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  1. It looks like the SDK is coming along nicely according to PMDG so my hope for a 330 within a year has increased :).
  2. We are still under NDA but I am pretty sure that was revealed in the IFR video. So answer is yes.
  3. Yes but you have Jo so you have the advantage here :). I know they also include Frankfurt but I wonder if they can beat your masterpiece. I hope there are much more to come from AS in any case. Another plus. Now you start from a higher base as well. Take Reunion for instance, always fun to begin with something good already then perfect it :).
  4. Now that we know what Airports will be included I see some great opportunities for AS here. ENGM seems to me like a good first Airport to go for
  5. But you wouldn't bet against a 330 coming at some point eh ;). My personal wish is that with Asobos tight communications with Airbus. We can at least start to hope for a 350 in a forseeable future. Personally I hope Aerosoft is first on that ball. At least I hope you look into it. I look forward to the Twin Otter. Now that the Arctic Circle finally look great I plan to do a lot of flying in those areas.
  6. Did they solve the login issue? Meaning the one where you have to login all the time?
  7. I prefer using Chaseplane, it gives you the exact views at the exact zoom levels. No going back there :).
  8. Certainly better Mathjis :). But not FlyTampa or Aerosoft quality yet. Unfortunatelly I have not managed to get into the beta but if they get the Swedish My problem was that I ever installed something from Flightbeam/AS/FT. Made it impossible to fly on vanilla stuff. I mean. The X-Plane airports are way better than P3d vanilla too but they are still not up to AS/FT/FB standards.This is why I will keep buying Airports while waiting, hope some have upgrade pricing later. As for AI/ATC etc I am sure it will be there but we don't know yet if it is on release or later. Meanwhile I will fly double. I have zero interest in multiplayer/vatsim so it has to be fully flyable solo for me to be interested.
  9. True but I was thinking of Airports as well. I refuse to fly on default Airports. I hope you have upgrade pricing on all your current ones :). Also. I want ATC that works for solo play and if there isn't anything like Pro ATX out of the box then I will be flying P3d until it materializes. Same with FS2Crew functionality. They have come to be my must haves. Also AI traffic, realistic. The built in weather system looks good enough to not be needing AS at least.
  10. On the bright side. I will need a new PC to fly MSFS2020 so that will benefit my P3d install as well :). Win/Win.
  11. Not sure if I am doing something wrong but I can't seem to type anything into the EFB charts section. Trying to setup a quick flight to get the charts but no go. Any setting I am missing here?
  12. Many thanks Dave and your post MORE than exceeded my expectations for answer. I have decided to get the NavdataPro Charts and stay with Navigraph for Data for now (due to Pro ATC X). Although, now I have a new issue. Can't get my keyboard to work in the EFB for charts but preferably I would like to use that popup you used in your demo flight. Still not sure how to get it.
  13. My guess is that this will be given attention once the critical stuff is out of the way. It is after all quite easy to install liveries by hand
  14. I expect to fly P3d long after I bought MSFS2020 so hopefully they support that one too. For one, there will be at least 2 years before all my fave airports are converted. Not to mention all Q400/AS/PMDG/QW stuff. FS2Crew is a must too nowadays :).
  15. I have now bought Navdata Pro. Just to be clear @mopperlethere was no support issue here. Just a general consumer Question regarding the differences in use in 330 EFB. Now I will know how your system works at least. I always liked LIDO better anyway.
  16. Hopefully none :). The Question was posted here on suggestion by Dave so he could explain the differences here publically. Since only testers have access to both. Based on what @Mathijs Kok wrote earlier, there could be different experiences using Navigraph and Navdata Pro in the EFB. So I wonder if it is worth dropping Navigraph and use Navdata Pro instead. Only the testers knows for sure atm :). I decided to halt my Navigraph sub and will try the 1 month charts option :). I would try the Navdata Data as well but apparently it does not support Pro ATC X so I have to make do with Navigraphs Data and these charts.
  17. Obviously this question is directed towards the testers that have tried both. My current take is that the Navigraph implementation might not be what Aerosoft hoped for and maybe it is better to dump Navigraph and simply get Navdata Pro for the EFB charts. Any testers like to chime in on this?
  18. I have thought about this before but at this point. Would you say the Navdatapro solution works better than what can be expected from Navigraph? In that case i can switch (just don't like to pay double but at some point). I like the LIDO charts but not sure if the data part works as good as Navigraph. I like that it updates all my software, not just planes.
  19. Hope it hasn't stalled, or mabye it is time to switch to Navdata Pro then?
  20. Any news on this? I had thought about spamming navigraphs twitter account so they provide more assistance but that would be the desperate last measure :).
  21. I like the Co-Pilot but now I have moved on to FS2Crew. It really brings this to a new level :). They have a nice january discount atm.
  22. Unfortunatelly nothing in Just an idea. Maybe Aerosoft could consider a temporary account for NavDataPro while we wait for this, I mean if it is just a few weeks ;).
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