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  1. Have an I7 … did dozens of flights and this morning had the same ( black screens no EFB ) after a restart of the sim ( not even deleted ) no issue and did 2 flights.
  2. @StanTGM I think you need pressing center mouse button to get the button pushed in now. with me the FPS dropped dramatically with the fix … did u notice that ? -edit- RIGHT mouse to the the push icon
  3. @Hans Hartmann Did some testing after the hot fix. Tweaked my system so that I run around 30 FPS with the planes I use most at demanding Airport. Test startup : EHAM / RNW 24 / 12.00 / preset broken clouds / Real AI ON / ready for flight Running on gaming laptop with 32GB and Nvidia 2070 Max Q FBW A320 developer version : 31 FPS CRJ Fast WASM OFF : up to 36 FPS CRJ Fast WASM ON : 23 FPS max .. mostly around 19 to 21 Tested the above 2 times ( so 6 restarts of MSFS but also 6 Laptop reboots for fresh start in total ) Also ... once the thing is complied and is working .. besides switching off developer mode ... also switching off Fast WASM again will keep the CRJ working ( not sure if u knew ) Hope the Fast WASM is just a temp workaround and we will get the FPS back once a fix is made by Asobo / you
  4. Jup .. https://forums.flightsimulator.com/t/blog-july-29th-2021-development-update/430045 hope for a fast CRJ hotfix also … But unfortunately the current way of implementing updates will not allow for hotfixes .
  5. Also … even if set to 0.74 at FL290 manually and the climb continues … often at FL 315 the system again switches to mach speed settings … and therefore populating that current offset speed of 0.72. result is that the pfd suddenly shows 0.72 “selected” despite i never did select that myself.
  6. Correct same here … turnaround state … always ground car connecting when i disconnect
  7. Had the same a few weeks ago … could not reproduce and was to late with screenshots so did not escalate
  8. @Hans Hartmann @Mathijs Kok hi Mathijs see below for the return flight … landing runway 06 EHAM. i do not recall the name of the first waypoint that had the issue (was after EEL ). The second time it happened was when i was downwind 06 ( HDG select on ) … and then switched on NAV to turn towards the EH614 if i remember correctly. UTUN1B UTUNA M609 PIPEX P602 BAVTA N873 JUIST P174 EEL EEL1B i do not have the plan anymore for eham-enva. … but i remember it was also during STAR / Approach runway 27 .
  9. @Hans Hartmann Hi Hans Thanks for For me it works like a charm so far. Today made 2 flights ... EHAM-ENVA and back again. Throttle works way better now and no shortcuts at turns and no zigzagging ... so very happy. ILS spot on with both landings 🙂 However ... on both flights .. on 3 separate occasions the CRJ turned left intercepting the next waypoint ... instead of right ( or other way around ). The shortest way to turn was right for example ... the flightplan also showed right .... and despite that it turned left.. After manually turning to the right with HDG .. and intercept of the original flightplan ... i could press NAV again and the CRJ followed its path towards the next waypoint.
  10. sure …. but Aerosoft had “good relations” and “close relations” with Asobo / Microsoft. so why can’t be said “it will come with tomorrows cycle“ or “next week“ ? Sure someone within Asobo should be able to tell your company an ETA ?? I am not saying influence “more quickly” … i am just asking WHEN it should not be to hard. But i suppose it is in 2021.
  11. The silence is a shame again. just tell tomorrow .. next week or any solid date since the patch is “ ready” as stated a few times now. why the silence ? *we had the “ perhaps before Christmas “ routine *The silence routine * the months of waiting after “ perhaps before Christmas hype “ *finally release * bugs bugs bugs * statement Aerosoft buyers did not have to wait on MS marketplace error * now we wait and would be released as soon as WU was released and now silence again. sorry but this is bad
  12. Should not be to hard i suppose… v1 is calculated and set by the EFB already … and passing that speed can be used to just trigger a sound file for example. flight attendant sounds are not “ part of the aircraft systems “ either right ?
  13. K ... so if i am interpreting correctly ... Sim update 4 is released the 25th ... then you need to test it in SU4 .... then you have to wait for Microsoft to upload. So we are talking about another 3 to 4 weeks on a patch .. despite you already "have a solid patch" ? So I paid for a working product in March .. already have to wait for a "wobble patch" for weeks .. and now even weeks longer because for Aerosoft it is a "big drain on resources" to release it 2 weeks before SU4 ??? Is this real ? If released today i can at least enjoy a working product for 14 days !! (can't though ... even if bought directly from AS )? Perhaps move recourses from other products to CRJ or something ? Believe me the next WU will brake other things in the CRJ probably. We have seen this routine since day one. But in 3 to 4 weeks .... are you then scared to release a patch and are you then going to wait for the next WU update ( just 2 or 3 weeks later ) ... come one . One thing for sure .... i will not be buying the 900/1000 anymore. I like the CRJ as a product ... but how this is handled .. is not very good
  14. Wow …. And it is not even a system limitation since you can CHOOSE to just upload the Aerosoft patch on your website with no issue at all. It is stand alone and no NEED to wait on Microsoft at all. I would rather have bought on the market-store in that case … that was the whole intention of the PRE-RELEASE questions your customers had on where to buy. This is really disappointing i must say.
  15. soooo i think some people explicitly asked the update process for CRJ bought at aerosoft ( instead of marketplace ). Then something was said like “ we will distribute the minute it is ready for those customers “ so why the quoted remark ? you update an Aerosoft product right … what has Microsoft to do with that ( except marketplace releases )
  16. I am flying Flightsims since FS3.0 and ATP. I must say I am slowly loosing my patience. I start a simbrief flight EHAM - LEBB. Nice and fancy with SID / Star etc etc. Winds 230 ... Starting RNW 24 at EHAM according simbrief ( but I want cold and dark ) * First start Addon manager I select ONLY CRJ and LEBB freeware ( ONLY ) and close manager * Then I need to load simbrief flight on website * Use simbrief loader to get CRJ plan - MSFS plan - and a PDF * Then start FS2020 ( waiting waiting on my SSD ) * Load the FS2020 simbrief flight plan * FS2020 MAP gives winds 330 at EHAM ( grrr real life is 230 ish ) * I want cold and dark so I select parking A43 * Magically initial RNW 24 is removed and starting point A43 is connected to runway 36L ( wrong winds on map does this ) * Startup CRJ * not to forget to press all the enters and buttons on EFB several times otherwise W&B wrong * Listen ATIS ..... JIHA ... winds are now suddenly correct ??? * Listen Clearance ... JIHA despite now winds correct runway to use is 36L ( due to wrong winds on MAP ) * I taxi to 24 off course and ignore ATC * I take off ... ATC cancelled .. no worries * 1000FT .. NAV on / Speed on / AP on * Contact approach for new clearance. * AP CUTTING CORNERS on route * AP CHASING NEEDLES on route * ILS LEBB * as a bonus ...... AP does not hold glide slope ( to low ) ... so cancel AP .. and land manually. * I watch my screen is disbelieve thinking " did I forget one step in this " fun" process ? " I mean .. is this really happening with my hobby 🙂
  17. Nope indeed … the claim that Hans “understood the meganics” was 10 days ago 😬 …. Product is sold for while also … and the issue has been reported for weeks and weeks. sure I understand it takes time … but after weeks of zigzagging a fix is appreciated
  18. Had the same speed issue and it is NOT the spoiler thing ( for me ) almost stalling at 370 … and only started to drop after one hour cruise with no issue. no clouds … no ice warning … no ice on plane … de-icing ON … NO change at FL370 decending to 350 … speed picking up … NO issue at 350. So that confirms the spoiler issue is bot happening otherwise it would continue at 350. Looks like ice … but there is no ice 🤔 second flight this happened. First time i just dropped to FL290 from FL350. Also solved.
  19. If i see it correct you are flying North with a tailwind. That is a different issue .... but just as wobbly 😬
  20. Well i would do that if I assigned spoilers to an axis ... i did not also ... spoilers do not explain the issue being over at FL290 right ? Or are they retracting below a certain FL ? it acts like icing ... despite nothing is suggesting icing is happening ( no clouds / icing light / anti icing does not work etc etc ) weird issue
  21. Had the same at crusin FL370 NO icing ... NO clouds ... NO ice warning light. De-icing on had NO effect whatsoever. dropping back to FL290 worked ( suggesting invisible icing ? ) sorry but i do not see this in the FAQ
  22. Actually i think they are very close ✌️ and for now ... the autopilot logic in the CRJ is not the winner untill the bugs fixed ( wobbling ... cutting corners for example ). No real need to model VNAV in CRJ also right ? its not a contest is it .... it is just a hobby. I love the CRJ ... i love what they do with the FBW team. enjoy
  23. And the wobbling at waypoint turns ? like i said ... its a combi that can make some flights horrible
  24. Well i am starting to think about INVISSIBLE icing ?? yesterday during cruize (!) FL370 reached with no issue at all. Clear skies and no hi alt clouds at FL370. Cruizing at .74 ( LEBB-EHAM above gulf of biscay) sloooooowly speed dropping down ... giving more power .... de-icing switched on to be sure ( NO clouds and NO ice warning light ) 5 to 10 minutes later something like mach .45 if i remember correctly and needed to lower the nose. Changed to FL290 and yeah ..... all back to normal !!! this completely Looked like icing despite there was none ???? first time this happened in 25+ CRJ flights. Did not happen after this flight
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