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  1. Hello, on Avsim.com and other sites, there is modified American and other sounds for the Cabin crew and flight attendants for the A320 series. Does anyone have or will make different crew/cabin soundest for the A-330? Thanks Nikita
  2. Hello I was wondering if there are any future plans to create more planes e.g. Airbus 350 just like you did the 330 for the P3D v4,5/v5. Since FS 2020 is still really behind on complexity many other companies are still continuing to develop planes for P3D. I know the CPDLC is in the works still. Are there any planes to continue to update 330? Thank you Nikita
  3. Hello Has the Real Light and True glass been fully updated and compatible with P3D V5? How is the performance compared to the 4.5 version? Thanks Nikita
  4. Ok Thank you very much for the help. Let me continue testing it and if the problem comes i will let you know. Nikita
  5. Do you think RTX 2070 Super is good enough for this? By Looking better do you mean its more crisp and sharp or it has different kind of shade to it? Cheers Nikita
  6. Hi Mathijs Thank you for the hard and quick work updating the buses to the V5. Can you please comment when you said in V5 the lighting has changed. Is it better or we really won't see a difference with Real Light? Cheers Nikita
  7. 1. I am using the Start Pushback menu 2. Yes I did. Sometimes it works and sometimes it does not 3. I am only using RAAS no FS2Crew 4. Montreal, Corfu and San Diego. What i Did is i copied the MCDU dll files and checklists files in the panel fallback from my other computer where I have the same Sim and the Same Aerosoft 330 latest version and it seem to work in Fly Tampa Montreal. What i noticed is before starting to Taxi, the exterior lights are turned on by the CL. Before I pasted over the files, there were no lights being turned on and no taxi checklist above 10 knots being played. Its very werid since I copied the same exact dll files because I have exact the same versions of A-330 on my two laptops I have.
  8. 1. I disabled the info bar. 2. I did and it doesn't work 3. Yes everything running and stabilized and it says, please taxi more than 10 knots message flashing 4. No GSX and no GSX installed
  9. P.S. when i load taxi state at Fly Tampa's airports the taxi checklist doesn't work. It works only in non Fly Tampas sceneries.
  10. Hello I seem to have a problem again with the taxi checklist that fails to start again. The only thing that changed Is I Installed P3D with HF3. All Fly Tamapa airports (Montreal, Corfu and San Diego) have problems starting the taxi checklist. I taxi above 10 knots and nothing happens. I have to go to panel state and manually select Taxi State and than it works. I have version A-330 version and everything is up to date. Please help. I had that issue before but it sorted itself out. All other add-on airports it works at random. There is nothing wrong that i am doing or touching in the plane. I follow the checklist from cold and dark state up to taxi thoroughly. I taxi above 10 knots and nothing happens. Thank you Nikita
  11. Hello Will the planes be compatible with the new upcoming P3D v5? Thank you
  12. Hello The problem has been present since the first version 1.0. There is even a topic on here regarding the issue. I have the latest experimental update for the A-330, and the problem is the two dome light switches on the back of the overhead, whenever you turn them on and than full off, the vc flood light is still there. I attached the pictures during day and nigh time. I highlighted in red are those two flood light switches. Please help. Thank you nikita
  13. Is There a way to implement it even though its unrealistic. Or it will involve changing a lot of files?
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