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  1. Had the same at crusin FL370 NO icing ... NO clouds ... NO ice warning light. De-icing on had NO effect whatsoever. dropping back to FL290 worked ( suggesting invisible icing ? ) sorry but i do not see this in the FAQ
  2. Actually i think they are very close ✌️ and for now ... the autopilot logic in the CRJ is not the winner untill the bugs fixed ( wobbling ... cutting corners for example ). No real need to model VNAV in CRJ also right ? its not a contest is it .... it is just a hobby. I love the CRJ ... i love what they do with the FBW team. enjoy
  3. And the wobbling at waypoint turns ? like i said ... its a combi that can make some flights horrible
  4. Well i am starting to think about INVISSIBLE icing ?? yesterday during cruize (!) FL370 reached with no issue at all. Clear skies and no hi alt clouds at FL370. Cruizing at .74 ( LEBB-EHAM above gulf of biscay) sloooooowly speed dropping down ... giving more power .... de-icing switched on to be sure ( NO clouds and NO ice warning light ) 5 to 10 minutes later something like mach .45 if i remember correctly and needed to lower the nose. Changed to FL290 and yeah ..... all back to normal !!! this completely Looked like ic
  5. @Hans Hartmann @Mathijs Kok hi gents Any estimated ETA on an patch / update ? yesterday i had a flight with the north / crosswind wobble AND wobble at almost every turning waypoint. the combination between the 2 wobble issues... is a lot of wobbling during one flight ! ( this is costing my airline a huge amount of vomit bags 😬 ) keep up the good work 👍
  6. Well a lot of what you want is actually already possible. Simbrief select the active runway according current wind ... and selects the correct SID. There not even a need to listen to atis first. If you want to change in simbrief ... you can. the problem for me is simbrief is planning from runway to runway. When i select a gate in the sim it sometimes messes up the plan ( selected gate from dropdown ) you can ask for a different approach also. And you can ask ATC a different runway ( as long as it is a parallel runway unfortunately) so in Amsterda
  7. Use the simbrief export software i export it in 3 formats ( with one click ) 1) FS2020 flightplan 2) CRJ FMC plan 3) a pdf on my desktop works almost perfect .... with just 1 click
  8. Actually the new FBW 0.6 is slightly better then the CRJ for me ... but overall the CRJ is doing good 👍
  9. Yes .... i just asked in that same bank angle post 😬 During my last flight bank angle was ON ... FL370 ... but despite that the CRJ banked at 30 degrees with ever sharper turn at a waypoint it wobbled...
  10. Is the 1/2 bank working for you at all ? at mu last flight it was still 30 devrees at FL370 with button on
  11. It happens at certain crosswind ANGLE. Also not in heading mode ... just in nav mode (calculating crosswind to stay on course .... so wind related )
  12. Yes i have the same most of the time i need to go to another page and then the clear works
  13. I can confirm that fully read back the clearance and set in FMS ... works 100% for me now
  14. Actually i had an 8.4 trim on the EFB initially. Second press ended 6.2. And that is what i used. now 8.2 is the opposite of “glue” but i supose it can happen the other way around also.
  15. @JRBarrett @Hans Hartmann Okiedokie ... thanks for the test 👍 thinking of it ... since the trim text is not adapted ... perhaps that is causing people to take off with incorrect trim settings !!! Perhaps causing the “glued to ground” complaints i have been seeing for example. i think this might be an important bug.
  16. @JRBarrett @Hans Hartmann I have noticed that when I press the "send to sim " button 2 times .... the CG icon changes position also 2 times in the EFB ( despite the numbers being equal .. not adapting in. any way ). After the 2nd time ... it will not move anymore and all looks loaded correctly. Could it be that people need to press 2 times and things will be correct ?? Used 55 pax ... 1400 KG freight ... 4800KG fuel. Can not check myself the next few days unfortunately.
  17. Lol now we know where the better fps came from 😬
  18. @Hans Hartmann @Mathijs Kok Hi Hans / Mathijs Is see more and more separate forum post describing these same issue. Is this on the scope ? I did not find a response to any of those posts ( perhaps overlooked ). Do you need help testing or something ?
  19. What wind ? because others posted other directions also
  20. This is the same wobble effect some of us had on cruise alt ... glad it is finally captured on camera 👍 It has nothing to do with latest patch though. It happened before
  21. yeah plenty of people now reporting i think in various topics
  22. @Thx1137 @Hans Hartmann @Mathijs Kok Yes 👍 that is why i am pretty sure it has to do with wind. i did correct with heading ( no issue and no wind compensation ). As soon as LNAV was on it happened again ( there is a wind compensation)
  23. Hi Hans thanks for checking. The initial poster was not flying north according his drawing ... but could be. the think is that the plane was backing slightly ... “against a wall”. That is weird on its own because i do not think an airline is banking to compensate wind. Then suddenly “the wall gave in” but sure ... the wall could be the “360” hope you can find something out thanks for the time
  24. @Hans Hartmann Yes that is what i told in my first post ... there is a striking resemblance in what we show. BUT ... I personally think it is more the tailwind from the lower left that is causing the problem. The wind hitting the plane in a certain angle and the plane can not cope / compute Like i said the plane is “struggling” against the wind ... with a slight bank ... and suddenly it crosses a certain stress lvl and it pops to a way more aggressive bank .. and then counter correcting happens .. etc etc .
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