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  1. Failures are not modelled but you could easily put the thrust lever to cutoff. Maybe someone else can comment on if the native MSFS failures work but also may be worth a try.
  2. Ah gotcha, your problem then makes more sense. Unfortunately that seems to be an issue specific to the Marketplace version. Hopefully they can adjust this for the future!
  3. I do not believe the CRJ officially supports the in-game flight planner or ATC due to it's custom flight plan manager, however, your approach seems sound to try and make the best use of this. It's worth bearing in mind that the default MSFS ATC is not great at best [in my experience] and I would say it's entirely possible the issues you're having would occur regardless of the aircraft. Final note, this is the CRJ club and not a support forum, you may often get your question answered more comprehensively in the official support forum - this forum is not frequented by the devs or support staff, for the future - Aerosoft CRJ - AEROSOFT COMMUNITY SERVICES
  4. Hey @Muuvie, you've posted here in the CRJ Club which is not really for support but I'll try and help you here anyway. Recommend posting on the main CRJ Support forum if you want help in the future. The atc_model line can be added to the aircraft.cfg. Just open the file in notepad and add it. Funnily enough I have an older version of the CRJ package on my system and found that this file used to have it on there, it seems the more recent models had this removed for whatever reason. Here is a screenshot anyway if you want to copy:
  5. Thanks Matthias! I'd thought as much. Yes the controller on VATSIM was a little confused, let's say!
  6. My apologies @LesOReilly I had made a typo! It was the DEGES 5L departure. In my example and yours I do not believe the turn is an RF Leg. Looks more like a DF to me? As noted in the bottom right "turn RIGHT direct ZH571" in your example, implying the turn radius is of little concern.
  7. Hey all, I wonder if someone can help me with this one... Last night I flew out of LSZH RW32 on the DEGES 5L SID. I flew the aircraft as normal, switching to FMS1 after the initial climb and set CLB 210. Managed the thrust in order to stay below 210 KT as per the SID & left the slats extended with a view to retract when further acceleration was possible. The aircraft flew the first turn correctly, overflying the ZH 580 & 569 as expected. Then turning towards ZH568 the aircraft turned over 180 degrees back on itself to intercept the leg inbound: I see that a direct is drawn between the 2 fixes which is correct according to the SID, after overflying it's a left turn and direct ZH568, however, I would have thought that considering the aircraft has also drawn in a nice left turn, the aircraft would not try to intercept the next leg at such a steep angle or even fly back on itself like in this scenario. This took me by surprise and unfortunately as I was busy switching frequency I did not catch this before it was too late, ending up in a bit of an awkward spot before I was able to intervene, switching to HDG (and given subsequent vectors), however, I wonder if anyone can verify or not whether this is the expected behaviour? Thanks, Rob
  8. First I'd recommend turning the AP off well above 100ft. The CRJ isn't really designed to fly that close to the ground with the AP engaged to my knowledge. This will give you a bit more of a feel for the sensitivity of the aircraft to the hand along with the pitch/power couple from the high, rear mounted engines. Try and hit the Vref speed as you cross the threshold at around 50ft. Then you will be set up for a nice touchdown. You hardly need to flare in the CRJ, talking around 1-2 degrees. When you pull back the power you should notice the nose naturally pitches up a bit also making it very easy to overdo it and end up floating. Whether you add any margins to the Vref speed is going to be dependant on the weather conditions of the day.
  9. I don't think so. I believe the CRJ will create these folders once it has been launched at least once. Have you been into the sim and loaded in with the aircraft yet?
  10. Shaping up to really raise the bar yet again for what is possible in MSFS scenery! Great work @Jo Erlend!
  11. I've experienced this recently also. Really not sure on the conditions to reproduce it unfortunately but will try and get it on video next time.
  12. @St3veHimself It appears to be an issue in more than one aircraft in the sim. Whether this can be addressed by Aerosoft or not is a question I cannot answer but the evidence suggests its a wider issue with the sim unfortunately. I've seen reports of this, most notably in the 787, since release!
  13. Is what you're referring to something like this (link should be timestamped): I'm not sure when this started happening but I can't remember it being particularly noticeable if at all visible till around SU5? Though having said that this has been something that happens in the default 787 so I don't know if that says it's more of a sim issue or not?
  14. BobbyFuzzy

    T.O.D. 2

    I’ve seldom had issues with it appearing so I can confirm that is not the case. What route was it? Can give a try when I’m next on. Assume also VNAV page(s) filled in?
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