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  1. I thought it wouldn't happen: send me your file in PM, I will fix it for you
  2. I hope we found (via private messages) and fixed your problem now🤗
  3. I made (of course unofficial)for yourself fix for correct work in P5 as well as several other fixes mainly for LPPS: -full new flatten + correct airport elevation for LPPS -added missing PAPI for LPPS rwy 18\36 -correct runway lighting system for LPPS -fixed dynamic lighting for LPPS -exclude stock objects for LPPS -removed extra nav aids for LPPS and LPMA -added the ability to connect via add-on.xml P.S If you need this FIX , do not hesitate to PM and I will send you . And of course,to start you need to have your own licensed copy t
  4. strange, the angle papi and the angle glide path in afkad are correct and it is exactly 3.2 degrees.
  5. if these two ILS have the same frequency(108.75 MHz) then the default will be used(this priority is set by the sim engine ) 99% this is your problem...
  6. these are really great updates, but they don't update third party scenary;( look at the sim map, maybe you will have two ils beams for one runway, check it first.
  7. I have the newest version and I have duplicate default buildings... I am really into scene-building(mostly for myself) and first of all checked exclude for default building in this scenario( in forder: Welcome to Kolyma V5\Scenery) and as expected did not find any... Can anyone check this out?
  8. this FIX has been available here for a long time:
  9. + My log + event error ASUpdater_App_Log.txt Event.txt
  10. MSFS not installed... ASUpdater_1600_Test_2.zip671.73 kB · 2 downloads didn't help me;(
  11. I get crash too... Win Event Viewer XMl log:
  12. probably talk about it, I'll just leave a direct link here:
  13. I sent the link to you in private messages
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