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  1. yeah i was getting this same error so i added the Launcher as an exception in my windows firewall and now it works, Stavanger registered
  2. have posted in the right section?
  3. Hi folks 2 problems I went to buy Florence X and it says its a Download product but its out of stock......which is weird. When i went to login my account would work so i click the forgot password link and enter my email and it says there is no account! Please help, Dave.
  4. maybe be add a Reality XP mod/cfg in to a patch so users could choose?
  5. fantastic new Marcel are these aircraft ever custom fitted with a autopilot for club flying?
  6. Whislt on VATSIM i tried to tune to EGPX_CTR (Scotish Radar) on 135.520, set the COM1 to 135.520.....nothing. Checked FSINN settings and it says my primary freq is 135.530! Check the attached image.
  7. Thanks for the replies, i saw on the Katana thread it was DX10 compat so i have bought it...its awesome!
  8. Can i get a few answers? Is it DX10 compatible? If i use a older serial will i only get a update file or a new full installer? ( i prefer the clean install to "patching" the old 80-100) Thanks.
  9. I think he is back now, just a quick bump so this doesnt dissapear
  10. I mostly fly SAAB and Jetstream turboprops and these airframes are equipped with their own air-stairs so most of AES features are redundant Now ive had a search about on these forums and not found anything unless i worded it wrong? Regional turboprops tend to have the cargo hold door on the left of the aircraft but this isnt covered in AES, i was hoping it would have been added by now and im very reluctant to pay out for more credits due to this so there must be more like me? AES is still one of my fave FS addons but for 10/10 i think it needs this too Cheers, Dave
  11. I did and Mathijs Kok replied saying to post my problem here, over to you guys
  12. Nobody had this? Have i got to format my PC to get AES to work? lol
  13. I had 1.96 installed but had to un-install FS9 and all addons etc. Installed it back and AES 1.97 which wouldnt install correctly, the installer looked to work fine with no errors but no folders where created. I went back to 1.96 and that looked to install ok but no files or folders where installed. Is there a registry problem? Would like to use the airports i paid for but cant Cheers, Dave.
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