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  1. Oliver probably knows better than me. But if you are trying to install new vehicle textures make sure you run AEShelp.exe from the AES install folder, otherwise new textures won't be recognized/refreshed and you will still see old Aerosoft vehicles. Hope that helps.
  2. Good question, the Spanair kit was indeed designed for FS9. But I have followed all the rules outlined in the manual and thus it should work for FSX aswell. I now have an open request topic here: http://forum.aerosoft.com/index.php?/topic/54592-request-your-custom-vehicle-repaints-here/
  3. Example request: - Name of airline/airport: Spanair - Single Vehicle/Whole fleet (If single please state name): Whole Fleet - To be shown at ONE/various airports or Worldwide? (If one please state):Worldwide - Links(not embeded) to images of vehicles (very important!): Baggage Cart: www.aerosoft.com/image1.jpg Passenger Bus: www.aerosoft.com/image2.jpg Catering Truck: www.examplesite.es/image3.jpg
  4. Welcome to our personal repaint request topic. We are more than happy to make custom vehicle repaints for an airline/airport of your choice, free of charge! Be it a whole fleet of vehicles or just one, I generally operate on a first serve basis but keep in mind that even if there is a large waiting list it only takes us an hour or so to complete. Repaints will be uploaded here: http://forum.aerosof...ehicle-repaint/ We don't get anything from it but a nice thank you would be great! To request: Simply post a message in THIS topic using the following template only! Simply copy and paste (with your answers). - Name of airline/airport: - Single Vehicle/Whole fleet (If single please state name): - To be shown at ONE/various airports or Worldwide? (If one please state): - Links(not embeded) to images of vehicles (very important!): One of our repainters will see it and fulfill it when they can, theres a lot of repainters! My repaints I have done, so far released: Spanair/Newco Aer Lingus PLEASE only use this topic for requests and don't clutter up with chit chatting! Please send me us email for that Kind Regards, Matthew
  5. Oliver, words can't sum up the new update. As soon aas I saw the new marshaller I thought hey? Then I was truly speechless when I saw the vehicles coming!!!! They are so cool and realistic! You have certainly done yourself proud. It was like the first time I bought AES all over again just the amazement of vehicles and crew, now it's been brought to a whole new level so thanks a lot! @AdrianR why not have a feature to call a fire engine during fuelling process incase there's a spillage that mght be more along what you were thinking. Honestly well done Oliver and this could even be better than dream team GSX now (and thats only a few months old). Especially since AES is for 2004 and no FPS hit!! P.S. Especially the catering driver I couldn't believe he was actually getting out and climbing stairs!
  6. Hi Oliver, thanks for your quick reply. Oh I see that's a shame :/ Yet kind of clever too! I'm a bit tight on money at the moment as I said so will have to wait to buy another credit pack in the near future. Shame there isn't a credit pack for sale that just has two credits in it Barcelona will just have to wait for the moment! Congratulations by the way on such a great bit of software you have
  7. Hi everyone, Hopefully someone will be kind enough to help. I bought for FS9 the Simwings Barcelona airport, and assigned 2 credits to use ut. But now I've found it's really slow and outdated and the Aerosoft Barcelona X airport looks fantastic, I bought it and now find that I can't use AES there anymore?? Is there a way to transfer the 2 credits from the previous Barcelona Airport to the new Aerosoft one as I will be flying from there a lot! I can't imagine I would have to pay to buy a whole new credit pack just for those 2 credits being transferred! Besides not being able to afford it either. Many thanks in advance and appreciate any help possible. Kind Regards, Matthew
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