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  1. Hi, I have PFPX install on a second pc, and sometime the application shut itself down when I am not using it. Is there some kind of a timer that automatically shutdown PFPX when it is not use for sometime? Thanks Pierre
  2. Thank for the tip, how do i tell PFPX to use direct instead of vector? Pierre
  3. Thanks you for this tip. It seem that putting the step climb to off is solving the problem. Something I do not understand is that I only have this problem when I create a flight that cross the big pound. I did a test for a flight from CYUL (Montreal) to KSFO (San-Francisco) and that issue didn't happened. Strange Pierre
  4. Ok , But why is the PLN format file that I use in Active sky doesn't have any altitude cruise higher then FL170? Pierre
  5. Further analysis shows that when I export the route to the document folder Prepar3d v4 file, the .pln doesn't contain the right cruising altitude. It seems to repeat the first altitude to the rest of the route. In the ACA442 CYUL-LFPG (27-Mar-2019) #1 file, the cruising altitude are ok. So it seem that when PFPX creates the .PLN file, the cruising altitude are incorrect. Pierre
  6. Hi, I am trying to create a flight from CYUL (Montreal) to LFPG (Paris) with PFPX. I can create a flight plan with the following route: YUL V487 YJN V300 YSC DCT MIILS N269A JOOPY NATV GISTI DCT LESLU M142 LND UN160 NAKID UM25 LUKIP LUKI8D I have included the PFPX flight plan file and the Prepar3d version file. My problem is when I load the .PLN file into Active Sky or PF3 the cruising altitude is FL170. I have tried creating a plan using the route>find>Upper airspace option and re-compile the flight. But the cruising altitude stays at FL170. This flight should be conducted over FL340. Not sure what I am doing wrong, help would be appreciated. Pierre ACA442 CYUL-LFPG (27-Mar-2019) #1.txt CYULLFPG03.pln
  7. Ok This is the plan I was using see attach. I was under the impression that PFPX would deal with all the restrictions. So now I will pay more attention to them. I did not experience this when I was flying the reverse route (LIMC-LFPG) Thanks AFR442 LFPG-LIMC (25-Mar-2019) #1.txt
  8. Hi, After a few hour of searching today, I found out that i also need to set the plane in kg mode. So now all is good. I do have another question, i created a flight plan from LFPG to LIMC, the plane is A318. When i generate the route PFPx created a flight plan at FL190, even if i requested a high level route. When i validate the flight, i get a series of zone violations. I am not able to create a high level (FL320) flight plan. Pierre
  9. Hi, Even if I put KG's in the Preferred Units option (weight) when I create a flight plan and I open the Summary report, all the weights are in LB's not in Kilo's. What I am doing wrong? I would like to have the report in KG's Pierre
  10. Thank you for the tip, turning off the view system solved my problem. Pierre
  11. Hi, When P3D load the Airbus professional the default view is from custom/ Outside (chasePlane) views and not from cockpit/ on-board (chaseplane). see picture When P3D normally load a plane the default view is from Cockpit/virtual cockpit view. I do not understand why when I load the airbus, P3D default to the custom view and not the default cockpit. How do I make P3D load the cockpit/ on-board (chaseplane) view when loading the Airbus? Any help would be appreciated
  12. I guess we can close this. I have now find a way to load the plane without having the aircraft to move. I also solved my sound issues. I hope Aerosoft decide to make a Professional version of the Twin Otter, fantastic aircraft. Thanks
  13. I did more test this morning, at first I thought it was my hardware, I use a Cirrus II from PFC. It seem that when I load the aircraft if my Cirrus is on, it initialize all system like the picture show's and if my throttle is not in idle it will read it as full throttle and the plane will move forward before it goes cold & dark. If my Cirrus is off,the plane still initialized all system both the throttle seems to be in idle and the plane doesn't move and goes cold & dark. When you load the plane in cold & dark, does it first initialized all system? Thanks Pierre
  14. I can, if i recall this is the default for fsx? I run P3D and i always load with the default jet plane (default scenery) .So do you want me to still try the Trike? Thank for your help
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