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  1. Yes Nick, it is a free product but developers are using it in the products we pay for. I have never had any issues with any Aerosoft scenery (and I have plenty of them) until this SODE thing came into existence. This SODE thing has only giving me headaches with the engine stopping every second and jetways disappearing both in FSX and P3D. The jetways also never align themselves with my aircraft's doors correctly and I only use the PMDG 737 and the Aerosoft A320, my passengers have to climb up or down. I never had issues with ctrl-j usage or AES, now I can not buy sceneries I want because of this, like Valencia. There should be an option in the installation giving paying customers the option of choosing this freeware SODE or normal jetways. I see in the forums a lot of issues about SODE, so it have plenty of problems, if something is not broken why fix it with something that does not work correctly. Maybe this is the future but developers should have waited until it work correctly to use it in their paywares. I can guarantee you that if the CRJ wings would disappear from time to time or the FMC usually stop working in beta testing Aerosoft would not release it until those issues were fixed, so why release sceneries with this horrendous feature that have so many problems?.
  2. Thanks for this Holgi, I tested it today and it looks magnificent. Raul
  3. This one came out today and it is beautiful!: ICAO: TKPK Name: ROBERT L. BRADSHAW INTERNATIONAL Type: Payware FS: FSX Designer: Taxi2Gate Link: http://secure.simmarket.com/taxi2gate-st.-kitts-tkpk-robert-l.-bradshaw-international-fsx.phtml AES 2.38
  4. Could someone do a repaint for Seabourne if possible please
  5. Awesome Holgi, this is the one I have been waiting for. Thanks!!!
  6. I don't know if you guys do fictional repaints, but can someone do Cape Air. The virtual airline I belong have code share routes and I would love to fly the Extended on those. Pleeeeeaaaaaassssseeeeeeee!!!!!!!!!
  7. Hi Oliver: TropicalSim released an update for MDST, I want to know if whenever you have the time you can take a look at making AES work with the updated version. ICAO: <MDST> NAME: <Santiago Cibao> TYPE: <Payware> FS: <FS9 and FSX> DESIGNER: <TropicalSim-distributed by SimMarket> LINK: http://secure.simmarket.com/tropicalsim-santiago-cibao-intl-mdst.phtml Thanks Oliver
  8. Neither do I Shaun, but thanks for your help, you guys are great in customer support. And like I said it was just that particular mission and is the only thing from all my aerosoft add-ons that didn't work correctly, so I don't get that frustrated nor persuaded of not buying anything else.
  9. I have FSX Deluxe with Accelaration, REX 2.0, I don't know if you have access to know all my Aerosoft add-ons. But I also tried to go to the library file and uncheck all the airports and scenery add-ons to see if that do the trick or maybe had something to do with it and unfortunately still the same.
  10. That didn't do it either Shaun, but at this time I just cut my losses. I tried everything you said plus a few tricks of my own when that didn't work and nothing is happening on that mission. Is the first thing from all my Aerosoft add-ons that didn't work correctly, so I can't complaint. The only other option is to do a complete re-install of FSX to try that and the last time I did that it took me almost 8 hrs in a row and that ain't happening agan unless completely necessary. So, thanks for your help anyway.
  11. My Specs are (sorry Shaun I should have posted at the beginning) Win7 64bit Nvidia GTX460 3.0ghz Dual Core 8GB Ram Gaming Corsair 500GB Hard disc
  12. I did downloaded that fixed before I created this threat, I didn't wanted to create a threat of something that has already been fix. But unfortunately for me, not even the update or that fix has work. All other missions work like a charm, except that one.
  13. Hi: I bought the DHC6 Mission Pack and the Northwest Cargo mission does not work. No Mission Briefing, objectives or co-pilot. I downloaded the update and also tried to un-installed and re-installed and still not working. Do you guys have a fixed for it?
  14. Yeap, that did it, thanks so much, your help is very appreciated.
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