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  1. Shaping up to really raise the bar yet again for what is possible in MSFS scenery! Great work @Jo Erlend!
  2. I've experienced this recently also. Really not sure on the conditions to reproduce it unfortunately but will try and get it on video next time.
  3. @St3veHimself It appears to be an issue in more than one aircraft in the sim. Whether this can be addressed by Aerosoft or not is a question I cannot answer but the evidence suggests its a wider issue with the sim unfortunately. I've seen reports of this, most notably in the 787, since release!
  4. Is what you're referring to something like this (link should be timestamped): I'm not sure when this started happening but I can't remember it being particularly noticeable if at all visible till around SU5? Though having said that this has been something that happens in the default 787 so I don't know if that says it's more of a sim issue or not?
  5. BobbyFuzzy

    T.O.D. 2

    I’ve seldom had issues with it appearing so I can confirm that is not the case. What route was it? Can give a try when I’m next on. Assume also VNAV page(s) filled in?
  6. BobbyFuzzy

    T.O.D. 2

    @dresoccer4 Only other thing I can notice from these screenshots that is non-normal is that fact you are in ALT at FL321. Judging that your selected altitude is FL320, I assume that is your cruise altitude as set in the VNAV page. I wonder if this is something that is throwing the system off. Usually during cruise you would be in ALTS with your set VNAV cruise altitude selected and captured.
  7. BobbyFuzzy

    T.O.D. 2

    I wasn't sure on specifics so I looked it up for you - from the Collins FMS 4200 manual (as used in the CRJ): Page 2-124 if you're interested in taking a look yourself. FMS-4200 Flight Management System (wordpress.com) I think it would be safe to assume Aerosoft have tried to emulate this behaviour in the aircraft. I've certainly never seen it show all the time. If you want to see it at any time you can always use MFD DATA.
  8. BobbyFuzzy

    T.O.D. 2

    I believe it only appears when you are within a certain percentage of your cruise remaining. For example in the screenshot you shared, you are about 100nm away from your TOD which in the CRJ I imagine is quite a large majority of your cruise? Does it not show when you get closer to your TOD?
  9. @aurel42 Ah gotcha, apologies! Misreading whilst on my phone!
  10. You can turn lens flare off in the graphics options. Loving the detail of modelling on this aircraft!
  11. I’ve posted about this one before and I believe it is under investigation. You can more reliably use the legs page to go direct which works fine in the mean time.
  12. Hey all, Great to see the update has landed! I noticed there was a fix reference the audio panel volume controls being ‘fixed’ for the comm radios. I may be doing something wrong but I don’t noticed anything different? Testing on Vatsim both radios are still stuck on Rx and cannot Tx on Comm 2.
  13. @Shadow_GamerHD JustFlight are working on the older Fokker F28, this might be of interest to you.
  14. That is the correct behaviour, however, if you follow the steps in the workaround described exactly, the speed tape should work as expected. You will need to work through the steps again from the beginning following yesterdays update. You will have to go through the steps again but yes it does work for me.
  15. The modelling on this aircraft continues to amaze me!
  16. Some moody looking clouds there! Gaya/Asobo really did a great job with Arlanda too!
  17. I have also had this happen a number of times and the above seems to the the workaround to fix things, sometimes a relaunch of the sim is required. Thankfully it is evident what is happening immediately so no progress is lost. I personally usually notice this when I have reloaded the aircraft multiple times within a short period, for example I change my mind on a gate, forget to change livery or click the wrong airport(!). I don't blame the dev team for struggling to respond to this however due to the fact it is seemingly random and very difficult to reproduce. Perhaps if users could provide some extra context when this does occur this might be easier to reproduce. I'm no expert but what seems to be happening is the aircraft is loading in to some preset state rather than loading the custom panel state as defined in the EFB(?).
  18. Have you selected a runway for the destination airport? I believe this is a requirement for this to make a calculation.
  19. @alaaar @FlyByWire128 there is a similar app available for FS 2020. Not exactly what you describe but it may be of interest to you - https://flightsim.to/file/176/fs-simrate-bandit
  20. @tribejagd Pressing the ‘set payload in simulator’ button twice is the proper technique. As you can see the CG and trim are in the green as is also depicted on the graph so you should be good to go.
  21. I watched the presentation over on the FSA, was very refreshing to hear such optimism and confidence in the new platform. I for one am very much in the same camp. This is something that can only be great for the flight sim community as a whole!
  22. Honestly sounds like a well thought out and considered approach. I'm very interested to see what happens when the Xbox version releases. I am pretty sure you will make a lot of sales, though.
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