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  1. when I run the patch exe, where I have to put files to save (overwrite) ? is that correct for cfm a320? C:\Microsoft Flight Simulator X\SimObjects\Airplanes\Aerosoft Airbus X A320 CFM\Panel\Displays
  2. Joshua ,thanks for your work. I try it. A little better. But for my opinion still slow joystick feedback control. I used combine with FSUIPC.
  3. It is a joke, of course CTD was anoying, but what we can to do, only sit and wait that they will fix it in future. But, VC is realy nice, great..wonderfull..etc......
  4. that is normal. enjoy in great vc
  5. Any news, is there any problems, how is going programming?
  6. Nice newz, thanks for inform us. But I am little disappoint about Aerosoft (support, bugs). I hope that you would make good FMC and flight performance. So, when V2 become realese, I will not buy immedietly, I will read and many reviews.... then I will decide buy or not buy. I wish happy coding to Aerosoft. I also waitnig PMDG 737, I hope that they will not disappoint us.
  7. here is link Maybe has to be update with new issues.
  8. I just to ask. I want to see all list of aerosoft airbus x bugs. So, please aerosoft inform us.
  9. Oh,god. Thank you Mathijs.
  10. Me too, also !! Anybody else?
  11. I all support HenryD. I also should write somthing, but English (or German) language limited me. I hope that someone like HenryD write on english and expalin all bugs or mistake in Airbus X. I will be short, the Aerosoft Airbus X isnot finished product, so Aerosoft please finnalize that product. Forgot VNAV, SID/STAR. Fix only that what we paid.
  12. DAVOR PULJEVIC - CROATIAN AIRPORTS http://secure.simmar...-airports.phtml
  13. I guess that Aero$oft have many development project. So, We have to wait. Patience please.
  14. What file your made? I run vasFMC on my second PC(laptop) with Windows XP x32, program works fine. Also my friend has win 7 x64, vasFMS wokrs fine on x64. It is possible to sync from vasFMS FMC to airbus x FMC ( v1,v2, vr...or tran. level...etc.) vasFMS 2.1 cooming soon ...
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