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  1. Hi Peter i use 5.2 HF1 Frank
  2. Hi Peter, thanks. This file will not work for me. I will wait for the next update. Frank
  3. Hi Peter have you check it ?!
  4. Hi Peter When I change the Bloom Setting in Simstarter these are not changed for me in the P3D V5.2 HF1 Thanks Frank
  5. Ich habe den Eintrag von Texture/ Global gefunden. Der eine ist in der xml von Oslo und der andere von Trondheim Varnes. Ich lasse das lieber wie es ist. Möchte da nix falsch machen. Danke Frank
  6. So einfach ist das wohl nicht. Siehe Anlage Da finde ich aber nichts ! bzw. wo steckt das dann ! Frank
  7. I have a question. In my Texture.CFG Manager the entry is Texture \ Global found three times in the Texture Config Manager. Can i delete this without problems that only one entry remains. My P3D V5 loading times are currently very long despite the M2 SSD. It may be because everything is loaded multiple times. Thanks Frank
  8. I hope for an update soon. It's already a few weeks after the last update. The A330 has already been changed. Also, the weights should still be adjusted. Frank
  9. @Hanse i make a new installation + Update it is working now Thanks Frank
  10. Thanks, i will check this the next hour. I can't understand that it suddenly stops working All works perfect with this bus. I send you a information in the next hour Frank
  11. I use the last Version of A330 In the checklist options i select the green info bar to get the next step in the green info bar on top of the sim. I get no Infos. After the last update is this not working for me. Thanks Frank
  12. Thanks, the problem is always when i load a flightplan in the FMC. The flight plan is coming via simbrief. Some time it work without a problem. I never test without a flightplan loading. I will test the next days if i insert my waypoints manual. Sorry about my bad englisch writing.
  13. I have a problem after the last Update. It is not every flight. A318/319/329/321 Version When i load a flightplan, select my RWY and SID i have allways a big green Line in my display. The plane not follow the SID it follows the big gren line. I must after takeoff go to DIR and select a waypoint from my SID. The the plane follows the SID Sorry about my bad englisch writing Frank
  14. Danke. traurig das es kein Update gibt ! Dürfte doch nicht so kompliziert sein. Frank
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