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  1. I do have two questions for you: Do you have the latest 1.0.6 version installed (where ILS GP was mainly fixed up)? Do you keep you speed over the Vr giving enough thurst to keep the a/c stable? If not the a/c will somehow pitch down.
  2. I can say to you I "often" delete the content.xml in order to force the sim to "recreate" it from scratch. First time you'll open the sim after such action will take a bunch of minutes to load but then works normally better. Consider that everytime you may have installed a scenario/mod whatever...a line into this .xml file will be added by the sim. Such line won't be "removed" if you later on uninstall a scenario/airplace or delete a mod. The only way you have to do not have a "wasted" content.xml file is or to keep it manually updated (I won't do it) or to delete it and force the sim to recreate a new "addon list" from scratch based ONLY on what is in such moment into the community folder. Cheers
  3. Andrea P.


    Don't think so.. Holdings were not mentioned. RF are Radius to Fix legs, nothing relared to holdings in any way at all.
  4. Hello Aerosoft, just doing a ping on some mine topics not "answered/confirmed" yet... hoping for a fixing someday... Cheers
  5. Hello Aerosoft, just doing a ping on some mine topics not "answered/confirmed" yet... hoping for a fixing someday... Cheers
  6. Hello Aerosoft, just doing a ping on some mine topics not "answered/confirmed" yet... hoping for a fixing someday... Cheers
  7. Hello Aerosoft, just doing a ping on some mine topics not "answered/confirmed" yet... hoping for a fixing someday... Cheers
  8. I do follow up as I noticed same thing since the day 1
  9. Sooo happy. Personally now I just have to wait for having it into the MSFS MarkePlace this time
  10. Happy to see the Approach33 lights well reproduced
  11. Hi! Just to add my experience on this topic. It happens "some times" also to time. The a/c gets "partially/wrongly" loaded by MSFS sometimes with all lights on and some onboard systems out of working. It should be strictly related with the MSFS bug of the "not well loaded aircrafts" which happens randomically at the start of a new flight...it styarted to do so from such MSFS release this spring. To "mitigate" it, its funny, but to me works: when I load the a/c I make sure to wait until the a/c view from the front door appears in the slideshows of the flight loading, on such moment I start the flight and no more issues. Instead if I "start the flight" immediately when the sim button appears, I can "often" encounter such sim issue.
  12. Anyone from Devs had a chance to look at this?
  13. Sincerely I never reportes since I never suffered of such issue. Definitely, you should try to force the sim to recreante the m-files of the CRJ by deleting them, it could help. Furthermore, are you sure no other axis/buttons than what you are using are assigned to the throttles?
  14. Hi! ONce you press start I do expect N2 raises up and then waits up for you having throttles in idle to advance the start phase. Am I wrong or do I have wrongly got your exact "situation"?
  15. Flaps still configured, it happens frequently. Much more I also do not get why is givinhg the "TOO LOW TERRAIN". While taking off, in case the GPWS read an altitude loss after take-off (but is not anyway the case) should give the "DON'T SINK" audio message and only the orange GND PROX light should be flashing. This according to the Mode 3 of the GPWS.
  16. Aerosoft stated several time it was 35%, and it has also been "fixed up" to the correct alue "by default" with their latest update of the CRJ. In other words, do not move this slider
  17. Hello. I was struggling a bit with the holding into the FMS up to now (how the CRJ fly them is already asked/discussed in another thread I already opened). Now I'm pointing at the INBD CRS. Whenever I create an holding and I want to insert the INBD CRS I type into the fms the digits (i.e. 340/L) and I enter the course value into the INBD CRS field of the Holding page. The FMS automatically changes the inserted value into another one! I tried it several times and probably I realized how, when I insert a course value (which is Magnetic Course) the FMS thinks I'm telling him a true value and converts it to the mag one with the variation of the area. It could be? Anyway, it seems to be definitely a wrong behaviour. The FMS Holding page should receive and keep MY input of course without any manipulation. If I set 340/L I mean magnetic, if I set 340T/L I mean a course with True north reference (according to Collins FMS manuals...). Can you kindly check it and, in case, fix it next time (hopefully together the other big issue I have with the holdings: Thank you guys Andrea
  18. Up to now I'm pretty sure I was always able to keep the vref in short final easily with the throttle (which from the last update is finally "following my inputs" and not going up and down by his own like before). Same for missed approaches, I did 3 m.a. in the last 2 days without any "throttle strange behaviour". I would ask you to be sure: 1. Are you sure you are not giving throttle "too late" when the speed is pretty low? 2. Are you also sure you are not at a very low speed pitching up to climb while giving thrust? It won't for sure "increase" so much the speed in such pre-stall condition. 3. Have you disble the anti-ice systems while in approach (if conditions allows)? Them enabled for nothing would not help as they "eat" a bunch of N1...
  19. I noticed the same and I was also wondering to know if is the CRJ terrain radar "so sensible" or if it is a bit "too much" sensible in the sim. Even on really flat areas (over the sea) performing a smooth departure (anyway higher than minimum 3.3%) gives me often the audio message for the first hundreds of feet.
  20. Exactly about the power management. Accurate guide from @LesOReilly About the usage of a USB3.0 even if is a USB2.0 was one of the "tips" I read some time ago given by Logitech support to ensure they receive enough "power supply" (this was told to me by them, I raise my hands haha) Regarding the CRJ...seems to be but is not related. I had same issue after some "hours" of flight even with a DA62 within MSFS. Other stuff is the fact that those "ghosts" input were never received/catched before by P3D, instead MSFS looks like to suffer a lot (or better it uses whatever inputs receives).
  21. Align both irs before taking off…I guess this is the issue.
  22. Sure, there are tons of them. Try as example a flight from Graz (LOWG), MILGO3H departure out of rwy 16C here are 2 DF in a row. First coming from a turn at altitude, second after a flyover fix. Other great example is from LEPA, try the ISTER1G. On disposal for any further info may be required and thank you. Not required to consider our issues even on Sunday
  23. Ghost inputs, I had the same as well. happens when is not enough power supplied vis usb to the controller as far I got. be sure to have the joystick connected directly to the pc and on a usb 3.0, sso check if bios is updated as well (in my case the latest was some fixing about power management of USB ports)
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