Dream Factory Studio / AerosoftLINK: Is this still not possible for AES support with version 1.02 ? Replay of this message :
  3. Hi Stephen, Which version of FS you are use? Which version of FSGlobal you are use? Regards, John
  4. Hi Edin, Correct I got also Scenery Germany 4 installed. I did activated also the EDDF2008_LC into my scenery database, but became a problem with the new update. After approx. 5 min my fps drop down to 0-1 on Frankfurt airport. So I deleted again this LC entry and now it's everything well with the new update. I did check also the folder from Scenery Germany 4 and I see also there a file what's calling A402-113hes. Now is coming the question, which one is the correct one ? The A402-113hes (Scenery Germany 4) or the A402-113hes_5 (EDDF2008_LC). Maybe someone can give me the answer.
  5. Ok thanks, but maybe software department will check the update 2.02, because during install this update version 2.02 doesn't make a new entry automatic into the scenery database of FS2004. Most people don't know this and then something isn't activated for this update into your flightsim.
  6. Hi Shaun, I did install the last version 2.01, just buy it today. Then i did run FS2004 and shutdown again. Then I did install the update version 2.02 I did start again my FS2004 and see only into the database manager EDDF2008 activated. But into my folder ....\aerosoft\ I see now also the folder EDDF_2008_LC What I do with this folder, do I need to activate it also into my database manager of FS2004 and then put below EDDF2008 or do nothing with this folder ?
  7. Hi Oliver, The List of supported Addon Airports with AES 2.13 is still the version 2.12 Regards,
  8. It is really strange in my FS program. After several re-starting of my FS, the problem has gone. Maybe during my afternoon sleep, they have cut the trees. First I go make some flights to EHAM and then let see. When the problem comes back, I can also make a exclude line into my scenery database for EHAM. Regards,
  9. Hi Mathijs, My system is just brand new, because a total new installation. I have only FSGlobal 2010 installed and some sceneries from Aerosoft. No another scenery from Amsterdam and first scenery installed in the Netherlands. No texture upgrade or something else. Autogen on Normal : Autogen on Extremly Dense : Taxiway V on the front W5 and on the back r/w 36L/18R Regards,
  10. When you put the Autogen on Normal in your FS2004, the trees are standing to close to the taxiway V. It's the part between the 2 highways outside the airport, taxi to r/w 36L/18R When you put the Autogen on MAX, then the trees on the taxiway. Regards,
  11. Hi Jason, Here is the d/l link from : FS2004 Scenery--Milano Malpensa 2009. Update for Milano Malpensa From ISD Project. Includes new gates assigment and problems with runways solved. By Frederic Dehainaut. file name : Regards,
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