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  1. Hi Shaun, It has been 5 days. Just wondering if you have any further suggestions for this error?? I still haven't done anything with the AC. According to one of the other threads, if I uninstall the Cat, the xml file will be ruined. But, I do have a backup file if thats what I need to do. Thanks. Regards, Rob
  2. Hi Shaun, No, no mission packs. Just aircraft payware/freeware, scenery GEX, Orbx, Aerosoft, FSDT, and a few others but no missions either payware or freeware. Regards, Rob
  3. Hi Shaun, I did run the installer as administrator. No issues with UAC either. I have it disabled. Regards, Rob
  4. Hello Everyone, After a clean install of FSX, I was re-installing my aircraft. After the Cat X was installed, I received the following error: "ERROR with edit FSCatagories.xml..the Mission is not available." I was using the 1.20 full installer version. Was there ever a solution for this error?? I have found 2 threads regarding this error, however they are both locked and unresolved. I really would like to have the missions if possible. I do still have the previous versions with their updates from Aerosoft if the 1.20 installer isn't working correctly. Thankfully the installer apparently made a backup of the xml file before the Cat was installed. I was surprised to see it in the same folder. If need be, I can uninstall the Cat and restore the previous xml file. Any help would be appreciated. Regards, Rob
  5. Hi Joe, That was my poor attempt at a little humor. I really wouldn't expect there to be seasonal textures in such a beautiful place like Tahiti. Except maybe the seasons of Summer is there is such a thing...... Regards, Rob
  6. Ahhh No, no seasonal textures in Tahiti X??? That might be a deal breaker.......lol Thanks Mathijs and Matt I appreciate it. Regards, Rob
  7. Hello Everyone, Just have a easy question. I thought about picking up Tahiti X and was wondering if there are any night textures with this scenery. I took a look at the product page and did not see a reference to it. However, there are some really nice screens at sunset thought. Thanks.... Regards, Rob
  8. Got the update!! I was finally able to get in touch with Bill. He has updated the link on his website and restored the updated file for Plum Island . Anyone looking for it can find it here http://www.spottedan..._update_1.1.zip Shaun, thanks for the help and the fast reply here on the forums. Regards, Rob PS Would this file be OK to upload into the download section here on the forums just in case anyone else is looking for the update??
  9. Hi Shaun, I did check with FSAddon. The link they have takes you to one of Bills websites that is not FS related. I purchased Plum here at Aerosoft and thought you guys would have the update. Thanks for the help. I will keep trying to find it. Regards, Rob
  10. Hi Shaun......Thanks for replying. I don't know if the email addresses I have for him are still good. But, I did send out emails to him before posting here. So far, I have not heard anything. Regards, Rob
  11. Hi Everyone, I am looking for the 1.1 update for Plum Island that Bill released. I have had no luck in locating it. The links I have found are no longer valid. I did download the installer again from my Aerosoft account thinking the new version would be downloaded, but it is still the 1.0 version. I have also checked the updates here at Aerosoft and 1.1 is not listed. My attempts to contact Bill so far are in vain. I thought someone a little higher in the chain of command so to speak might have more success in reaching him. Does anyone have this update and feel like sharing?? Or can the update be added to the updates section here at Aerosoft so customers looking for it can download it?? Thanks.........everyone have a good day. Regards, Rob
  12. Waiting for the mothership to arrive....

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