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  1. Ow i see i must be mistaken by the first flight in 1999 and first commercial flight for the CRJ 700 in 2001 then … and the first flight of the a320 in the 1980’s … apologies for being dumb not sure what a software bug with wobbling LNAV and missing waypoints has to do with being from 2010 in real life .
  2. 2010 ? I thought the sales pitch talked about “completely remade for fs2020” and jot being a port ? also please keep in mind this issue is happening since MARCH 2121 … now its june 2022 though
  3. Stil the same … more then 1 year … SU9 no change either but he … who am I …
  4. I have this with EVERY flight with sharper turns on airways … and not reproducable on ANY off AS systems ? other people have mentioned this has been an issue on other sim platforms for years ? Never reproduced ?? i use addon linker. Only MSFS with CRJ700 … not more … not less .. no fancy stuff or scenery .. just LNM on the background sometimes to post pictures of this “reno air race” CRJ. And i have the issue EVERY flight where the airways has sharp turns. the issue even has been described very clear by a moderator on page 2 if u read back even stating a new system was being implemented IN SEPTEMBER !! But not reproducable ??? The worse … no response from AS on this matter for months … i am a paying CRJ customer you know ?
  5. @Mathijs Kok @Hans Hartmann almost one year after release ? please advise when this will be fixed ??
  6. Europe … live weather … no OAT weirdness … no icing alert …. Nada
  7. yes that is correct .. forgot to mention … as soon as i have speed again … and switch on the AP … automatically max trim UP. Disconnect again fly level and mach 0.74 manually … AP on … max trim up etc etc etc
  8. Cruizing … fl 370 … mach 0.74 … without warning dropping airspeed .. full throttle … keeps dropping … stalling Picking up speed …. Not able to climb anymore after enough speed gained .. same things happening. Quitting msfs after 2 hour stable cruise. jiha … 3rd time this happens randomly during cruise with hundreds of hours on CRJ
  9. Had the same today above the alps … cruising normally… suddenly max trim up and loosing speed. Disengage AP … pickup speed in slow decent .. AP on … max trim up …. Grrrrrrrrr Restarted flight and no issue anymore ( only “reno air race” wobble since MARCH 2021 !! ) frustrating and no responses from Aerosoft at all ! sorry but i do not care about the twotter … i BOUGHT the CRJ ! And this mess happened way before twotter release !
  10. @Hans Hartmann @Mathijs Kok hi both this is an issue since day 1 … almost 10 months now. Last comment from AS was in SEPTEMBER. can you advise your customers about the status of this issue ? When will this finally be fixed ??
  11. Thanks for the tip 👍 made the email on my iphone though so the picture is faster for me. But did not know what you suggested so thanks for the tip ! i am only flying 700. Will not ever buy another Aerosoft product before this issue is solved. 10 months …
  12. Great that the twin otter is almost ready but how about the issue that people have for 10 months ?? see below EHAM-EGPH and the return flight. Wobble wobble … still overshooting
  13. Almost a month without any response from AS. wobble wobble wobble
  14. I completely agree … should be not that difficult. A latest version and the corresponding changelog. when users post in the “wrong forum “ its not good either … so it would be nice if Aerosoft follow their own rules also 😬👍 also … i want to use as less software as possible. So would prefer a post in the appropriate forum so i can download the complete new version from my account ( instead of all kind of installers etc etc )
  15. This will be posted when its ready to be posted …
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