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  1. First of all, The joysticks are working like a keyboard. I have Saitek Flight Pro Yoke & Pedals & Panel (Auto Pilot). I can not even control the plane. I have been playing with these joysticks since very long time. Do we need to change something to make my joysticks compatible with this? Pedals are in the same situation. I am not even going to mention about the Panel, it does not recognize it, and cannot use it. Whenever I end the flight, it gives fatal error, and I have to end the process... I want to get a refund of my money.. I paid £34 for this.. it's useless..
  2. Hello guys, I bought Airbus X yesterday, but the current quality of the addon is not as I expected. My graphics card is very good, and even if I put settings into full it doesn't look as I see in the pictures. So I downloaded images pack from the order page which is about 750 MB. How can I install those images into Airbus X addon? Thank you.
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