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  1. Are you on the ground? You need to be on the ground to stow it as would be the case in a real scenario.
  2. @Claus Jensen Do you have icing set to visual only - if not, try that. Also are you on the latest version of the CRJ? With these two parameters in place I have not experienced what you are in the video. Only a tendency to fly a bit below the GS. Would recommend asking this in the proper support forums for the CRJ as official support is not provided here - Aerosoft CRJ - AEROSOFT COMMUNITY SERVICES
  3. I am stuck then, not seen this reported much so not aware of any issues surround it. As long as you are on the ground and have chocks in place it works as expected in my experience. Would recommend asking this in the proper support forums for the CRJ as official support is not provided here - Aerosoft CRJ - AEROSOFT COMMUNITY SERVICES
  4. @KevyKevTPA If you select Microsoft Flight Simulator in the installer it should auto detect the right folder. If not you need to point it to that directory you just manually pasted the files to.
  5. @Puuhbear The read only thing shouldn't really affect it to my knowledge. All of my addons including the CRJ are marked as read only in the community folder. Not sure what else to suggest unfortunately @KevyKevTPA - possibly run the installer as admin? Otherwise this might be something to post on the Navigraph forums.
  6. I think by default they do. For anyone not yet using a customised profile, here's mine which I've adjusted to work with the CRJ.
  7. @KevyKevTPA It looks like it didn't install properly (obviously showing the last cycle). Perhaps run the installer again and check the directory matches to yours. It should prompt you for the install directory and it allows it to be changed if needed. Also double check the installer is the latest cycle (the file name should have the cycle in the filename), a new installer needs to be downloaded with every new cycle. I have the latest 2104 installed to the CRJ and it's working fine, so doesn't look like a Navigraph issue to me.
  8. No problem @KevyKevTPA. You can also check that the navdata installed properly by checking the file "<MSFS Community Directory>\aerosoft-crj\Data\NavData\cycle_info.txt"
  9. DA World is a field that isn't updated regardless of the navdata you have installed, to my knowledge. It still says this when I have Navigraph data installed. Have you downloaded the latest 2104 installer from Navigraph? The navdata should be installed to <MSFS Community Directory>\Aerosoft-CRJ\Data
  10. I believe you need the chocks in place for these options to be enabled. Check you are loading in with them in place.
  11. Thank you all for getting back to me! Such great responses! This is what I've been doing but this only seems to be showing if the GPU is connected (which is obvious as you will have already selected it using Dave) and doesn't show whether or not the load will be transferred or not. This exactly seems to explain what I was wondering about. I thought, surely it can't be a lottery like this in the real aircraft! 😅 So this explains it. Having had another (close) look I can see the button is depressed. Very difficult to see though like you say! Would be g
  12. This is a sim issue and has been widely reported and currently affects all aircraft and any controllers assigning any controls to an axis (to my knowledge). It has been noted this is even happening for aileron and elevator position too, though much less noticeable. Some people have worked around this by unplugging their rudder pedals though I haven’t been interested in trying this myself, I’m just making sure I’m aware that this will happen if I press Esc at the moment. Hoping Asobo addresses this in the upcoming sim update.
  13. Not heard of this one before... Could you double check if you have any of the options enabled in the ‘AI Control’ panel?
  14. There’s no precise way to do it as the numbers are rounded. I’ve found that going past your intended figured then back down can oftentimes result in getting closer to what you need. Seems going down uses different increments to up.
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