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  1. I got Chasecam now and I have to say it makes a huge difference, especially on a slower PC.
  2. Exactly this. Sure I can live with lower FPS (UK2000 Heathrow for instance, no way I can get high here). But just like with Airports, it is nice to have turn on/off options for heavy stuff. May I ask what options you use for EGLL? I have really hard time getting above 30.
  3. For us in the lower end spectrum it would be nice though. Even thought about turning off HDR but it seems to work fine with it
  4. I should have added that the view settings with the airbuses makes life easier. I mean that my default views are tough to handle. I get this awful zoom level where everything looks like a fish eye lens. I have tried resetting the cameras but nothing works. Chasecamera seems to have much more options and presets.
  5. You have convinced me :). After all I get it for the 320/321 as well. I have to buy ChasePlane too. Using the default doesn't cut it for me.
  6. Well I avoided all those due to performance but efb is a different matter, could be worth some degradation. Future then
  7. No problem. I can wait and use the charts on ipad as I usually do. Btw, can you connect your Ipad to the EFB instead of the MCDU as previously?
  8. I have it for 777/737 and Majestic but have hold off on Airbus due to the very competent co-pilot.
  9. Well that works for me. Although if this is still weeks away I might get the Navdata Pro meanwhile. Not sure about time here.
  10. Yep and it works surprisingly well on my lower end machine. I will upgrade later but I will first see what the reqs for MSFS2020 is :).
  11. Does anyone know how to ensure that you get a proper FOV? I have to reset the zoom levels every time I switch a view with the quick bar (this is a problem with all kinds of planes so not just the 330). I have tried to look in the p3d forums for a solution and the only one I found was to delete the camera.cfg. Didn't work more than once. Thanx in advance for help.
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