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  1. And I'll be him I think. PM replied to. Non Aerosoft product, so not sure if I should go public. Shaun?
  2. Posted in the wrong place, but two of us have now responded...
  3. I've been out and about around McMurdo, here are a selection of the shots from the trip.
  4. I'll be there too shortly, hope there's a bar!
  5. Glad to see I'm not the only one on Vista 32, but boy do I feel like a dinosaur. This PC feels almost new!
  6. Both of which I'll grab a couple of pics of this evening.
  7. This looks like lovely scenery and I'd add my thumbs up to a scenery package that covered Tromso by the same developer, not just the airport but the island too. I spent a very happy, but expensive month there a few years back.
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