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  1. Honestly sounds like a well thought out and considered approach. I'm very interested to see what happens when the Xbox version releases. I am pretty sure you will make a lot of sales, though.
  2. Always fantastic tutorials dude! Well explained and to the point. There’s a section in the main CRJ forums that’s a library for videos on the aircraft if you also want to post some content there: https://forum.aerosoft.com/index.php?/forum/1088-videos-reviews-articles/
  3. @LesOReilly I can live with Rx only on COM2, that’s how it has been since release (prior to 1.0.3) but what confuses me is that before the latest update is that both radios worked as expected independently of each other.
  4. I wonder if anyone has any insight on this? Would be great to know if this is intended functionality or my misinterpretation of the manual.
  5. Hey all, Since the latest update, it seems that now both COM frequencies are stuck on Rx on vPilot. Tx is still working on COM1 but can no longer be switched to COM2 either. Both of these worked as expected on the previous version.
  6. I seem to be having some difficult getting VOR tracking to work. Using the green needles, with a VOR tuned and course set, hitting NAV does not appear to do anything. It was my understanding it would track the VOR on the selected course. Manual also selected on the CDU radio page. When following this procedure, VOR1 is annunicated in white and then green however, the aircraft either flies straight through the set course, continuing on its heading or, in one case (below) starts turning away from the set course. You can see the problem first hand in the below linked segment from my s
  7. Not seeing it... However, I do notice you're using AP/FD2 so I wonder if related. Does it still occur if you use the captains side for the AP?
  8. BobbyFuzzy

    CRJ Time

    No problem @TheSledge. Guilty of the same!
  9. BobbyFuzzy

    CRJ Time

    From the sim - are you on live time? Check your weather panel. You can also use the mode button to cycle between, date, gps, internal (zulu) and local time.
  10. Interesting - mine indicates ‘LOC1’ on the captains side, no dash. Can’t say I’ve ever noticing FO’s side.
  11. Also experiencing this - parallel entry to a hold - after making the first turn in towards the hold the aircraft roughly holds a heading and starts flying through and away from the hold whilst banking left and right.
  12. Hey, I'm noticing the ILS for both runways at EDLP are misaligned since the latest update: Result is the same with and without Navigraph navdata installed. Default scenery is not affected.
  13. I've noticed this too. Just did a full flight between EKCH & ESGG, flight director throughout the flight was around 2.5 degrees below the actual nose position with AP on. Here's an example: ] I am still investigating whether an issue with the airport or navdata regards how far it was off the localiser too here. However, this particular image is the the only one I had taken so far that demonstrates the issue. This nose/FD position seemed to be consistent with this throughout the whole flight. A friend of mine said he had also noticed the same thing too.
  14. There’s a large update to GS handling due to release in the coming hours. Probably best to wait and see if still an issue following the update.
  15. Hey! Remove the entire entry instead, such as: Make sure you fix the ordering afterwards, each entry should start with [FLTSIM.x] and go in ascending order from 0 without any gaps. Make sure you take a backup of the file first of all though!
    Brilliant work as always. Love the old colours 😍
  16. See this post This is what @LesOReilly was referring to and perhaps approval may have not been the most accurate wording but either way the end message is the same, the update will come out on AS Updater when it is out on the marketplace also. It did not/does not say that on the purchase page. Maybe you heard it in the forums as it may have been said in here before, again, see the above linked thread.
  17. Hey Andrea, 1. Should be normal, from the patch notes: I'm sure a dev can probably advise better but I'd just stick with what we have been using so far at 35%. 2. I'm not experiencing this - have you tried changing the aircraft state using the EFB to see if it stows again? Edit: The response above popped when I submitted - you can probably disregard my response.
    Incredible work as always! Thank you!
  18. Are you on the ground? You need to be on the ground to stow it as would be the case in a real scenario.
  19. @Claus Jensen Do you have icing set to visual only - if not, try that. Also are you on the latest version of the CRJ? With these two parameters in place I have not experienced what you are in the video. Only a tendency to fly a bit below the GS. Would recommend asking this in the proper support forums for the CRJ as official support is not provided here - Aerosoft CRJ - AEROSOFT COMMUNITY SERVICES
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