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  1. Is there a way to find out when will the next update be released for A-330 and what will be fixed/tweaked? Thank you
  2. Oh wow. Hopefully FS 2020 will fix all of those annoying things and by the looks of it I think it will. Just hopefully you don't need a supercomputer to run it😁
  3. Is there a way to find out what sort of serious issues. Just out of curiosity. Thank you
  4. The Only bug I see for now that is left for The A-330 is when you turn the Batteries ON or OFF and/or EXT Power there is no clunk sound being played. Its not a big issue just takes away from the realism. I hope its being added in the future update.
  5. Hello I was wondering what does feature holds for A-330. Except for CPDLC, what is expected in the future in terms of future updates and/or Service Packs? Thank you
  6. I think it might have been too great. I did another flight and it was fine. the 5 callout also played. I think my eyepoint view is too low in the cocpit. I am not flaring high enough
  7. Hello Second flight in the row, when the plane is almost at touchdown point, the callous are 50,40,30,20,10, 5. When the callout is between 20 and 10, the airplane already hits the runway. The callout for 5 feet does not even has a chance to play since the plane hits the runway. There is something wrong here between altitude callouts and the plane already hitting the runway at 10 feet or so. Please help Thank you
  8. Could it be looked at with high priority since the sound that is suppose to be playing is not Thank you
  9. I wanted to find out if there is a progress on fixing the sounds, like the "Avionics On" Sound not playing at all when powering the airplane? Thank you
  10. Hello The "AVIONICS ON" sound was taken from the Aerosoft ASC 330 folder. It makes that click and high pitched sound. It does NOT play when you power up the plane by clicking the batteries or the Ext power button. All other sounds from the ASC sound folder play fine. Could there be a chance you guys forgot to link that sound file to the airplane. I I looked at many you tube videos of people powering up the Aerosoft A-330 and they also have no sound when powering up the plane. Just the Avionics fan turning on. No clicking sound like the one I attached. When you guys test the plane for bugs, when you power up the plane, do you have that sound playing or not as well? Thank you Nikita ASC_AvionicsOn.wav
  11. Oh Ok. Thank you again.
  12. Thank you very much for clarification. Is there a way to convert the FSX sound files to p3d. I really like the ones i used in FSX.
  13. Hello I find that the Avionics sounds when you power up the airplane is unrealistic as well as overhead button clicking sound. I tried copying from the FSX Aerosoft 320 ASC folder to the P3D Airbus 330 ASC folder but the sounds do not work for some reason. I overwrite them and when i power on the plane the sounds are completely muted and not working. Is there any reason why its not working since all the Aerosoft ASC sounds are .wav sounds and technically should be working. The attached sounds are the ones I am copying from the FSX Aerosoft 320 since they sound more realistic. Thank you
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