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  1. Thank you CoolP, no I don't know him and I also like the windows, there is nothing wrong with them of course. I prefer not to have any vc windows so I can admire some of my Orbx scenery in greater detail. I will try this myself when I get a chance; If it doesn't work then I'll ask him for assistance. Thanks again! David DD
  2. @ Simon, if you have a solution fine but if you feel obligated to open your mouth then please refrain! I could have lived without your comment! Second I fly the aircraft I myself decide to buy! Thanks for nothing...
  3. Hi guys, I tried the search function with no success. I'm just starting to learn this aircraft so I don't know if this has been already asked... Is it possible to remove the tint from the windows? Thank you, David DD
  4. Hi Shaun, I will send the picture but I can tell you know that there is no green lighting system (found on other scenery) on the taxiway center line, and it is very hard just to look for the yellow taxiway marking. Thanks, David DD
  5. I will do that tomorrow Shaun, thanks. David DD
  6. Hi well that is the problem I'm having, I was on vatsim the other day and getting to that rnwy holding point was a great callenge! Thank you, David DD
  7. I just love the US CitiesX series! David DD
  8. Now your talking Finn!!! Take your time do things well, I'm sure a lot of people are looking forward to this... Thanks, David Di Domizio
  9. Yes...I know but souldn't they also show in the route page as well...correct? Thanks for getting back to me, David Di Domizio
  10. Hi guys, well that's it, I can't get airways to show in the fmc instead all segmants in the route page are direct to...? Is there a way to have them show in the fmc? Am I doing something wrong when saving? Thank you in advance, David Di Domizio
  11. Sorry guys it did work after I reinstalled, must of screwed up somewhere! Thank you, my apologies. David Di Domizio
  12. Hi, I'm trying to go to kjfk but it can't find the airport in the airport selection menu. I type in kjfk and press "search by icao" and all I get is blank box showing no airport at all...? I used to be able to do that with fsc8.6. Thank you in advance, David Di Domizio
  13. That's doesn't look nothing special, you want improvments...? Go back to fs9! That's what I did and I'm enjoying every minute of it! My concern with Microsoft is that they release another sim, then close own the team that developped it and leave us with bugs just like they did with the simmconnect issues a million of people are having... Not folling me this time! David
  14. Thank you,beautifull repaint! David Di Domizio
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