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  1. Love the counting of the clicks to make sure you're doing things the fastest way! I've definitely done this before 😅
  2. A written version of the tutorial flight is available here - Vol 3: Tutorial, Tutorial - Manual Translations - AEROSOFT COMMUNITY SERVICES
  3. Now only if vPilot could pull out all the stops and get this working in conjunction!
  4. Honestly thought AS airports couldn’t get any better! Really pushing the bar here with all the animated assets! Love to see it.
  5. The modelling on this beauty is nothing less than first-class. Even more impressed every time we see new content!
  6. If a Duo Airlines livery is available probably Birmingham to Cologne. Failing that likely Paderborn to Munich with Lufthansa!
  7. VATSIM as much as I can! Great fun! PS. Page 100! We did it!
  8. Thanks for sharing @Mathijs Kok! Always enjoyed how the sim simulates that so well.
  9. The American Eagle livery was in the trailer and I may be remembering incorrectly but I’m pretty sure we’ve seen a united livery in this thread somewhere!
  10. @EasternT3 These are the liveries that were included with the P3d version. I expect most of these will be included? I've made bold the ones that I can remember have appeared in media/confirmed so far.
  11. I'm looking forwards to recreating some of Maersk Air's old routes out of there. Here's to hoping there's a BA livery!
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