We are looking for two additional A330 pilots to join our advisory team.  We will ask for credentials (sorry for that), but if you are willing to assist contact us on mathijs.kok@aerosoft.com

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  1. Stil the same … more then 1 year … SU9 no change either but he … who am I …
  2. I have this with EVERY flight with sharper turns on airways … and not reproducable on ANY off AS systems ? other people have mentioned this has been an issue on other sim platforms for years ? Never reproduced ?? i use addon linker. Only MSFS with CRJ700 … not more … not less .. no fancy stuff or scenery .. just LNM on the background sometimes to post pictures of this “reno air race” CRJ. And i have the issue EVERY flight where the airways has sharp turns. the issue even has been described very clear by a moderator on page 2 if u read back even stating a new system was being implemented IN SEPTEMBER !! But not reproducable ??? The worse … no response from AS on this matter for months … i am a paying CRJ customer you know ?
  3. @Mathijs Kok @Hans Hartmann almost one year after release ? please advise when this will be fixed ??
  4. Europe … live weather … no OAT weirdness … no icing alert …. Nada
  5. yes that is correct .. forgot to mention … as soon as i have speed again … and switch on the AP … automatically max trim UP. Disconnect again fly level and mach 0.74 manually … AP on … max trim up etc etc etc
  6. Cruizing … fl 370 … mach 0.74 … without warning dropping airspeed .. full throttle … keeps dropping … stalling Picking up speed …. Not able to climb anymore after enough speed gained .. same things happening. Quitting msfs after 2 hour stable cruise. jiha … 3rd time this happens randomly during cruise with hundreds of hours on CRJ
  7. Had the same today above the alps … cruising normally… suddenly max trim up and loosing speed. Disengage AP … pickup speed in slow decent .. AP on … max trim up …. Grrrrrrrrr Restarted flight and no issue anymore ( only “reno air race” wobble since MARCH 2021 !! ) frustrating and no responses from Aerosoft at all ! sorry but i do not care about the twotter … i BOUGHT the CRJ ! And this mess happened way before twotter release !
  8. @Hans Hartmann @Mathijs Kok hi both this is an issue since day 1 … almost 10 months now. Last comment from AS was in SEPTEMBER. can you advise your customers about the status of this issue ? When will this finally be fixed ??
  9. Thanks for the tip 👍 made the email on my iphone though so the picture is faster for me. But did not know what you suggested so thanks for the tip ! i am only flying 700. Will not ever buy another Aerosoft product before this issue is solved. 10 months …
  10. Great that the twin otter is almost ready but how about the issue that people have for 10 months ?? see below EHAM-EGPH and the return flight. Wobble wobble … still overshooting
  11. Almost a month without any response from AS. wobble wobble wobble
  12. I completely agree … should be not that difficult. A latest version and the corresponding changelog. when users post in the “wrong forum “ its not good either … so it would be nice if Aerosoft follow their own rules also 😬👍 also … i want to use as less software as possible. So would prefer a post in the appropriate forum so i can download the complete new version from my account ( instead of all kind of installers etc etc )
  13. This will be posted when its ready to be posted …
  14. well thats weird … since a forum moderator clearly explained what is happening .. please note this issue was escalated numerous times by many many people now ( not only on this forum ) perhaps its weird you are not having the issue … despite it was well explained by Aerosoft ??? Looking at their descriptions the issue is in the code ( undershooting sharp turns )or are you flying a different CRJ ??
  15. Will that FINALLY solve the zigzagging also ? Its only happening since March !!
  16. DGH

    Mouse click problem

    I mentioned moved clickspots BEFORE SU7 … after the latest CRJ update Its a different issue … but now we have TWO seperate clickspot issues gotta love this Again this was AFTER latest CRJ update and BEFORE SU7
  17. @Mathijs Kok AIG fanboy … attacking ?? Man stop defending …. I am NO fanboy and NOT attacking you i completely agree with you and even mentioned that indeed you target a different audience. I think you are in a subtile way attacking ( by extreamely defending yourself ) You are the one starting this “comparrison” post in the first place right ?? you are “kindly” attacking IAG by saying things like : “a screen like that would scare our support staff”.That is suggestive ….. “Avast ?” Is suggestive also . the big mathijs kok calling people “fanboys” ? Come on Mathijs … you should know better there is no need to go that road. That is making suggestive remarks on a freeware developer to “upgrade” your own payware product ! so yes that to me is not fair …. So yes this is the place to discuss that as you suggest. that what i tried to say … i think payware developers should stay away from these kind of posts. if you believe 101% in your product … these posts an remarks are not needed in the first place. it can cause more harm then good (marketing wise … ) again …. NOT ATTACKING ✌️
  18. @Mathijs Kok you very subtile hinted on “Avast” in relation to AIG … please remove that “hint” since it is only an Avast ADVERTISEMENT that was shown onscreen in the vid on the youtubers computer. not sure why you write this things on the aerosoft forum. I think you as a developer should stay away from these kind of posts ( although i know customers will ) Please also note the whole AIG thing is a freeware BETA … and it did not take me six hours. The setup took me 10 minutes following the pilotstud video ( who gave your product a bad review ) … and the download of the flightplans and planes took me 2.5 hours ( thats 1200 airlines with accurate models / paintjobs and real schedules ). i am aware your product has a different audience like you say … so no problem … but be fair
  19. Wow that would be bad … was not aware this was happening with the other sims also … that would be horrible
  20. @ben.putz Are you only seeing the hand when hovering over the button or also the arrows. Previously only right clicking made the hand vissible to click center after latest pats i only see “the hand” and you therefor are not triggered to click right mouse button
  21. Are u sure on that ? fs2020 does not “know” where exactly to click a button from a 3rd party aircraft. The planes programmer decides where the button is located … size and where to click etc etc etc … also … this is happening AFTER the latest CRJ update and not happening to any other fs2020 aircraft … ONLY the CRJ so even if it is MSFS ( not ) … something in the latest update triggered that ! And that update was created by Aerosoft i think. -edit- did reset the crj … same issue. And still wobbling also by the way ( since March 😞 )
  22. @Mathijs Kok @Hans Hartmann same here … with all the knobs … just a hand in the previous arrow clickspot. The center of the HDG knob for example per default is a hand … and you still need to press right mouse to trigger the action. however the “zone” where the the hand changes to an arrow changed ( farther left / right from the button ) this moved “clickspot” is causing issues with the HDG knob for example … in combination with 1/2 bank button. see pictures … hand where it was previously an arrow on speed knob .. and next picture where it is now triggering the arrow. also the arrow shows up in a TINY and almost unusable clickspot. You have to be extremely precise hope this helps …
  23. Thanks .. hope the wobble during airway intercept / LNAV is fixed also now .... fingers crossed
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