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  1. It’s true that Aerosoft Twin Otter Lukla model is included in this scenary? I have not seen official information about this...
  2. yes, SRS mode not activating, because of this , the plan go around phase is not activated. yes, this is the only condition for activating the SRS mode if we are in the air in the landing configuration, why it does not happen to me, it is not clear that something is broken... log.rar
  3. I did a complete reinstall SIM(ORBX,vAddon Scenery, FSUIPC, have not even been installed yet), with cleaning all the folders in my documents and so on, but that didn't help... And when I switch the levers to GA detent, the co-pilot says leaving for the go around, nevertheless the SRS mode is not activated... I do not know what else you can try to do;(
  4. Thx, I am doing a complete reinstallation of the simulator and will check it later...
  5. Ok! I will wait, if it’s not difficult for you, save to the point of IF, then I will try to download it and check it(aircraft a320 plz).
  6. hello, I'm glad to see you you didn’t do the main thing, you didn’t activate the APPR mode. p/s as well as I noticed a small error: there are no minima of 750ft for RNP Y RWY 05 LPMA for cat C aircraft, , In addition, the FPA is not authorized for this type approach
  7. I noted this in the screenshots: 1)aerosoft not TCH+ 50ft, not correct 2)fslabs TCH +50ft, correct
  8. In the flight plan, the height of the threshold intersection(usually 50ft) is default not added to apt elev , this is normal?
  9. And add, as you said above: Go Around (GA) FLIGHT CREW OPERATING MANUAL GENERAL Applicable to: ALL When the flight crew performs a go-around, the Speed Reference System (SRS) vertical guidance mode automatically engages.
  10. specify in what conditions? I did not see this in your message. as you can see in my screenshot above, everything is selected correctly. p/s I’m studying aviation is not the first day, I have the necessary documents, FCOM: ENGAGEMENT CONDITIONS The SRS mode engages automatically when the thrust levers are set to the TOGA or FLX/MCT detent, providing: - V2 has been inserted in the MCDU PERF TAKEOFF page - The slats are extended - The aircraft has been on ground for at least 30 s. DISENGAGEMENT CONDITIONS The SRS mode disengages: - Automatically, at the acceleration altitude (ACC ALT), or if ALT* or ALT CST* mode engages (above 400 ft RA) - If the flight crew engages another vertical mode - If the flight crew selects a speed while in SRS mode: SRS reverts to OP CLB mode, and a triple-click aural warning is heard. All that is highlighted, I performed in my flight, but nevertheless, the SRS mode did not work properly...
  11. I did not make it in time) here is another case: UAAA 040900Z 21006MPS 5000 -TSRA BR BKN050CB OVC100 20/18 Q1012 R88/2/0250 TEMPO 26014MPS 2000 TSRA BR which one do you like more?
  12. as said above, everything is by default
  13. I completely agree with this, but when there are more or less realistic effects on the radar, agree that is nice! And if this picture on the radar also works (has a physical effect), then it’s just wonderful and exactly (as far as it can be in the simulator fully) the active sky works with other models, at least for PMDG and Majestic, and in the latter there’s even a good system icing.
  14. interesting, up to this point has not yet seen green deviation
  15. I like the active sky! Because it works great with other models, and in the end it’s the most popular weather engine. But only with the bus are there any problems on the radar...
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