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  1. Thank you for the tip, turning off the view system solved my problem. Pierre
  2. Hi, When P3D load the Airbus professional the default view is from custom/ Outside (chasePlane) views and not from cockpit/ on-board (chaseplane). see picture When P3D normally load a plane the default view is from Cockpit/virtual cockpit view. I do not understand why when I load the airbus, P3D default to the custom view and not the default cockpit. How do I make P3D load the cockpit/ on-board (chaseplane) view when loading the Airbus? Any help would be appreciated
  3. pierre fsx

    Issue when loading the plane in Cold & Dark mode.

    I guess we can close this. I have now find a way to load the plane without having the aircraft to move. I also solved my sound issues. I hope Aerosoft decide to make a Professional version of the Twin Otter, fantastic aircraft. Thanks
  4. pierre fsx

    Issue when loading the plane in Cold & Dark mode.

    I did more test this morning, at first I thought it was my hardware, I use a Cirrus II from PFC. It seem that when I load the aircraft if my Cirrus is on, it initialize all system like the picture show's and if my throttle is not in idle it will read it as full throttle and the plane will move forward before it goes cold & dark. If my Cirrus is off,the plane still initialized all system both the throttle seems to be in idle and the plane doesn't move and goes cold & dark. When you load the plane in cold & dark, does it first initialized all system? Thanks Pierre
  5. pierre fsx

    Issue when loading the plane in Cold & Dark mode.

    I can, if i recall this is the default for fsx? I run P3D and i always load with the default jet plane (default scenery) .So do you want me to still try the Trike? Thank for your help
  6. pierre fsx

    Issue when loading the plane in Cold & Dark mode.

    I just re-installed the plane and I am getting the same behavior. So you must have a different setting then me. I have include a picture where you can see that all system are on, it does that at startup, then it goes in cold and dark. Very strange
  7. pierre fsx

    Issue when loading the plane in Cold & Dark mode.

    I will do the same thing on my side, I will re-install the aircraft and see if it solves the problem. On other think, I have a multi-screen setup and I load P3D and Active Sky on the same PC. When I use any option in Active Sky, so activate a second application on a screen not use by the simulator, I loss the engine sound, P3d keeps working, it doesn't pause and all the other sound works. Any ideals what could cause this.
  8. pierre fsx

    Issue when loading the plane in Cold & Dark mode.

    Actually I created a scenario were I am park with the plan in cold & dark. When I load the scenario the plane load with full throttle for a few seconds and then goes in cold & dark. It looks like the plane goes through an initiation of all systems first, and then goes in the required mode. thanks
  9. When I load the Twin Otter (v1.21) in P3D 4.3, even if I have the load cold and dark option check, the plane load with full throttle for e few second and then it goes in cold and dark. So during that short period of time, the plane will move forward for about 50 to 75 feet's, even if I have the brakes on. In small airport the plane will go off the parking pavement and stop in the grass, very annoying. I need to reposition the plane using the slew mode. Is there a way to fix this? Thanks
  10. I completely agree with you, specially that those two addons are from AEROSOFT. I do hope they will release a upgrade soon. Best Regards Pierre
  11. This is what you need to do: 1- In the plan menu page you open the export option, you need to have a valid flightplan 2- Then you highlight (just click on it) the Airbus Extension addon, in the list at the bottom of the page. 3- In the top menu you will see the option to browse, you open it and just browse to the location of where you save the airbus pro flightplan usualy in ...\documents\aerosoft\general\A3XX Flightplan this will change the path of the addon to the correct one. Because the CRJ use the normal flight plan format .flp I did the same thing using the FSX addons to change the path to save in ..\documents\aerosoft\digital aviation CRJ\flightplan. I do use Prepar3d v4.3. Also make sure that you are running the version 1.28.9i Pierre
  12. Ok I found the way to change the addon saving path for the airbus extended so I will use this one for the Airbus Pro and I am assuming that the CRJ is using plain .fln format, so I will change the path for FSX. But I do not understand why those two addons are missing? Can I create addons and add them to the list? Pierre
  13. I am new to PFPX and I figured about everything out, except how to save a flight plan for the new Airbus professional and the CRJ. They do not appear in the addons list. I am running version 1.28.9i. Airbus should be save in \documents\aerosoft\general\A3XX Flightplan CRJ should be save in \documents\aerosoft\digital aviation CRJ\flightplan How do I make this work? Pierre
  14. pierre fsx

    Wind Request not working

    Ok I have finally fix my network problem and all is find, You can close this topic and many thanks to everyone. Now lets fly the airbus.... regards Pierre
  15. pierre fsx

    Precision Flight Control with Airbus Professional

    Ok i got it to work and i also have the reverse thrust and spoiller to work with my 2 jet quadrant. I have to say that the fsuipc picture in the Aerosoft trust setting instruction is not incorrect, the picture shows that you should use the option ´send to fs as normal axis’ but you need to use ´send to fsuipc for calibration’. Regards Pierre