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  1. Jup … departure EHAM 27 … KUDA2P … NAV on … but overflying the first nav point after takeoff … NAV off/on solves same wobbling after SU6 as before ( since day 1 in March ) … sharper turns at cruise … overcorrecting arrival LEBB (think it was DOSUL) … not following the arc at all departure from LEBB from rnw 30 this morning …. No arc following and turning left instead of right ( MAPA3A ) Waiting for an update that finally solves these issues for a while now …. Despite i thing the issue is known for a while And even explained … so not sure why the wait on the wobble fix (for example).
  2. so is it safe for Aerosoft to release an update soon in that case ?
  3. Any news when this will be fixed ? Happening since release in March and still happening.
  4. well “dude” i think the perfectly smooth GREEN LINE in you initial picture is the CRJ you selected … that line shows NO wobble as addressed by people on the forum. you see. Big difference between the “wobble” in that green line and the examples shown on the forum. if you can not see that there is no point is discussing people here are talking about full ( halve actually) bank left …. Then right … then left again. NOT a few degrees of wind correction / drift !!! A few degrees is not an issue for anyone ! do you know an airway is 8 miles wide ? Planes move SLOWLY in those airways to compensate drift and wind. Airplanes do not follow a flightaware dotted line perfectly. That dotted line is just a line between A and B. That line does not calculate wind gust and turbulence !!! No airliner will bounce from left to right in airways like an aggressive ping pong ball ( UFO 😬) !! THAT is what people complaint about. read the forum and check the differences between your screenshot and the FS2020 screenshots. We are talking on complete different “wobbling”. for your ease … i zoomed a little and added the screenshots below. you talk on : SLOW few degree wind correction / drifting passengers wil not even notice … in your picture. We talk on : violent left right left pingponging at max available bank angle (1/2 at cruising) … compensating just to make a turn !!! If you do not see this and try to proof “ real wold pax are thrown left and right just like the FS2020 CRJ” …. By showing a few degrees of drift ADS drift data ( one direction not even a wobble !! ) …. There is no further point in discussing i agree my previous post where a little unclear. Tried some sarcasm jokes but that is not working here .. sorry for that and hope this post was more clear. so with this i will bug out the discussion from my side 👍 you we
  5. @LesOReilly so “dude” where in your ads data do you see 90 degree turns like on you initial picture ?? ADS out or not …. How come your initial picture is showing hard 90 degree UFO turns ??? your ads show a FEW degrees movement and not even a real back and forth wobble … that is something else then what we are describing Sure the simulator is bugged …. Sure the crj is wobbling …. And yes …. There are also planes that do not show this wobble in that same simulator that is bugged … anyway lets end this. Going nowhere. Have a nice weekend
  6. and you realy believe this is correct ? these probably are inconsistencies in receiving signals of ac position. I have this on flightradar24 also sometimes. Sometimes signals stop to continue moments later. The software just draws a line between those positions. you are showing some 90 degrees angles at the start of the “wobble” .. only UFO’s make those sharp 90 degree angles 😬 Below is how CRJ’s turn … have you read the FMS explanation above ?
  7. Well … when in real life a CRJ is flying … its not wobbling left or right with sick passengers either 😬 so should be possible for planes with fixed bank angle … perhaps the radius is bigger per default ( less bank ) so they have room to compensate or something like that. i never was in a crj that moved full bank left and the right and then left again just to make a 20 degree turn.
  8. @SinusJayCee that 2nd drawing is more correct. Turning in to hard initially. And the zigzagging and over correcting until on track. this is happening since day 1 in March unfortunately 😞 search the forum on zigzagging… think u will find a few results.
  9. @JetNoise well the WP ignore happend just a few flights … hard to reproduce unfortunately 😞 if it is a Mod issue it should be easily reproducable I suppose.
  10. @JetNoise noted on the “direct to” still point ine and probably 2 also are valid right ? it not the “north bug” as we had it. This could have happened south also ( both my point happen in all directions)
  11. @JetNoise @Hans Hartmann I do not think this is the North bug. The swinging is caused by yourself as you said. I Thingk about 2 other “bugs” though 1) when taking off and switching on NAV / Speed / autopilot … the next waypoint is purple … NAV is not working SOMETIMES. When i switch the NAV button off / on again … it picks the the missed wAypoint up again ( still being purple after the miss ). in your first screenshot j think this happened because the initial turn is nice and smooth back to that missed wp ( suggesting auto pilot turn ) Then you start to trying to intercept the FP yourself ( because you do not want to head back to LTE ) but overshooting etc etc …. Indicated by the more wobble flightpath west overshooting the FP. 2) when the turn or angles are to angled … the AP turns in hard and then trying to swing back… overshooting again … swing back etc etc. Its the angle … not the North bug ( at least for me it is happening at almost every sharp turn… although less extreme then before ) point 2 is happening since day one and is slightly improved but the wobble still is there after all that time unfortunately. after the north bug fix i never encountered it again in dozens of flights ( many going north 🙂 ) when the NAV bug happens i always select a “direct to” the next waypoint in the fmc … and then it normally picks up the FP from that point on hope this helps
  12. @GEK_the_Reaper yes i understand what you are saying and yes i understand its difficult to reproduce ( and fix ) what i am saying is that the issue off SUDDEN speed loss at fl380 does not mean the airplane has a high load. it would ( like you say ) not even reached that alt with max load or errors in W&B W&B issues would not happily bring you to FL380 and then cruise happily for a while (and suddenly the speed drops.) As i am typing 2 spannish CRJ are flying from canary islands happily at FL380 also … both on 2.5 hour flights ( more fuel ) and sure probably not 90 pax on board ( check Flightradar24). But perfectly done in RL. but if you can reach in sim FL 380 with NO issues …. cruise with no issues … there should not be any reason the speed drops and the AP using 15 trim when engaged again after disengagement for example. anyway … lets not overly discuss … again I understand the difficulty flying myself now from LIPE-EHAM T FL 380
  13. @GEK_the_Reaper well i have made 60 plus flights so far. Have my PPL and plying flightsims since 1990. 59+ flights did not have the issue and was happely flying at FL380 on multiple flights with no issues at all. on just one or two occasions the dropped at cruise alt ( not recalling 100% but was 370 / 360 ish ) ) … no ice warnings … no clouds … no spoilers … full throttle did not speed up so needed to drop the nose. once at mach 0.74 i leveled of af few thousand feet lower And THEN the 15 degree trim issue started with the autopilot moving it. with pilot error or wrong W&B i would have had issues way before i reached FL350. But even flew for a while completely stable at cruising ALT. I never had the trim issue anymore … never had the speed issue. Never had them separate but only in combination. hope this helps … but probably not. good luck
  14. @GEK_the_Reaper i like to mention that when i had the “drop speed at altitude” issue i also encountered weird trim reaction of the plane and could only fly manually because when engaging the AP i had full trim up. this ONLY occurred when i had the speed issue ( it started with that ) so the 2 might be connected
  15. Have an I7 … did dozens of flights and this morning had the same ( black screens no EFB ) after a restart of the sim ( not even deleted ) no issue and did 2 flights.
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