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  1. Complete Un-install and install with full instaler solved only the lightning problem, unfortunately the textures are still messy, I even tried to disable UTEX and all Add-on Sceneries, nothing. Anything else that could solve the problem, except for complete FSX reinstall, which I don't wanna do?
  2. Here. You can see on 4th screen that taxiway lights are off near me, but on further away. Michal Šitanc
  3. Hello there, First, i do have all graphic set acording to manual and running on nice 10FPS, good enough for me. Second, I searched the forum and have not found any answer. Now to my problem. I got Madeira X for quite long time, not flying there much often, but when i do, I'm dissapointed. I thought it is nice scenery with HQ textures, but for some reason unknown to me , i have blurry runway, all other textures are fine. Now i downloaded 1.20 update hoping it would fix that, but to no avail., problem is still there and another one appeared. Now all light goes out as i approach them. I'm not having problem with any other AS scenery, running REX (yes, textures were blurry even before REX) and UTEX. Hope someone has a solution for this, I like this airport for it's surroundings and approach and I want to fly there more often. Regards, Michal Šitanc
  4. There shouldn't be any problem if you install FSX version of AES on new PC and use same codes.
  5. Hi guys. It´s not necessary, but it would be nice if i can choose, where the catering vehicles will go. Not every aircraft has service door right infront of doors. Like B727. Still, it´s nice work what are you doing. Keep it that way . P.S.: Sorry for my bad English
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