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Possibility of Selecting Door Services

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Sometimes aircraft do not have the baggage lockers or other doors on the starboard side. Would it be possible to have an option to select either passenger exit or baggage door for the port side exits? Would give more flexibility. I have a Dash-8 with an air stair for the port side forward door and a wide baggage door on the same door. But the only option for baggage unloading is on the starboard side.

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I know this is a VERY old topic but Penn has a very valid point you know.

A quick search reveals no other topics on this, but there isn't much to add to the above post except the fact that it would actually be a very good idea to see.

For what we are talking about please see pictures below of a Dash 8-400 using AES at EGBB.

Thanks for looking (hopefully Oliver) and look forward to something like this in the future!

P.S. Brought my third AES credit pack today :P



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