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  1. That is to bad, this view point is unique in the world of addons and it doesn't make any sense, why would the overhead panel look like this when you are sitting in the pilot seat. I did try to use the view manager, but it is not very user friendly. Well Thanks Anyway.
  2. Can you use chase plane on more then one monitor? I use it for the main view (on the 3 monitors), but didn't know you can use it on a second undock view in the sim. Pierre
  3. Sorry I wasn't to clear in my request. With the A318-19 A320-21 the overhead view look's like this: I use a separate screen, located over my wide screen to display the overhead panel. Like if you were sitting in the cockpit. I do not know why, but with the A330 the overhead panel view look's like that: the view has an angle to it, and it doesn't look like it should if you were to sit in the cockpit. I would like if you could straight out the camera like it is in the smaller bus, or do a second view . Pierre
  4. Hi, just a minor request. Would it be possible to redo the overhead panel view for the A330 without the angle. It would be nice to have the same look as the A318-19 and A320- 21. thanks Pierre
  5. Hi Thanks, For the speed cruise I just realized that the cost index for the A330 is different then the one in the step by step guide for the A318-19. For the landing I am pretty sure I had the approach mode active on the FMGS. I will redo the flight and see. What configuration info would you need to see? I would like to send you the correct info, Next time. Pierre
  6. Hi, sorry for the delay but I just got a chance to do a flight with the A330. Two weird thing happened during the flight. First when I reached the cruise altitude FL370 the speed tape was indicating that I was flying at 268, is that not slow for a A330? Is this correct? the manage speed was at .8 mach. The second thing was on the landing, the airplane was all configured to land, when suddenly the Speed start to increase, I had to manually manage the throttles. I tried to use the speed selector but the plane was ignoring my selection. I was landing on a ILS approach at LIRF (Rome) runway 16R. The localizer was capture and the G/S. I did have the config file loaded in Active Sky. Pierre
  7. I am experimenting the same speed issue with all the Airbus Series, I rely like those plane so I hope we can find a solution. I will redo the flight this weekend and report back. Pierre
  8. Thanks again I will try the file and redo the flight . I did read the manual that was a long time ago, so i will read it again as a refresher Pierre
  9. Thanks you, Not 100% sure where do I put this file, should it be copy into: c:\users\Pierr\AppData\Roaming\HIFI\AS_P3Dv4\options\Prepar3DOptions.cfg? Now this is what I have in that file [General options] FSVersion=Prepar3D [Audio options] SelectedAudioVolume=62 EnabledVoiceSets=Canada-1,Germany-1,Sweden-East-1,USA-East-1,USA-Mid-1,USA-West-1 VoiceATIS=0 PreferredAudioDevice=Speakers (High Definition Audio Pierre
  10. Ok thanks , that’s what i believed. Now should i change my Active Sky option setting?
  11. Hi, Just in case I re-installed all my Airbus following the Airbus Professional Uninstall and Reinstall Procedure (for those having issues). I realized that when I install the A330 I got the following error. According to the error log dd_vcredist_amd64_20200121104418.log Error 0x80070666: Cannot install a product when a newer version is installed. see what I have installed Is this ok? or I absolutely need the Microsoft Visual C++ 2015 Redistributable (x64) - 14.0.24123 version Pierre
  12. Hi, I use the default setting in Active Sky. Thank you for your help Pierre
  13. Hi Yes I do use Active Sky, but the weather was calm when this happened. Is anyone looking at solving this problem? I like to do long flight 4-to 8 hrs. But with the A330 at it stand right now, I can't because I cannot leave my seat for 5 mins..... Really hope this issue gets resolved, because I love the plane. Pierre
  14. Ok Thanks, I hope we can get a normal view soon. Pierre
  15. Hi, This morning I was flying from LFPG to CYUL flight plan: ATRE3G ATREX UT225 VESAN UL613 SOVAT L613 SANDY L15 BIG UL9 STU N546 BAKUR DCT RESNO NATA RIKAL DCT QUBIS DCT VLV OMBRE6 when I reach waypoint Kenet on UL9, the aircraft start to slow down from .82 mach to as you can see on the picture .729 and it was still slowing down. I tried to use selected speed at .82, but the speed was still going down. I have tried to capture as much info I could, the picture was taken when I tried to use selected speed. Not sure what is going wrong Pierre
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