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  1. Hopefully FS2Crew will have something ready by the time this releases. Would it be a huge task for them to upgrade their previous Airbus versions to this? I think this will be Aerosofts best Product ever and it would be even better with FS2Crew :).
  2. I used the search function but couldn't find out whether this will have the nice First Officer/Checklist function that A3xx has. Would be nice to have FS2Crew as well but I guess that is not up to Aerosoft :).
  3. Aha. I need to check up that more. I haven't thought about AMD yet, I think it was that XForce channel that said there were some issues with AMD and XP11 but maybe he thought about GPU not CPU? Have to check that again. Not that I normally use XP11 but if I get that nice Honeycomb I might as well give it a shot again.
  4. Ah ok thanx. That answers my question then.Not a hardware guy so I get confused sometimes about this.
  5. Perfectly fine answer. Except maybe(i might read that thread wrong but couldn't find this particular thing). Is it possible to use the TM Throttle while having the other yoke plugged in? I am no expert on how USB works.
  6. I am also looking into a new CPU/GPU. What is the general consensus on this? I will not do OC because I don't like fiddling with cooling but when it comes to value for money and say using A321 pro (which works ok now for me with current config). I am thinking either 1660/2060/2070 (2080 is too much) and. 8700k/9700f/9700k (i7 for now)
  7. Dear Aerosoft, I read that the first batch might be full already. Do we know if this is the case? Just wondering whether it is better to wait for next batch in that case. Also. What would the estimated wait time be for the next batch (approx)? Thanks in advance. Also. Since the Throttle is still a year away. What is the suggested solution for Throttle? Can I eg use my throttle from my TM simultaneously with this Yoke? I am not used to advanced hw builds.
  8. Well, good to know. I hope you consider this for future Products at least. It's a great feature for us with limited time on our hands.
  9. Just wondering if this is planned at all. I mean the type of co-pilot who assists you with the checks etc? I found this to be one of the best features of those Airbuses. It saves time. Dave is very good though.
  10. Pity I didn't see this thread yesterday. I had no idea you could copy those files manually.
  11. Yeah I figured as much. If anything I think Dovetail could take more responsibility too. They should find better ways of ensuring that DLC works. This is far from the only DLC with issues if you go by reviews. I mean from all manufactures. Far too big community to ignore.
  12. Unfortunatelly I already followed up on your first advice and refunded. I will buy this from Aerosoft in the future instead and hope it works better. Although. It could be a risc if you have a no-refund policy on downloads. You have to understand that I would love to get this working, I just couldn't. Not sure the support way would have worked since Tom never got back to me. Maybe they are outsourced to some other time zone?
  13. I already have a support ticket for this ;). Check with Tom Sanchez. Trust me, I have installed/reinstalled this DLC 10 times with all softs of apps disabled. I can't see why this would have a hard time with config tools when the Embraers doesn't. Maybe it is better to simply buy this from Aerosoft in the future but now I am a bit scared to do that too.
  14. Yes. I will do that. I don't think it is your addon but something with the Steam Installer. Like I said, with logs I could have given exact details but the default windows logs doesnt show anything so I cant say. Pity there isnt some debug info.
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