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  1. I agree, I think big biz is to a point that if the profit margin doesn't hit a 500% minimum, why bother? I don't know... Big biz is out of my league but I know that Flight Simulation programs are a multi- billion dollar endeavor. I also know that MSFSX is still at the top of the pile when it comes to all the great advanced, additional scenery, aircraft, missions, etc. but Prepar3D is beginning to see some real quality companies making 'versions' for them and that's got them on FSX's heals. Companies like Aerosoft, Orbx, FTX, GEX, REX, and UTX to name just a few. I have at least a thousand dollars sunk into my FSX addons, (I'm afraid to get an accurate count because it's very likely to be twice that), and I haven't tried Prepar3D yet. I can safely say that I won't be moving over to P3D anytime soon. I just can't afford to re-buy another collection of add-on programs to fit P3D. Then again, I think I may have seen a few add-ons that can convert at no cost to the buyer of the FSX version. If they all start doing that, I may reconsider but for now, I can't complain much about the FSX program. It's poorly coded and has no direct support but then, the cost of a Sandybridge mobo and an i7 2600k is rapidly dropping and coming into my reach in another month or so. As for the direct support well, I found that I needed direct support from the add-on manufacturers on occasion but not really from the main program, FSX. Direct support to P3D may be of some value to someone just starting out but I don't think that most veteran simmers really need it. I could be wrong but it's still not the strongest argument for changing over. In the end, it's all good.
  2. I have no doubt! But I think it's going to be a while before you have to concern yourself with this particular canyon. The mile of ice above it won't likely melt in our lifetime. On the other hand, if the Mayans arte right, we just may see it happen.
  3. Hi folks, Apparently they just found an "under ice canyon" larger than the Grand Canyon in Antarctica. If the mile of ice that covers the canyon up should ever collapse, I hope Aerosoft is prepared to make the necessary changes :-) What wonders lie beneath? Radar equipment is driven across Antarctic ice during field work that revealed a massive rift. By Andrea Mustain, OurAmazingPlanet Staff Writer: A dramatic gash in the surface of the Earth that could rival the majesty of the Grand Canyon has been discovered secreted beneath Antarctica's vast, featureless ice sheet. Dubbed the Ferrigno Rift for the glacier that fills it, the chasm's steep walls plunge nearly a mile down (1.5 kilometers) at its deepest. It is roughly 6 miles (10 km) across and at least 62 miles (100 km) long, possibly far longer if it extends into the sea. The rift was discovered during a grueling 1,500-mile (2,400 km) trek that, save for a few modern conveniences, hearkens back to the days of early Antarctic exploration. And it came as a total surprise, according to the man who first sensed that something incredible was literally underfoot, hidden by more than a half-mile (1 km) of ice. For more details use this link: http://www.ouramazin...antarctica.html
  4. Incredible! I mean, what were they thinking? Were they not paying attention at all to any of the present flight Sim community that uses FSX? For years people have been speaking about how poorly coded FSX was and how much more they would enjoy it if the game wasn't so demanding on the computer's resources. When MS Flight came out I swear I thought that it was just a small ' quickie' to hold the arcade community while they worked on the serious simulator. I don't know who's running the show over there but they were obviously oblivious to what's going on in this huge field. Some heads should roll because of this if there is any management in that department. I mean they had to lose some money on this endeavor because I know they've been advertising MS Flight for at least a year before it came out. And now, less than a year after it comes out, it goes out the window. That had to be costly to some extent.
  5. Thank You Sasha! Yes, you were correct. It just so happens that I purchased Dangerous Airports 1 yesterday, (or the day before), and when I went through the install procedure, I got to the Launcher operation and I got an alert that I didn't have the latest Launcher in place. So I installed the latest Launcher per the instructions given, and then I went into the "activation" section. It was there that I noticed that the Antarctica X had a red notice saying that I wasn't activated. I also have Lukla X, Gibralter X, and others but they WERE activated. So, I was surprised to see that Antarctica X wasn't because I thought I had activated it when I installed it over a month ago. Anyway, long story short, I activated Antarctica X but did not go there to fly until last night. Now it seems that I can stop at will!! So everything is fine! Thank You for the help! Rich
  6. Thank You for the quick reply Sascha! I haven't been in the Antarctica X program for at least 3 or 4 weeks, (the sliding started getting frustrating), so I've forgotten the exact details but I will recheck some of the locations. But I know for sure that one of them was the McMurdo station where there's a lot of buildings, (relatively speaking), and at least one, if not two, snow-blowers operating. I landed an F-14 and I also tried an F-18 and couldn't stop either. In addition, I remember being unable to keep a C17 from sliding down a runway that was at an incline, (one of those remote ones I mentioned). Also, I remember that I was barely able to keep a Pavlow Helicopter from rolling after I landed near the Penguins, (that neat little freeware add-on). But if I understand you, I should be able to stop as easily as I would in any relatively clear airport on dry land, is that what you're saying? Because if so, then I'm doing something wrong with the settings. I'm going to have to revisit the manual and try again using the FSX settings set to exactly what is shown. Though I thought that I did do that, it's very possible that I didn't when I went there the second or third time I opened Antarctica X. I may have left the settings in my typical positions which are usually set all to full right.(I'm speaking about the "Scenery" settings). Anyway, if you can confirm that I understood you correctly regarding the ability to stop a plane relative to any other 'non-Antarctica X' airstrip, I'll go back and check all that information and see what I'm doing wrong here. I appreciate the reply and I'll check on all that tonight and report what I found. Thanks again!
  7. Hi Folks, Does anyone know how to adjust the braking power in the Antarctica X program or FSX itself? (Right now, they just keep going and going) Since Antarctica X came out, I must have read more material about that add-on than any other I have. I can't remember if I saw how to do that in a post in the forum, or in the manual, or additional reading material on some other site but I could swear that I read it somewhere. In addition, I think that it was mentioned 'in passing' and was not the subject of the reading material at the time which makes it that much harder to find. So does anyone have knowledge on how to increase the braking power? I know that they probably slide around a lot out there but my planes just don't stop for miles after landing unless I cut the engines. So I'm not interested in keeping that "reality" if it's possible to change. Thanks
  8. Thank You mopperle! But why the "anonymous" statement? Isn't my screen name showing over the default avatar? You should see "wingclip". Please let me know if you don't and meanwhile, I'll look at the 'settings' as soon as I get a chance. Thanks again... wingclip
  9. Hi folks, I'm looking at buying 'Dangerous Airports' because it looks like a pretty good challenge. So I would like to know if I need to turn off any of my add-on scenery programs such as; UTX – USA, UTX Alaska, FTX – NA, (several), GEX- NA, AFME, (and others), to name a few, when I am using this program? Thank you
  10. THANK YOU Very Much Etienne!! I'm sorry I didn't get back here sooner, (I just got back from an unexpected trip). I trully appreciate the detailed help. I completely understand and plan to try it out tonight. Rich
  11. I'd be glad to do that etien but perhaps I wasn't clear. I'll use the Marble Point scenery as an example: I downloaded the folder and unzipped it. Then, when I opened that folder to its point where the two Folders titled "Scenery" and "Texture" appeared, I opened each individual folder to find the files inside. My question is; Where do I put those files specifically? Do I place them in the 'Scenery' and 'Texture' folders in the AntarticaX folder which is located in the Aerosoft folder within FSX's main folder? (ie: Program files (86)>Microsoft Games>MSFSX>Aerosoft>AntarcticaX> Scenery or Texture, what ever the case may be) Or do I perhaps place those files in the 'Scenery' and 'Texture' folders that are located in the main FSX folder themselves? (ie: Program files (86)>Microsoft Games>MSFSX>Scenery or Texture, what ever the case may be). That's all I'm asking. The Penguin program had those instructions and they look very good by the way. But I'd like to see these Marble Point and others as well Just as soon as I know where to place those files. There are a lot of them and I don't want to have to find them to delete them if I place them in the wrong folder. Thank You
  12. Hi Folks, I have the Penguin download that instructs where to place the files. But the other two I downloaded don't specify if the Scenery & Texture files go into the "AntarcticaX Scenery & Texture folders or if they go in the main FSX Scenery and Texture Folders. I'm speaking about the Marble Point and one other, (I forgot the name but it's the same programmer). Can you please specify? Thank You PS: I don't know if this topic is being watched anymore so If I don't recieve a reply in the next few days, I'll assume it isn't. Therefore, 'Mr. Administrator', you may see this same post in a "New Topic" section. I hope that explains the possibility of a 'double-post'.
  13. Thanks, but are you saying that I should only download and install this one? Or should I install the first one at the start of this thread and then this one? Thank You
  14. Thank You... too bad. I know that in the name of realism there are things that can be done but are not. Sometimes it's nice to have an option for the sim pilot to choose. But I have no idea what it takes to program anything in FSX let alone something that FSX itself didn't have to start with. I guess the the default FSX terrain has no lighting either. Come to think of it, I don't think the default terrain even has any buildings. As for the 'Southern Lights' I'm assuming that won't happen because FSX doesn't provide an ability for it either. If it did, many other terrain addons would have done the 'Northern lights' by now. Thank You. I have to check my user settings for this site because I didn't get a notification that you had answered.
  15. Hi Folks, I'm about to order the Antartica X Box version and I just wanted to know if there is any night capabilities in the program? You know, for runway and building lights and such if flying at night. I know it sounds like a strange question but I've spent an hour looking at scenery screen shots from all over the wb and I didn't see any nightime shots. BTW Is it ever possible to see a patch for the Aurora Australis lights in the future or is that beyond FSX capability? Thanks
  16. Thank You ALL! I'll be buying this next week.
  17. Hi Folks, I must say that your new Antarctica X release looks very exciting! As long as I can remember, I always felt a tinge of depression set in whenever I would see any documentary on that continent. That was because I always knew that I'd never get to go there and see it for myself. It looks like Antarctica X will change that feeling I get in a big way. It appears that your people put 100% of their focus behind this project and I have NO DOUBT what so ever that I will be flying this territory within the next two weeks! I do have a question that may have been mentioned in the 'Short Version' manual but if it was, I missed it. What does the RZ-1 through RZ-12 and KZ-1 through KZ-14 trails indicate as displayed on the northwest corner of the continent in Google Earth? I'd like to make a small suggestion if you don't mind; maybe sometime in the near future you can add a Snowmobile or Snow Cat to your model that would give the pilot the ability to land and take a short ground-level tour of the area. It wouldn't have to be a complex version, just something fitting to operate in that environment with the goal focused on up-close site seeing more than the actual vehicle to do it in. Something like FTX's "BOB" but with a dashboard. (Just a suggestion). Great Job!
  18. Always a pleasure Fletcher. I thought I'd be courteous enough to reply via the Report button, in case you're wondering.
  19. Thanks Sizel. Yes I have the Twotter and I have been practicing and rereading the manual since I installed the program like 5 or 6 hrs ago. I'm doing ok but I'm not braking any records. As for the other 2 folders, I opened and 'explored' them and neither mention FS9 in the "read me section". They are both accessible meaning I can install them if I want to but I don't want to screw something up so I really need to understand why they are there. I presently have the 2.10 version of LuklaX installed as I said and the manual refers to vrs 2.0. I need to reread the advertisement because I think I read something about another mission beyond the 2 missions you're speaking about. But I'm not sure if that's where I read it or if it was somewhere else. How about it though, anyone know why and what the additional 2 downloads, (AS_Lukla_Mission and AS_lukla), in the install section of the store are all about?, (Please see my original question above). The only other way I can find anymore about them is to install them but I have gotten myself in trouble doing things like that so I will wait a little longer to see if one of the Administrators may be able to tell me. Thanks
  20. Hi Folks, I bought Lukla X from the Aerosoft Store a short time ago and I see that there are 3 downloads. From top to bottom they are: AS_LuklaX.Zip, AS_LuklaX_Mission.zip and AS_Lukla.zip. I downloaded the 1st and 2nd and I installed only the 1st and have read that entire manual, (looks like great fun and precision flying). I noticed that the Folder version is 2.10 and the manual version is 2.0, (if that is of any importance), and that the manual mentioned some Missions soon to follow which I assume have since been applied. Therefore, I am guessing that the 2nd and 3rd file downloads may be just additions that are now included in the 1st file download, (AS_LuklaX.zip). But I want to be sure so can someone tell me if I must also download and install the 2nd and 3rd files, (AS_LuklaX_Mission.zip and AS_Lukla.zip)? Thanks
  21. Yes I think you may be right. The post I have in the Generl Forum under "Aerosoft Store Overload" has a number of people who are all having the same trouble as us. It'll work out soon, I'm sure.
  22. Well thank You for answering so quickly. In fact, I'm releived to see that I'm not the only one because aside from you, (itifonhom,: I like that ET), there are several other people that have posted topics with the same problem. I have no doubt that Aerosoft is diligently working on it and I'll check back in a few hours. Thaks Again
  23. Hi, I just posted a similar problem under "General" because I couldn't find anywhere else to put it. I get the same message so I'm kind of relieved to see that because this would mean that they are likely experiencing a little trouble. I'm sure that they probably already know and are working on it. I think it may even be possible that this problem may have an effect on their ability to answer us. But at this time it's really too soon to tell because it's only been a few minutes since you and I posted. I too have purchased a product and I have no doubt that we'll be able to get back to our accounts soon. Just give them a little time, (I'm not saying that you aren't), and I'm sure we'll get there.
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