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  1. I am interested in this as well !
  2. FSD is just to lazy to learn how to program for XPX...
  3. Mathijs, I order the early December X-Plane 10 directly from Laminar Research. Will I be able to order the enhanced high detailed European airports, medium density airports and the low density airports as an ADD-ON to the early December release ? Regards.........
  4. Mathijs will you be converting Maderia and the Katana4x ?
  5. New images of XPLANE-10 http://www.x-plane.com/news/
  6. strid

    AFS 2012...

    Have you looked at Outerra lately ? http://youtu.be/MrlVSAiu4Ag
  7. strid

    AFS 2012...

    I hope you convert Madeira to Xplane-10. Thats one of my favorite scenery products Ive bought from Aerosoft ! And don't forget the new Katana ! Hopefully you can fix the backlighting of the gauges so you can take advantage of the new lighting that Xplane-10 has !
  8. Gotcha. Ok so why not add back lighting for the gauges ?
  9. Whats bump mapping ? How do we turn it off so the flood light works ?
  10. None, are you offering ? lol... I stand corrected if she slips like the real thing.
  11. What floodlight ? Are you talking about the map floodlight ? When I click on it, it doesn't seem to flood the VC with any light ? Anyways, I was flying the Katana in the sim today ! You did a really fantastic job with her !! She feels and looks good aside from the lack of the prop effects and guage lighting. You know what would be really cool is if you can add some more smudges and dirt to the windows ! Kind of like what Real Air did with thier latest plane. Regards........
  12. That totally kills the immersion fator for me. I have about 40 hours in a 172 and you can see the prop at especially at lower RPMs and less of it at higher RPMs but it's not totally invisible. How many people complained that are real pilots ?? I never really gave it to much thought when I was flying a real plane but I will check next time I go up. Correct me if im wrong. I notice the plane doesn't slip very well either ? Regards........
  13. DA 20-100 Katana: Why is the prop not visible when the engine is running ? Is this realistic ? And there is no back lighting for the gauges ??? I'm guessing it's not certified to fly at night ???
  14. DA 20-100 Katana: Why isn't the prop visible when the engine is running ? Is that realistic ? And there is no back lighting for the gauges ???
  15. Korea Conflict May Be Orchestrated Crisis To Boost Dollar Paul Joseph Watson Infowars.com November 23, 2010 Congressman Ron Paul speculated on the Alex Jones Show today that the war footing between North and South Korea could be an orchestrated crisis to boost the dollar and reverse the US economy, paralleling the RAND Corporation’s call two years ago for the United States to become embroiled in a major war as a means of preventing a double dip recession. South Korea admitted that it fired the first shots prompting a North Korean retaliation that killed two South Korean
  16. TSA Rejects Airport Molestation Complaints Paul Joseph Watson Infowars.com November 9, 2010 The TSA has reacted to the burgeoning backlash against airport oppression with a glib response that does nothing to address the multitude of complaints put forward by some of the most prominent travel and pilots associations in the world. As the New York Times reports today, no less than four major travel organizations have strongly criticized the TSA in recent weeks over increasingly stifling airport security measures that do little to assure safety yet are causing many people to refu
  17. " All tyranny needs to gain a foothold is for people of good conscience to remain silent" The thread is about Pictures and Terrorist. I have news for you, 911 was an Inside Job. The Government is using the excuse of fighting Terrorism to bring in the Police State. When the Dollar is done Collapsing (underway) and people start to Wake Up from their hypnotic trance; the government is going to need a fascist police state to keep the people from rising up and having another Revolution. "If Tyranny and Oppression come to this land, it will be in the guise of fighting a foreign enemy."
  18. Getting Some Rays: Forget Radar, Now the Government is X-Raying You as You Drive If you have been feeling uneasy about having to be X-rayed by a Transportation Security Administration goon who can look under your clothes every time you fly, consider this: at least you can say no, and agree to be subjected to an old-fashioned full-body search. No opt-out for the latest in anti-terror technology though, with reports just out in Forbes Magazine and the Christian Science Monitor that the Homeland Security Department has purchased 500 mobil X-ray vans called ZBVs that can scan cars, trucks and
  19. Do you still think Fluoride is good for you ? I challenge anybody to eat their Fluoridated toothpaste and report back to me on how they feel.… These articles and Quotes that I have posted will likely be wasted on many "lemmings"(see below). The World would still be flat if it was up to Designer Paule and his Statis budies. Open Discussion and Free Speech would be out the door as well. "hokey pokey nonsense", Na, were just ahead of the curve !! We like to think outside of the box ! "The last time I checked, Americans were still free to wear whatever religious garment they want
  20. Second Thoughts about Fluoride by Dan Fagin. Scientific American, January 2008, pages 74–81 (Full Article available online for $4.95.) KEY CONCEPTS • Researchers are intensifying their scrutiny of fluoride, which is added to most public water systems in the U.S. Some recent studies suggest that overconsumption of fluoride can raise the risks of disorders affecting teeth, bones, the brain and the thyroid gland. • A 2006 report by a committee of the National Research Council recommended that the federal government lower its current limit for fluoride in drinking water because
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