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  1. Die Firewall abzuschalten war der richtige Hinweis. Jetzt hat's geklappt. Danke und schönes Wochenende. Norbert
  2. Ich habe ein ähnliches Problem. Wenn ich versuche über den ASUpdater EDDB von auf upzudaten kommt die Meldung dass die EDDBConfig.exe nicht gefunden wurde. Sie ist jedoch vorhanden Was kann ich tun? Bin für jeden Hinweis dankbar. Norbert
  3. Hi all, I also had the issue with Aerosoft CRJ Pro in P3D v4.5HF3. On start up of the aircraft cockpit was black and yoke fully deflected to the left. Applying Hans' navigraphOICD.DLL has solved the issue for me. I had never installed QW 787 so the problem cannot be exclusively related to QW 787. There must be other reasons too. Anyway, Thanks alot for the solution, Norbert
  4. Today another scuccessful flight EDDW-EDDM. So maybe the trim axis with FSUIPC was the issue. Thank you for your help. REgards, Norbert
  5. I successfully performed the LSGG-EDDF flight yesterday. The only thing I changed was that I deleted the FSUIPC trim axis - I had defined one of my joystick axes as a trim axis via FSUIPC. Could this have been the reason for the strange behavior? Cheers Norbert
  6. yes, FLP was generated through Simbrief, and yes, active sky is also in use. I'll give it another try tomorrow with special attention to correct setup of the aircraft and weights etc. My suspect is that I am missing a step or setting, hence the issue is sitting in front of the screen. 🙂 I will report how it went. Anyway, thanks for your efforts. Norbert
  7. My apologies. FLP attached. Weights: 76 Pax 1000 kG cargo(200/800) Fuel 4216 KG CG 21,9/trim 6,7 Hope this helps. Thanks for trying to help with this issue. REgards LSGGEDDF.flp
  8. It was CRJ 700 D-ACPT Flight LSGG to EDDF Flighplan details see attached word.doc191227_LSGG-eddf.docx Cheers, Norbert
  9. Hi Hoffie3000 and gero, I am indeed running HF2 and I am climbing in Speed mode. What I also noted after the steep dive, when it starts climbing again things look normal, meaning normal climb rate and steadily increasing speed. Let's assume I have entered a speed target of 290kts. When speed reaches approx. 270kts the CRJ starts rocketing again. It is sad but I cannot enjoy this wonderful bird. Cheers, Norbert
  10. Hello everyone and merry christmas to all, I have a serious issue operating the CRJ aircraft. I have version installed on a Win 10 64 system and P3d v4.5. I assume i have installed everything correctly. Now my issue: the aircraft does not respect altitude restriction (e.g. climbs above set altitude) randomly starts climbig like a rocket and then starts a steep descent to recover speed and so on. Has anyone else seen this behaviour? I have aready re-installed several times but to no avail. I'd really love to fly this bird but as it is right now it is no fun. I do not exclude however that I am the problem ... Any help is welcome. Best, Norbert
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