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  1. Thank you Marius, email is on the way...
  2. Hello Marius, do you know if the Chania P3v5 update is available through 3rd party vendors ? I bought my copy of Chania from PCAviator and the v1.0.2.0 release is still the only one, as far as today, to download from their website. And, as Keith mentionned, you can't register your serial code into the AS updater... Thank you in advance for your help, Francois
  3. Downloading 6 Gb as I type... Thank you Andreas !
  4. Hi Guys, I just checked on the Aerosoft website (view my old download orders) and the link to the latest P3Dv5 Antartica X release seams to be broken: "Download (AS_ANTARCTICA-X_P3DV5_V2000.zip - | )" without file size mentionned at the end of the link... TIA for your support, Best regards, Francois
  5. Thank you both for your inputs ! @ bsal : can you find out where the charts are located on your hard disk ? Thank you in advance. Regards
  6. Hi Guys, when installing the latest Chania release (v1.0.2.0) I had the NDP auto install going on but, as offline, I can't find Chania charts anywhere like for all other AS airports... Any help would be appreciated ! TIA
  7. Thank you, Tom, for your answer. No luck so far to get it... Crossing my fingers !
  8. Hi Manwlo, this update is not available through the AS updater so far. Can you confirm you send it to PC aviator so that I can download the latest full installer ? Thank you in advance for your support. Best regards, Francois
  9. Hi Guys, so far the only available P3Dv4 F-14 update on the update-Datenbank is the release. Any chance to get the latest release as well ? Thank you in advance for your support ! Best regards, Francois
  10. Honestly that was more than ten years ago so I don't remember all the details but... Eielson AFB was our alternate ("Technical Alternate" wich means it is very close and it doesn't add to much fuel but the weather is good enough so as not to divert) and despite beeing pretty cold half time of the year, weather was unchallenging as far as I can remember. About the polar route I can't remember the waypoints name but the route was straight through GB from CDG (roughly Prestwick) then a random route abeam Iceland all the way to Alert (and into the 6 microTesla zone) then Eureka, abeam the Pole at 82°N, Deadhorse, Fort Yukon and Fairbanks. Whithin the 6 microTesla zone, navigation was done only with gyroscopic data (and we were unslaving the HSI with a "DG" switch on the overhaed panel). I grabbed a 90C chart this afternoon to have a look at present day airways. The route would be something like LFPG to stornoway VOR by usual SIDs and routing - STN to MATIK via UM615 - direct to ROGSO - all the way to ADREW via M453 (and ROMDI, ROKMA, RODLU) then J160 to Fort Yukon VOR (FYU) then AYKID then PAFA. Hope it will help (but I would be more confortable with A320 and present day european or french domestic routings...)
  11. Correct ! 747-200F from Roissy to Tokyo or Osaka. Usually a one day stopover (at Sophie Station on University Avenue) for the crew, only refuelling for the aircraft. There was a week long stopover (due to the japanese "golden week") but only for top brass people, not the humble ones :-) The dash 200 was short legged (when fully loaded) so the "pit stop" on the polar route, nowadays 747-400 or 777 are able to do flight non-stop. Your great scenery make up for quite a sentimental journey !
  12. Hi Guys, just a quick post to thank you for your Fairbanks X scenery. It is as real as it gets and remind me the cargo flight stopovers I made there in the late 90's. Keep up the good work ! Regards, Francois
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