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  1. I have same problem. What is wrong? I ignore massage but this massage comes again at each dvd disc. Kjelle
  2. Hello. I have installed Aerosoft Trondheim ( version 1040) and Oslo 2.0 for P3D V.5. On both airports there are red X or red V. What is wrong? Where will these airports be installed? The installer wants to install the airports in the first place on drive C/documents/P3D V5 Add-ons. Is this the right place or should the airports be installed in other drive as on folder P3DV5/Ecosystem? Kjelle
  3. Should ENVA for P3D V5 installs in C/Documents/P3D v5 Add-ons or other disk P3D V5 folder/Ecosystem/Aerosoft? Kjelle
  4. Hello. After that I upgrade Oslo and Trondheim airports In P3D V.5 I have problem with big red crosses on airports. What is wrong? Kjelle
  5. Hello. Is a new update for Vaernes X V.2 to 1.0.60 also for P3D V.4.5? Kjelle
  6. Hello. Are you panning new versions for P3D V5 of the Norwegian airports as Oslo, Trondheim, Stavanger, Bergen and Tromsö? Kjelle
  7. Hello. I have problem with Trondheim (Vearnes) airport v 2.0 for P3D v.4. My aircraft is under runway. See picture. What is wrong? Kjelle
  8. Hello. I have problem with loco 111 on route Freiburg-Basel. After stop with station the loco not will start again. What is wrong? I have drive on Steam. Kjelle
  9. Hallo. I have problem with Mega Arlanda. On the evening and nights are all bildings on the airport white. Can any help me? Rynis
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