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  1. Is it possible to save the settings (for example: Grid MORA, Terrain) of the world map upon exit?
  2. OK, I understand, there are no more questions, the topic can be closed.
  3. the name of this button is a: weather toggle... I have seen that some other users have this button active and they use active sky...
  4. Of course, wind and weather at the airports are displayed as a map of the world PFPX, but this toggle is not active... Does you do not actively toggle, why?
  5. which of the three profile options to use for majestic dash 8 q400: Bombardier DHC-8-402Q PW150A, Bombardier DHC-8-402QPF Combi PW150A,Bombardier DHC-8-402QPF PW150A?
  6. can I see the list of changes in this version?
  7. checked the validity... crashed occurs precisely during actions with the 3d window application of the world map ...
  8. The name of the failed application: PFPX.exe, version:, time stamp: 0x59bd7f26 The name of the failed module: atioglxx.dll, version: 23.20.15033.5003, time stamp: 0x5ab4271c Exception code: 0xc000041d Error offset: 0x002917b4 Id of the failed process: 0x2b94 The time to run the failed application: 0x01d3d1b091b2fdbf The path of the failed application: C: \ aerosoft \ Professional Flight Planner X \ PFPX.exe The path of the failed module: C: \ Windows \ System32 \ DriverStore \ FileRepository \ c0326037.inf_amd64_6cad8aeb5717c52d \ B326079 \ atioglxx.dll Report ID: a58eee1b-9c42-46e9-9252-699d8b84dcea this is done: and I have installed latest version driver for GPU RX580, cpu RYZEN 1600, win 10.
  9. I'm interested in DHC-6 300 configuration wheels I compared a lot of official data on this model and found these weights: The only thing I'm not sure is this MZFW, I can not find this data... Tell me what kind of data do you have on the MZFW?
  10. and now you can prompt the correct data? correct me please: DOW 7414lbs -weight empty? MZFW 11967lbs? MTOW 12500lbs MLW 12055lbs Capacity: PAX 20 Cargo 358kg(849lbs)? Fuel 1379kg(3025lbs)?
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