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  1. By the way can you do it for iFly 737NG thanks for your hard work!
  2. Wilco do it Aerosoft can do it lol
  3. I love Airbus A318-321 this is the only plane a fly in fsx sim X I hope aerosft team soon realease the fixes for this awesome airbus My youtube channel: http://www.youtube.com/user/juanga251?feature=mhum My fsx Justin tv channel: http://www.justin.tv/juang2125
  4. Sorry to say this Aerosoft but this airbus everyone had issue on it I sure that your team need to rebuild this airbus SID to STAR
  5. Can you add the next patch 1.23 environment sound interior not outside interior in wings view please! sample:
  6. I looking the same interior wing views sound, I modified the sound but I don't like it how it sound, I what to used Fspassenger to sound like i'm in the passenger seat! This is my video I modified with sony vegas, I want that Aerosoft could modified like my video sounds! hope you like it and rate & commnet
  7. I have an issue, when a pick the Airbus at the main fsx display and then the airport, after I click "Fly Now" it gave me a "fatal error" any suggestion? TACA my video Hybrid Sound X Project on develop for Airbus X:
  8. Hello, berry nice pictures , what system spec do you have to look like that?
  9. thanks for the advice, i'm new here!
  10. I'm in my work rigth now here it is 8:45am I get home at 4:00pm, can someone tell me it's the Bus X working good or gexelent??? <------- my TACA Airbus X video
  11. I hope tomorrow aerosoft will released (Version 1.2) I want to spend flying all the weekend my airbus!
  12. When I got the news that aerosoft will release a new airbus i was very happy, I know that isn't easy to develop an fsx aircraft but not possible to build the best, come on aerosoft you can make this aircraft the best plane of fsx ever you have the skills and the power to do better. Thak you!!!
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