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  1. +1 only on the contrary for me, the ND are enlarged, for a330 this was not... p/s:
  2. Yes, I read about it, the gs mini looks great( but in any case we use +5). i.e wind correction is needed only without A/T?
  3. as far as i know it should be something like this: VAPP = VLS plus 1/3 of the tower headwind component. The value of VAPP is limited so that it is never less than VLS + 5 or more than VLS +15. As a result, VAPP is increased above its minimum value for runway headwinds above 15 knots. VAPP correction is not increased further for headwinds exceeding 45 knots. But I miss an example for a complete understanding: if the wind is 16-17 knots we need to set plus 6? and is this true if we do not use A/T? if we use A/T then it’s only + 5 for all cases or?
  4. Sorry, I wanted to know if there is such a topic for a320?
  5. Since efb still does not have a function for calculating performance, you need to use a third-party calculator, which one do you use?
  6. in the original version Cologne Bonn Professional for P5 there is no DME for 14L, (it is right). --- while we wait for the official fixed, I already fixed : -added DME for rwy 32R and 24 + correct sim map course -deleted the wrong marker MM for rwy 24 -added a missing marker for rwy 14L EDDK_ADEP4_ADE.bgl
  7. As I noticed, there are no DME for rwy 32R and 24, check it please...
  8. Yes ,I have already it ,thx!
  9. what happens if we use this file?
  10. I added these changes (except for angle PAPI, it is installed by default 3, out of AFCAD): You will find it in the paid scenary folder: mod third party scenary for compatibility with update from aero.sors.fr + some other corrects for more realism! For user ONLY use nav update from aero.sors.fr (without nav pack, problems are possible)... File: 4ILS for 7L-25R_EDDF_AFX-OP07.BGL copy to you Frankfurt scenary and 7L-25R_EDDF_AFX-OP07.BGL disable. copy 1APX50140.bgl where default APX50140.bgl is located, then default APX75310.bgl disable. P/S Regarding nav update from aero.sors.fr: my personal opinion it be necessary used without fail if you want more realism, besides it's free.
  11. perhaps the easiest is switching AFCAD(eg configurator application), more difficult implements a function using SODE. in the case of EDDF , probably this is so, just add them to AFCAD(to existing ILS) and on the map you will have 4 rays for rwy 07L/25R. but PAPI will still have to switch manually or wait until the developer adds this to the configurator or implements a function using SODE...
  12. The fact is that this changes on request(as I said above) as well as the category ILS, eg 7L ILS Z or CAT 2\3 LOC IFEL PAPI and GS 3, and 7L ILS Y LOC IFNE PAPI and GS 3.2. you can do it yourself by creating a copy of AFCAD with other parameters for these runways, but still, if the developer adds the ability to switch this to the configurator, it will be even better.
  13. we already understood it, it remains to understand if the lights are now? but based on the information that I have provided above now it’s obvious that there is a lot of light;)
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