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  1. it is not obvious to me, I have not seen it anywhere ... besides, constraints is not observed for the first 3 points, not below or above 12000... where should i choose? maybe, but I can't see them in my path
  2. 2.03 done aircraft performance.rar CTV046 SKBO-SKRG (23-Sep-2021) #1.txt
  3. why are the restraints not respected for this SID? for this reason, it calculates the wrong cruise ALT for me,since as soon as we take a cruise, at the same time we should already be declining... I am also using the newest AIRAC 2109 database and PFPX RAD Restrictions and Directs 2109.
  4. I conducted additional tests and these are definitely default buildings (not an additional addon) and finally I understood why you and some others do not repeat this ... these are just settings for the complexity😂, set it on maximum and you will see the same🤐
  5. Sent please your AFCAD, need compare the exception rectangles... what do you mean by that? scene density settings at sim options?
  6. maybe you are confused?🤗 when departing( eg SKBO) already at an altitude of 11500 MSL aircraft have a speed of about 250 with increasing speed, besides, you can also see the confirmation of this on the flightradar. it is unlikely to help, in any case it will not look like correct/true logic... when we set 9200\11000 (THR RED\ACC ALT) the bus must not accelerate earlier than 11000 MSL, this should take precedence.
  7. it has nothing to do with the problem, you are talking about classes airspace and speed limitation... in the high-mountain port it does not look the same as usual, e.g in the airspace Bogota (A) departure zone at an altitude of 11500 MSL there are no longer any speed restrictions
  8. Hey Jonas! here it is: yes, I can easily fix it, but why doesn't the developer make a fix for everyone?
  9. where does this information come from? this is from the same section when should we turn the landing lights on or off(in high mountains ports)?🤗 and as I said above: this problem is absent on the product of a well-known competitor.
  10. nobody has this for P3d5? the developer says that no one told him about this, but this is normal, apparently the scenary is not popular ...
  11. sad, it would seem that this is more a bug fix and not further development... of course it makes sense, well, let's wait for it nothing changed
  12. thanks for the confirmation! then we will wait for a fix, by the way, by the way, this problem is absent on the product of a well-known competitor.
  13. for example, in SKBO, for departure according to the charts, you must set 9200\11000 (THR RED\ACC ALT) for RWY 31L\R. I noticed that when setting the acceleration altitude, for example, at 11,000 feet, the acceleration will start earlier somewhere by 10,000-10,500 feet, at ports lower elevations this is not a problem...
  14. Hey! localizer and glide slope antenna seem superfluous there, right? and also wondering why the folder OPTIONAL_ALTERNATE_FILES is there, nowhere is there a description of the meaning of these files...
  15. does anyone use this scenary in P3Dv5? unfortunately the developer no longer replies after our last conversation (about the wrong version number, which was eventually resolved), I hope he is doing well ... but I have a new problem and so I ask here... I see default buildings in the runway area, can anyone else confirm this in P3Dv5?
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