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  1. bd smith=sad to say seems no! i checked just now download liveries section= nothing new there for almost 1 yr or close to it-sad ,great plane and no liveries much and the 3 cargo UPS etc from more then 6 months ago still not ready/ what is he sleeping?
  2. hello i have the vc10 baught from aerosoft=do i get discount for buying the professional version?=vc10pro:
    just flight gives discount if u own the  plane and want version upgrade ?and its their plane ?but u guys sell it? thx:

  3. ps works fine u guys!read instructions how to install with content liveries mngr simple and fast no problem:
  4. excellent! feals like old with the new- now 1 of my favorites: 5stars (window thing u mention is so minor its fine:)
  5. it works watch training vids on you tube-spanish guy made good 1 in english and go back 10yrs to the INS training vids (has exorcist music)= 4 part series= for ins training=but works fine, i flew it from manilla to singapore 2 days ago =no problems.............
  6. want smoke effect?!!!=press i on keyboard once engines are started then u see pollution-works for me.................works also on all!!! aircraft!=press i key
  7. oh great i check it out download it/ installer/ now =great-thx to creator of this!!!!thx!
  9. beautiful but i dont fly south america to bad no one want s 2 make oriental liveries china japan phillipines malyasia /korea etc:
  10. i downloaded it and installed it on the new version! i simply take a livery default i do not want and overright it with this one look works fine !thx
  11. some times when i load the a 318/319 i have to load it then shut P3d and restart then all works properly not a big deal but wanted to let aerosoft know today a flew from vtbd/vvdn transponder wont work over head emergency left push next to fire test=left one didnt work=right and apu would work alarm=test paper wouldnt dissapear when clicked co pilot radio wouldnt work i flew the flight anyway no problem=was to lazy to re program the FMS= landed shut p3d restarted p3d turn on the electri and external power=wala=everything worked=its probably a P3D issue?
  12. well thats nice- and i do thank you for this cargo version and 4 making this plane in the 1st place thx again
  13. please someone make oriental/asia liveries for the A318/319 thank u:=aerosoft 64 bit 2018 version pro:
  14. will this be a fee upgrade=cargo's?ill pay anyway if not: looking forward to these!
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