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  1. Shaun........... Now I have to show my ignorance. Zendesk? What is that? I don't recall ever hearing about it. Jack
  2. Shaun........... Veronika Plet sent me an e-mail with the Activation data and after a little struggle I finally got things working. Was her e-mail what you were referring to? Jack
  3. Shaun........... Nothing there. When was it sent? Jack
  4. Shaun............ Don't have it. Where would I find it? E-mail or somewhere else? Jack
  5. I installed Fairbanks for FSX and the installation seemed to work OK. I used the Aerosoft Launcher (updated version) to activate. However activation wasn't possible. I used the on line activation feature and received this message: Undefined error: Err - id (0) I sent a support request with all the information required but haven't heard a word as yet. This was a couple of days ago. Has anyone had a similar problem with this scenery? Jack Fentress
  6. Oliver............ Any chance you will be releasing a 2.24a in the near future to cover those few airports that became available just as you were releasing 2.24 and had your airport lists closed? Jack Fentress
  7. Did an FSX flight into Copenhagen and had no trouble with the "follow me" car or any ground services. Most of the gates were filled but I think that I had too high a % of UT aircraft. Scenery and AES all worked perfectly. Jack
  8. Oliver......... I do have V 2.23a installed and did read the details. No problem there. I'm just asking if Cardiff Extreme (EGFF) will be included in a future release. Jack
  9. Oliver......... .....any plans to add UK 2000 Cardiff Extreme at some point? Jack Fentress
  10. Since Tropical Sim has released KDCA, will that airport be an addition to AES in a future release? I noticed that there are 2 of their airports already included in AES. Jack Fentress
  11. Otto........ Yes, I did that and the FSAddons version is listed at 2 credits as I mentioned. I was just wondering if the earlier versions of AES were still available for someone with the FS 9 version of the airport. I'm thinking that's what the person was inquiring about. I use FSX so I have no way of telling. Jack
  12. Someone asked me if Ben Gurion Airport (LLBG) was supported in AES. I said no, only the FSAddon FSX version for 2 credits but then remembered he was referring to the FS 9 freeware version of the airport. Is that still supported in AES at no cost in credits for FS 9? Jack F.
  13. The new version is at the SimMarket site. The site that Taxi2Gate was on was the one shut down by the FBI in the states. It's still listed as V2 but is actually V2.3. Jack
  14. Just for the record, MMMX was updated to Version 2.3 a couple of weeks ago. When I installed this new version, AES did not work for me either. I deleted MMMX and re-installed. Perfecto. Things working as before. By the way, I'm using the latest AES version - 2.21. Looking just great Oliver. Jack Fentress
  15. After adding 2.20D should the AES show up as 2.20D or (as mine is) just 2.20? Jack F.
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