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  1. Hi Bob, There must be something different, I did manage to create a new FSUIPC profile that works. But it is very different then 6the one I use for a320-21 and A330. Do not understand why I need a different profile for that plane. Pierre
  2. Hi, I have a weird problem with my thrust reverser, it works perfectly with the Airbus 320-21 professional and the Airbus 330 professional. But it doesn't work with the Airbus318-19 professional. The same problem repeats in P3D v4.5 and P3D v5. I use a Precision Flight Control 2 jets quadrant and I use the same configuration in FSUIPC6 (the most up-to-date version) and PFCcomm64.ini, for both P3D version . I know you do not recommend using FSUIPC, but in my case because I use a PFC Cirrus II, it is the only way that P3D can recognize and use my gear. I do not understand why with exactly the same setting the A318-19 doesn't work but the A320-21 and A330 does? Does the A18-19 reads this axis differently? Any help would be appreciated. Pierre
  3. I did a search for "font problem" and didn't find anything. With the new airbus 318-21 The font of the navigation display is to big. see picture Pierre
  4. Hi Just download and installed the new airbus version and I saw that for the A330 the overhead panel is now normal. Thanks a lot This is great Pierre
  5. Hi Mathijs, I did that, using the view manager, i just rotate the view but the result is terrible. The view looks like a bottleneck (narrow at the top and wider at the bottom. Some switches and buttons are hard to use. I don’t thing it would be a big deal for your team to fix this and it would be great for all the simmer that use a separate screen to display the overhead panel. It will also standardized that view for all the busses. Pierre
  6. That is to bad, this view point is unique in the world of addons and it doesn't make any sense, why would the overhead panel look like this when you are sitting in the pilot seat. I did try to use the view manager, but it is not very user friendly. Well Thanks Anyway.
  7. Can you use chase plane on more then one monitor? I use it for the main view (on the 3 monitors), but didn't know you can use it on a second undock view in the sim. Pierre
  8. Sorry I wasn't to clear in my request. With the A318-19 A320-21 the overhead view look's like this: I use a separate screen, located over my wide screen to display the overhead panel. Like if you were sitting in the cockpit. I do not know why, but with the A330 the overhead panel view look's like that: the view has an angle to it, and it doesn't look like it should if you were to sit in the cockpit. I would like if you could straight out the camera like it is in the smaller bus, or do a second view . Pierre
  9. Hi, just a minor request. Would it be possible to redo the overhead panel view for the A330 without the angle. It would be nice to have the same look as the A318-19 and A320- 21. thanks Pierre
  10. Hi Thanks, For the speed cruise I just realized that the cost index for the A330 is different then the one in the step by step guide for the A318-19. For the landing I am pretty sure I had the approach mode active on the FMGS. I will redo the flight and see. What configuration info would you need to see? I would like to send you the correct info, Next time. Pierre
  11. Hi, sorry for the delay but I just got a chance to do a flight with the A330. Two weird thing happened during the flight. First when I reached the cruise altitude FL370 the speed tape was indicating that I was flying at 268, is that not slow for a A330? Is this correct? the manage speed was at .8 mach. The second thing was on the landing, the airplane was all configured to land, when suddenly the Speed start to increase, I had to manually manage the throttles. I tried to use the speed selector but the plane was ignoring my selection. I was landing on a ILS approach at LIRF (Rome) runway 16R. The localizer was capture and the G/S. I did have the config file loaded in Active Sky. Pierre
  12. I am experimenting the same speed issue with all the Airbus Series, I rely like those plane so I hope we can find a solution. I will redo the flight this weekend and report back. Pierre
  13. Thanks again I will try the file and redo the flight . I did read the manual that was a long time ago, so i will read it again as a refresher Pierre
  14. Thanks you, Not 100% sure where do I put this file, should it be copy into: c:\users\Pierr\AppData\Roaming\HIFI\AS_P3Dv4\options\Prepar3DOptions.cfg? Now this is what I have in that file [General options] FSVersion=Prepar3D [Audio options] SelectedAudioVolume=62 EnabledVoiceSets=Canada-1,Germany-1,Sweden-East-1,USA-East-1,USA-Mid-1,USA-West-1 VoiceATIS=0 PreferredAudioDevice=Speakers (High Definition Audio Pierre
  15. Ok thanks , that’s what i believed. Now should i change my Active Sky option setting?
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